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The Secret of the Law of Attraction for Kids

A series of talks and articles to empower kids.

I have done an experiment here. You can listen to a computer-voice speaking the text on this page. She couldn't say some of the words, like yippie and whoohoo, so I inserted them.

Part 4 – Vibes, feelings, and the Tarzan-tap.

Today I am going to teach you a simple and effective technique to give yourself a boost whenever you have to do something demanding. For instance before a match or test.
It is called the Tarzan-tap. It is an extraordinary way to relax and make feelings like anger, sadness, fear and many others, disappear.

This tapping technique belongs to the family of energetic techniques, also called Energy Psychology.

The kids who learned these techniques have overcome many challenges. They had allergies for horses, for the sun, injuries, travelling sickness, shyness, fear of television programs and ads, stress of exams and tests, homesickness, loneliness, physical pain, nightmares, sadness about a relative or pet. It also helped many children who were afraid to fail in some way. Sometimes children felt excluded. They were told that they could not join in a game or were not invited to parties. Even stuttering dissolved with this treatment.

The first kid I taught the Tarzan-tap was Paul. He was small for his age and loved playing football. But he didn't think he could be good at it. At first it didn't work immediately. But then suddenly he began to play better and better. He was amazed. And now he is really very good, he is a topscorer!

With the tapping you treat your negative emotions. The Tarzan-tap also gives you an energy boost.

You know the word “vibe”, don't you? Well, it is short for “vibration”. Everybody is like a radio station, sending out waves of feelings. And at the same time we are all receivers, we receive the vibes others are sending. Everybody is constantly feeling and therefore sending vibrations. We have many descriptions for vibrations. They are all feeling words, like joy, fear, anger, contentment.

Your feeling or your mood is very important. To achieve anything in life, you have to be in a state of power. The fastest way to feel powerful is to feel good!

Your feelings can feel good or they can feel bad. We have given the feelings many names, but there are really only two. The negative emotions feel bad and the positive feel good.

When you are afraid or have any negative emotion, you achieve less. For instance if you have to make a test and have fearful thoughts like “what if I suddenly forget everything I have learned” or “I haven't studied hard enough” or “I can't do this, I am no good at it”.

Thoughts like that are like a bee in your nose during your test, they keep buzzing and distracting you. Who can do their test well with a bee in their nose?

It is easy to feel the effect a feeling has on you. If it is possible, stand up, raise your arms and say loudly “yippee”. Or “whoohoo! ”. Then lower your arms and say “no”. Can you feel the difference?

Now if you are in the “yippee” state, how would you play the match? And if you are in the “no” state?

With the Tarzan-tap you begin to feel more and more like “yippee”.

While you tap you say something like:
“I am powerful”. “I like myself.” “I love to feel good. I feel good about me.”

The positive statements are called affirmations. When you are saying something negative, you are also saying an affirmation. That is a negative affirmation. Like “I can't do this”. The Universal Intelligence hears everything you say. It's like an echo. And when you say “I can't do this”, the Universe says “you can't do this”. You are always right!

Now you begin to say “I can do this” and at first your deeper self is surprised, because it is used to hear from you “I can't”. It thinks; “wait, maybe this kid is confused.” You repeat it and maybe with a little more conviction. Now your deeper self becomes interested. There may be a real change going on. It checks your vibes, to see if they have really changed. And as soon as that is the case, it goes to work to bring you things that are more in keeping with your vibration. That is how the Law of Attraction works.

There are many energy points on your body. When I work with children I often call them relax points or giggle-points. Because when I tap on people they often feel strange energies that they never felt before. This makes them laugh or they have unusual physical reactions. Sometimes they begin to yawn a lot and they're not even sleepy. Or they begin to burp. It is all energy.

I mean, we are energy beings. You see, everything is made of molecules. And what are molecules made of? Atoms, right. And atoms are energy!

The Tarzan-tap goes like this:
Make two fists and tap softly with your knuckles on your collarbones. You can also tap with your three middle fingers. To enhance the effect, you could tap with your hands crossed over one another. In that case, tap with your middle fingers.
- Then tap on the center of your breast like Tarzan and finally with two fists on the points under your breast. Do all your tapping very softly. Do it like you would do it on a very fragile glass.
Finally, tap on the points under your breast. A technical term for them is K-27.

If your situation doesn't allow you to use both hands at the same time, tap with one hand and use your fingers.

To boost the effect you can hook the middle finger of one hand in your navel and rest the fingers of your other hand on the collarbone points. Keeping your fingers hooked into your navel, pull softly upward for two or three deep breaths.

If you find it difficult to focus, try this before a mirror.

You could first try it out on your doll or teddy or cuddly toy. That could be a lot of fun.

Tapping the points in the classroom is also very useful. In that case it is better to just massage the points. We touch ourselves all the time, so this will not be noticed. When the teacher is writing on the blackboard and you read it, your eyes go up. You then look back to your desk and by that time the information has become totally muddled. Or your mind blank.

Moving the eyes up and down is a technique that is used to help people let go of stress from traumatic memories. In the classroom it can keep you from absorbing new information.

By doing the Tarzan-tap, however, your energy will hold strong even as your eyes are moving up and down.
This technique is also helpful with learning disabilities like dyslexia and in any situation where your eyes are rapidly shifting from one spot to another, such as tennis.

Grownups use this technique often when they are drowsy, for instance while they're driving late at night. Sometimes they combine it with the cross crawl, a technique I will teach you later on.

Now that you've had a chance to try this technique, don't you think it could have helped some of the participants of “Strictly come dancing”? Or the people who were auditioning for X-factor?

In part 5 we are going to find out what makes us feel good. Because then we know what we want and can send the right vibes out to the universe. The universe then brings us what we are attuned to.
Send me an email if you have any questions.


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