teaching parents and children how to use the law of attraction to be popular, confident, athletic, and good at tests

A series of talks and articles on the law of attraction to empower kids.

Part 3:
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teaching parents and kids self love and the law of attraction

Hallo, this is part three of the Law of Attraction for kids with Margareth. Today we will discuss how you become attractive.
First we have to decide what makes Gethin Jones so attractive.

Do you know someone who is very goodlooking and not attractive at all? I do. Some people have everything, but their face and personality tells you loudly how ugly they are.
Not that I really believe that anyone is really bad or ugly, it's just the part they have to play. Sometimes people learn some very unpleasant behaviour. And if you happen to be in their way, they will shower you with their unkindness.

So do the best you can not to go near them. That is the essential part of the law of attraction. Use it to make sure you don't attract people like that. Or any other unpleasantness, for that matter. You may bump into one of them, cleverly disguised as a popular kid at school. Or someone who seems friendly enough at first. It is just the universe offering you contrast to aid you to choose what you really want. Different people come into your life so you can decide upon the kind of people you want to be around. With the Transformator you learn to use the difficult people as contrast to fuel your desire for great relations.

When you know the Law of Attraction, you will realize that this world is a virtual reality, where we all came to play a role. You will be playing whatever part you choose to play. And the people and events you attract into your life tell you what you have chosen. Because usually we don't choose consciously, do we?

This is exactly what you can learn to have a wonderful and fun filled life. Up till now your friends, teachers and parents have directed your life. Looking at the mess they usually make of theirs, you may consider to become the master of your own destiny. I am not telling you to stir up a lot of unpleasantness. However, you can learn to really think for yourself. Not the kind of so-called critical thinking taught in schools and the media, where you just learn to repeat what one “expert” has said and weigh it against other opinions.

a pic of gethin jones diving illustrating for parents and children to learn how to use the law of attraction to be popular, confident, athletic, and good at tests
No, we are going in a completely different direction. Gethin Jones is showing us the way. He is confident. For Gethin it is good to be Gethin. He loves to entertain people and he does it with passion. He has a great urge to develop himself and has mastered the art of acting as if. Because you have to first believe in yourself even if your senses tell you a different story. That is how an ugly duckling becomes a swan. You have to fake it till you make it. For Gethin it is written in the stars that he has great acting skills and potentially he is an idol.
Whatever your program for your life may be, you can learn to develop your potential so you rule the stars.
If you have to be an actor on the stage of life, act with passion and play your role well. Be the best YOU you can be.
Gethin takes on the challenges in his work with confidence. To become attractive you have to become confident. Not confident in your personality or characteristics. Most people will tell you that to be confident, you first have to achieve something. Well, that is not true at all. For instance, you don't have to be good-looking to feel good-looking. The more good-looking you feel, the better looking you will become. You just have to want to be confident and then apply the rules I am going to teach you.

Next week we will discuss this further. I will give you an exercise to become more confident. See you then!


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