gethin is young, confident, attractive, athletic, successful, a celebrity with a happy life

gethin is a young celebrity, successful, athletic, atttracts success, creates his own destiny, has passion and a happy life filled with fun and laughter

gethin jones, a young, successful, athletic, happy celebrity

secret,boy,attract,doubt,grownup,power,information,habits,believing in yourself,kind universe,create,destiny,passion,find your passion,handle fears,happy

secret,boy,attract,doubt,grownup,power,information,habits,believing in yourself,kind universe,create,destiny,passion,find your passion,handle fears,happy
The Law of Attraction for kids.
A series of talks and articles to empower kids.

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Hallo, my name is Margareth Lee and I live in the Netherlands. We speak Dutch here, so if you're listening to me, my English may be different.
This is part one of a series about the law of attraction for kids.

Have you seen the movie “The Secret”? If you have, you have probably seen some images of a boy who wants a bicyle. They show how he attracts the bike to himself.

He did it really easily. Grownup people find it a lot more difficult to attract the things they want into their lives. That is because they have learned so much about “cannot” and “it is impossible”, they are full of doubt. And when you doubt you do not attract what you want, you just get to be right.

Fortunately you are not yet grownup. You can still believe in a power beyond your intellect. And with the information I am going to give you, I hope to contribute to lifelong habits of believing in yourself and the kind universe. No matter what others say or show you. You cannot create in another's experience and they cannot create in yours. Unless you let them. Meaning you are not the master of another's destiny and they are not the master of yours.

Let's look at Gethin Jones. Do you know him? He is a tv presenter for the BBC. You can watch him doing all sorts of action man stuff on “Blue Peter”. I have seen some pictures of Gethin when he was a child. He had very thick glasses and Gethin, like me when I was a child, looked ordinary. Now everybody is labelling him as “gorgeous” and “attractive”. I completely agree. And honestly, I never look at people's appearance, because I see so much more than just their body. With my inner eye I see the light that we all have around us. That is a different topic, however.

Gethin is not only very handsome, he is also a playful, athletic and adventurous guy. As far as I can tell from the pictures he didn't start out that way. And that proves there's hope for all of you!
Even though we cannot all have the same great constellation of the stars that he had at birth (trines of the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto), we can overcome the challenges on our path and be successful in our own way. Not everybody wants to be a celebrity.

Maybe someday he will tell us more about how he changed from where he was into who he became.

What I want to talk about is how you can grow up to be very attractive and confident.

Maybe you don't know what to answer when people ask you what you will become when you grow up; what I have to tell you can help you find your passion. Part of my work as a psychologist is to teach grownup people an easy way to handle their fears. It is so easy a child can learn it. I hope you want to learn. It is easy to have a happy life, filled with fun and laughter. However, the best thing is to begin at a young age. Next week I will continue. .

If you have any questions or comments about this topic, email me.
Thanks for reading and/or listening!

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Karen Curry has a very important mission.
She says:
Imagine living in a world where every child knows her intrinsic Divine value and knows exactly how to create everything she wants in her life.
That world is the world I want to live in.
And the world I want my own children to live in.
How about you?

To accomplish this she has developed a Family Training and Family Coach Certification Training. Sign up to be trained as a Family Coach here.
Karen's Empowered Family Training a new parenting program
Gethin Jones and the other former Blue Peter presenters sing "Together"


Part 2: The example of Paul.

Part 3: What makes Gethin Jones so attractive? Is it just his looks or is there more to it?

Part 4: Vibes, feelings, and the Tarzan-tap.

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parents, parental, child,children,kid,kids, secret,boy,attract,doubt,grownup,power,information,habits,believing in yourself,kind universe,create,destiny,passion,find your passion,handle fears,happy

parents, parental, child, children, kid, kids, secret, boy, attract, doubt,grownup, power,information, habits, believing in yourself, kind universe, create, destiny, passion, find your passion,handle fears,happy

parents, parental, child, children, kid, kids,  secret, boy, attract, doubt, grownup, power, information, habits, believing in yourself, kind universe, create your destiny, passion, find your passion, handle fears
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