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Margareth Lee

A story about cats & mice, with pictures of kittens, & dog & cat pictures. At 's kids site you find nspirational stories, free ebooks & fairy tales for children on cats, with cat photos & kitten pictures & on elfin, with pictures of faeries and coloring book pages.

Copyright 2002

cat & mice bar - inspirational stories, free ebooks & fairy tales for children on cats, with cat photos & kitten 
pictures & on elfin, with pictures of faeries and coloring book pages, pictures of kittens,
kitten photos,dog cat pictures,kitten pics

There once was a cat named Wonder. Very few people knew her name. Yet Wonder was proud of her name. She knew who she was. And that was all that mattered.
Her life began on a day in March. Soon she noticed that she was not like other cats. She asked very difficult questions. For instance she wanted to know why she had to learn to hunt. Because she didn't like hunting at all.

Her mother related that long ago cats and humans had made an agreement. The cats promised to keep the houses of humans free of mice. In exchange they received food and shelter. Her mother added: 'People don't realize how hard that is for cats. Cats adore mice. Killing is not in their nature. But people even think cats like catching mice! They believe all kinds of nasty things about us, just because we like to play tag with everything that moves.'

Mother continued: 'It began with one of our ancestors. One day a great-great-great-great-great –great- great-great-great-great-great –great-great grandfather was playing tag in the forest with some mice and other friends. They had a lot of fun. But suddenly a human appeared. One of the cats was so startled by the large hairy creature, that he accidentally killed the mouse he just had in his mouth. The human saw that and immediately thought of the mice in his cabin that he would rather be rid off. So he convinced the cats to go home with him. He promised to feed them every day if they would keep his cabin free of mice. And so they did. For humans have all power over animals.'
Therefore the kittens had to learn to hunt. 'Soon you will have to live with other people,' mother said. 'And you might have to catch mice. Usually cats don't have to do that anymore. However, you never can tell where you will end up. And then you have to know how to do it. Or they will think of you as a useless cat.'

Wonder thought this was a sad story. Cats who had to kill other animals for a living. 'What are mice then?' she asked.
Mother had to admit she too did not know exactly. She had only heard about them. She had never seen one. 'I do know that mice are hairy and quite small. They can also hide quickly in little holes in walls and in the ground, where we cannot enter,' she told them.
The cats had all sorts of cat-toys. Mother used them to demonstrate different ways to catch a prey. They were also allowed to play every day in the garden.

playing cat - inspirational stories, free ebooks & fairy tales for children on cats, with cat photos & kitten 
pictures & on elfin, with pictures of faeries and coloring book pages, pictures of kittens,
kitten photos,dog cat pictures,kitten pics

There they practiced by hunting leaves and everything else which moved, grasshoppers, moths and snails. However, the grasshopper was too quick. He jumped on top of Wonder and called out victoriously: 'I have caught you!' Her brothers and sisters were very amused. Her mother sighed and shook her head. All the other kittens had caught something by then. Except Wonder. She enjoyed chasing the moths. But she always retracted her nails when she jumped at a moth, a butterfly or beetle. For our wilful kitten had resolved never to hurt another animal. It really bothered her mother.
'If you continue like this, you will get into trouble,' she spoke concerned. 'Child, don't be so stubborn. Look at the good life people give us. It isn't asking to much to be willing to keep their homes free of mice, then, isn't it?

'But I find it scary to kill something,' the kitten answered. 'It also seems very distasteful to me. I don't want any squirming squeaking little critter in my mouth.' No matter what her mother said, she refused to maul any animal. The other kittens tried to appear as fierce and dangerous as possible to each other. They started teasing her more and more. They thought she was a scaredy-cat and called her 'mouse'. The kitten could not explain it, but she knew she was not afraid. She only felt it was not appropriate to hurt other animals. Of course they played wild games with each other, in which they sometimes hurt each other. But that was play. No, animals were not meant to be caught. She would have no part of it. Because of this she felt more and more like an outsider.

