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For a spiritual life of abundant success, harmonious prosperous thinking, miracles and health, free self help books on line, healing pictures, inspirational poems & inspiring stories & fairy tales, also for children

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I no longer swap links. is a portal for free spiritual ebooks and I seek these sites out myself. Therefore I will not respond to offers for linkswaps. You will receive the following message:
I do not link to websites that approach me. I have a good understanding with my inner guidance to lead me to the websites and people that are of value to me and my visitors. In the beginning of the site I did not listen and swapped links. I even asked for some. I left some links on the site that remind me of my error. God does not bargain and knows not of reciprocity. The people I now recommend have greatly contributed to the expansion of my consciousness. My visitors are on the same frequency that I am on or close to it, therefore my links are of great value to them.

So, as I have not been led to your site, and you have been led to mine, apparently there is something your inner guidance is trying to communicate to you. You are already listed on God's site. If you approach this right, you don't need to do anything, people will tumble over each other to link to you, as they do with my site. Look around on and find out what is there for your benefit, to list divine help to create a website that attracts all the visitors and links you want.

In Love, Light and Oneness,

algemene en spirituele site met vele links (a Dutch spiritual site) -Alles gratis in Nederland en BelgiŽ (a Dutch site with ads of people offering free stuff)

SOFA, een ezine, gericht op de sociale kant van de binnenvaart
(a Dutch site about social aspects of the life of people who work with and live on riverboats)

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