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Hallo, this is part 2 of the Law of Attraction for kids with Margareth. Today I want to talk to you about the attraction process in general. I have developed a procedure to assist people to learn this easily. I call this system “The Transformator”. It has transformed the lives of many people. It's influence is far reaching.

How do you attract what you want?
I will use an example.
Paul first began to use the law of attraction consciously when he was 11 years old. He demonstrates how effortlessly and fast children learn the Transformator and achieve great results with it. Paul is now 14 years old. First I taught it to his mother and Paul proved to be an even better student than his mother. He has learned the energetic techniques and other Transformator techniques and he has also learned to make a vision board. A vision board is like a notice board, on which you attach special pictures. If you do much on a computer you can also use special screensavers, mind movies and affirmation programs.

parenting and the law of attraction a picture of paul skating in an article about self love,parenting and the law of attraction for children
Paul at 11

Paul in 2009 (16 years)

Affirmations are sentences you say to yourself, to convince yourself of an idea. For instance “I am getting better and better at football.” Later I will explain more fully what affirmations are.

It took Paul little time before he was good at this. Usually grownups carry a lot of fears and doubts with them. Paul didn't, therefore it was very easy for him to give the Transformator a chance. And it is getting easier and easier for him. He is unstoppable!

Before they did the Transformator Paul and his mother had a lot of problems. He lives with his father and wanted his mother to come and live closer. He only saw her every other weekend. When he was 14 this dream came true and now she lives near his school. Their relationship is totally transformed. It is now a really loving relationship filled with understanding and mutual support. In the past year he has also manifested about 3000 euro's and a new computer and a play-station. He won a colour laser printer by making a crossword puzzle and his picture appeared in the newspaper. He was also inspired to look for work as a model and has just had his first shoot for a website ad. He made 400 euro in less than 2 hours! Money flows to him from everywhere. His achievements in school are also extraordinary. Moreover, he is very atletic and an excellent football player and dancer. He really develops his talents fully.

It is great to work with people who understand this and really want to apply the easy techniques. Children are champions at it.

With the Transformator Paul has a comprehensive bag with instruments to face all challenges on his path and free himself. He learns to look in another way at the world and at himself and because he is so young, he doesn't have to conquer countless blocks and doubts first. He is already experiencing great freedom and power.
Yes, sometimes I am amazed at the ease with which children learn to apply this.
The Transformator techniques allow him to let go of fear and negative thoughts, feelings that he is not good enough and all undesirable earlier experiences, worries and grief.
Paul is learning to use his unlimited power in natural ways to create a wonderful life.

Of course he cannot completely evade the negative influence of the important people in his life, who share their negative beliefs with him. As long as we are here negative thoughts will force themselves on us. The consequences depend on how he reacts to them. He has learned to use contrast to give his desire the power of a rocket engine and eliminate everything that obstructs this with the Transformator.
He has now an instrument for the rest of his life to treat and dissolve the things that really frustrate him. He knows how to change his vibrational level and attract the experiences and things that make him happy. He already lives fully conscious carefree in divine abundance. For a large part his mother is to be thanked because she learned these techniques and was willing to share them with him.
I will tell you more about vibrations some other time. Next week we will discuss what makes Gethin Jones so attractive and how you can use the law of attraction to also become very attractive. Not just to people, but also to the kind of experiences you wish to have.


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Trans4mator website with information for parents.

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Karen Curry has a very important mission.
She says:
Imagine living in a world where every child knows her intrinsic Divine value and knows exactly how to create everything she wants in her life.
That world is the world I want to live in.
And the world I want my own children to live in.
How about you?

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