playing kittens picture -inspirational stories, free ebooks & fairy tales for children on cats, with cat photos & kitten 
pictures & on elfin, with pictures of faeries and coloring book pages, pictures of kittens,
kitten photos,dog cat pictures,kitten pics
Mother also taught them a lot about humans. She told them that humans give their cats human names. She herself was called Minette. She also taught them how you could find out the name of the humans. 'Watch when they greet each other,' she said. 'They often call each other by the name then. You cannot understand people, because their language is made up only of sounds. We can receive their thoughts, but they are so confused, that it is completely incomprehensible.' The kitten had already wondered why she could not talk to the people she lived with in the way of the cats. Now she understood why that was the case. Cats can hear each others thoughts. They only make sounds to accentuate something they want to say. For example sometimes a cat wants to show a human how good she can hunt. When she crawls up on a bird, she usually warns the bird aloud, just in case, before she jumps on it. She does that by producing a noise which to humans sounds like clatter. A bird that is not tired of life immediately flies away.
Cats also mew to signal people they want something, food for instance.

With them there also lived a cat with long hair, Dusty. Her coat looked awful lately. It was completely tangled. All the cats sympathized with her every day when she was brushed by their woman. The woman had to wrestle with her to brush the tangles out. Dusty could remember things poorly, so it was every time a completely new traumatic experience for her. The woman had scratches all over her.
Once she gave Dusty a bath. Then Dusty did something that was strictly forbidden. She climbed in the wallpaper! The woman was very angry with her.
What happened to Dusty's pictures?
Mother pitied both, but as she said to the kittens:
'Of course the alternative is that Dusty has more and more tangles and gradually starts to look like Bob Marley.'
'And that's not a good thing?' our kitten asked. Mother laughed and answered: 'You are something else! Some called his hairdo desperation style. There is no accounting for tastes.'

Time went by. Different people started to come and took all her brothers and sisters one by one with them. She was the last to remain and was already beginning to hope that she would be allowed to stay with her mother.
Then a lady visited who wanted to take her with her. The kitten noticed that the woman put foulsmelling burning things in her mouth. She spoke with a rasping voice in which suppressed anger and sorrow could be heard. Of course the kitten did not know exactly what it was she heard, but she felt ill at ease. Her new home was in a street along a canal, with a wide strip of grass, bushes and trees. The woman lived in a small smoky house, in which the kitten remained all day long. She was hardly ever allowed to go outside.
Wonder looking out the window longingly.

There also lived an animal in a jar filled with water. The kitten didn't know that it was a goldfish, but she regretted that she could not play with the strange looking animal. She tried sometimes, but she could not reach it.
Pretty soon she got to know her new human, Olga, better and better. She noticed that she was often angry and also cried a lot. She did her best to console her and was very nice to her. For she did not like it if someone was unhappy.

A picture of Wonder trying to reach the goldfish Wonder playing with the goldfish

One day the kitten was alone at home. She looked around longing for something nice to play with. She tried to reach the fish in the bowl. Suddenly the bowl turned. There was her new friend floundering on the floor. The kitten joined happily in the new game. She took hold of the fish, which isn't easy if you retract your claws. For he was very slippery. She was laying on her back and held him tight between her paws. She enjoyed the game. Suddenly her friend became limp. Apparently he didn't want to play anymore.

When the woman came home, to her great surprise she was outraged. First she hurt the kitten and then she threw it out. The kitten was glad to be outside at last and not to get beaten anymore. It hid in the bushes and decided not to return for now. What a horrible day! She would gladly sleep outside.

The next day hunger drove her to the house. But when she stood mewing at the front door a bucket of water was poured out over her. Every time she got her courage up to go there, the woman had a bucket of water ready. The kitten did not understand it at all. By now she had learned that people can be very mean. Therefore she began to hide when she saw someone approaching. Next to her former woman a dog lived who repeatedly tried to catch her. But the bushes in which she hid were thorny and she was safe from him and other dogs there. Ducks and other birds lived on and along the canal and many people gave bread to the birds. By eating this bread the kitten was able to still the worst hunger. She was hungry all the time now and she did not enjoy that. But she liked being outside. She even did not mind the rain. Everything was better than sitting in Olga's stuffy smoky room. But she thought she must have done something very awful to be treated this way. Olga must not want her because she was a very bad cat. She remembered her mother's concern for her. Now she was all alone and lived on the street.
In the neighbourhood there was also a tomcat, Stamper, who acted real nasty. Every time he could catch her, he gave her a beating. The kitten was so scared of him, she even jumped in the canal when he chased her again. He did not pursue her then, but it was very wet. The hunger and Stamper's attacks made her very discouraged and frightened.

It began to rain more often and sometimes it was very cold at night. A lady called Marian lived in the street where the kitten stayed. She had seen the gray and brown striped kitten with her white collar and white paws sitting in the street when she went to bed. Many cats were outside, but one never saw such young cats in the street. Marian thought it had to be a stray cat. She began to lay cat food and candy in her garden. The kitten gratefully took them. She would sneak into the garden when she thought there was no one around and ate it all. She noticed it was also a nice garden to hide. One day she saw that the front door of the house was open and 'her' food had been placed on the front door mat. She considered what she could do. What was that human up to? Trembling with fear she approached the food. There was also an extra cup next to it. Wonderful, milk! Very good milk. It was almost like the milk her mother had given her. Careful she commenced to drink and then finished her food. She then made a quick getaway. The next days the same thing kept happening. Very often now Marian came to the bushes where the kitten hid and spoke to her. The little cat noticed something remarkable; she could understand her. She just knew what the woman was talking about. She said: 'Kitty, you're a Wonder! You are truly special. I know who you are and that you wanted to remain yourself. You must persevere. Never go against yourself, Wonder.'

That is how Wonder got her name, with which she was very pleased. She now stayed very often with Marian. She liked her a lot and loved to sit in her lap. Nevertheless she was still very afraid and did not want to be locked up. She no longer wanted to live with people, because she thought they actually were nasty, strange creatures. She was so young and had never experienced winter. Therefore she did not know she would soon need shelter. As long as she could freely walk in and out she allowed Marian to take care of her.
In the beginning she still had to be on her guard for Stamper. Marian taught her she had nothing to fear. 'Everything you experience only reflects what is in you. Stamper can only attack you if you are afraid and expect an attack. And because you think of yourself as worthless. You want to punish yourself for your imaginary faults.'
Wonder wanted to ask what she could do then to keep Stamper away. It was as if Marian could even read her mind, for she said: 'You only have to choose for peace. Always try to be joyful and happy and not to think of ugly things. And be proud of yourself. You made a small mistake, but you don't even know which, isn't it? The animal you played with was a fish. It could not live outside of the water.'
Wonder began to mew. 'How was I supposed to know?'
'Exactly,' Marian said. 'You could not know.'
'When I see Stamper, I really cannot think of pleasant things. My legs just run off with me,' Wonder said.
'That is not the right moment to battle your fear, anyway. You had better do that in other moments, when you can sit quietly and can feel that you are one with Stamper. There are a lot of ways to conquer fear. I will teach you the prayer of forgiveness for a start.'
This was the prayer Wonder learned:

'God, I would like to let go of my grievances and sorrow, for I am aware that they hurt me. I am willing to let go of my ideas about the situation. There is no good or evil, there is only God. I give all my thoughts about Stamper to You. I only want to see him as God sees him, for only that is permanent. Lend me therefore Your eyes, God. Help me to see your creatures as You see them. I want to see everything with the vision of God, because I am one with God. That is why there is only room for love, peace and joy in my mind. Thank You God, for all the good in my life. Thank you for taking care of me. So it is.

From now on Wonder tried real hard not to be afraid and angry anymore. In her mind she pictured Stamper as very loving. Every time she thought of Stamper she saw in her mind's eye how they had fun together. And the funny thing was, that she did not encounter him anymore. It was as if he had disappeared from the face of the earth. She was grateful to him now. For he had actually helped her to handle fear.
However, she still could not stand to be locked up.
Marian often read to Wonder from a book that contained all sorts of remarkable things. Repeatedly Wonder heard her say: 'Everything you believe is true for you and you will experience it.' There were often visitors to whom she read from the book and with whom she spoke. However, Wonder could only understand Marian. Everything other people said was gibberish to her. When she asked her how this was possible, Marian told her that she had asked God for Truth and then had learned to think clearly. 'All minds are always joined,' she remarked. 'But the human thinking has become insane. In the Bible there is a story of Babel, which tells of the origin of the current confusion. People think there was one spoken language, which was lost, but the story really is about losing awareness of our real communication. People just don't know anymore that they share the same thought-world and always know each others thoughts. When humanity no longer believes that evil has any power, they will no longer feel the need to hide anything from each other. All thoughts are always shared anyway. No human can really hide their evil thoughts from each other. When communication among humans is restored, they will be able to understand the animals again.'

Wonder was also touched when Marian assured her there was a powerful being, God, Who took care of all creatures. However, God could only help you if you asked for it and had complete faith.
Wonder had a real revelation when Marian told her that people did not keep cats to catch mice. Sure, they often found it a useful attribute, but most people wanted a cat because it had so much love to give. They wanted a cuddly animal. They also thought cats were very beautiful to look at, especially when they played. Wonder loved that idea. You really only had to be yourself.
'But there surely are a lot of nasty people?' she asked.
'Some people are unhappy,' Marian replied, 'but a cat can often work miracles in the lives of such people.'
'I am sorry I did not know that before,' Wonder remarked. 'If I had perhaps I could have given Olga more pleasure.' She wished she could make amends, but she did not know how. 'I can hardly show up with a bunch of flowers,' she remarked. 'She would find that very strange. Can you picture it?'

Wonder with flower -inspirational stories, free ebooks & fairy tales for children on cats, with cat photos & kitten 
pictures & on elfin, with pictures of faeries and coloring book pages, pictures of kittens,
kitten photos,dog cat pictures,kitten pics
Together they laughed about it. The most wonderful lesson Wonder learned, was when Marian told her that the Spirit of God is in everything. Even if the creatures did not know it, the Love of God was in them. That is why they essentially all loved each other. They did not always show this, because all creatures on earth had become very confused. Once, very long ago, a lie was born, in which everyone had started to believe. The lie that evil existed. That all sorts of unpleasant things could happen, that you were powerless against. The creatures started to believe in a power which could cause harm. In this way they created fear. No longer did they only believe in the power of God, that up till now had always protected them. At first only the humans believed the lie. However, the animals follow the humans. Therefore they also began to believe in it. And because they believed in it, unpleasant things happened. For God had given them the power to experience everything they believed in. Now many lived in fear.

Then disaster struck again. Wonder did not know that Marian did not want any pets, because she travelled a great deal. She had taken Wonder in to teach her to live in a house again and then find her a good home. When she saw that she had been successful, she said: 'I am sorry, Wonder, you have to leave. Remember to let go of any fear. For you will attract what you fear. Tune your inner transmitter always to love, peace, joy and happiness, then those will be the experiences you will attract. And always stay your wonderful self.'

Then she sent for people from the local animal-shelter, who took Wonder away in a small cage.
Wonder was very angry at Marian now. She felt sad and betrayed. At first she did not like it at all in the shelter. However, Marian had given them a note, in which she related how much Wonder hated to be locked up. Therefore the people who worked there often freed her to walk around in a room. She could not go outside, but everything was better than the small cage.

Fortunately pretty soon a couple came and took her with them. Sadly they too would not let her out of the house. Wonder wondered if she still attracted this because she was afraid of it.
At first Wonder tried real hard to understand her new people, for she would love to stay here. Imagine getting stuck in a little box again! But one day she saw a small furry grey animal running up the stairs. Her people saw it too and got all excited. It was a very small, frightened mouse. They picked up Wonder and put her near the little mouse, calling excitedly: 'Go get it, Wonder!' Wonder however, remembered her earlier experiences and decided to remain her wonderful gentle self. You could see that the people were not pleased. 'That cat is overfed,' the man said. Of course Wonder did not understand that, but she noticed she got less and less food. Now she really starved and she could not go outside to fetch her own meals. She did realize she received less food, because she would not catch mice. However, she would not succumb. She began to say the prayer of forgiveness that Marian had taught her, quite often. She really expected her new people to treat her better now, but that wish was not fulfilled.

Marian had also taught her she could use the things which displeased her. They showed you what you really wanted. So she began to pray for freedom. She also had learned that you should not focus only on what was missing. You should also thank for all the wonderful things in your life.
At first she found it hard, because she felt miserable and did not see much to be grateful for. But she remembered the great meals she had had and thanked for those. She also gave thanks for her life and for being a cat. And she thanked God for her freedom, because she was convinced He would soon set her free.
Then she had a hunch on which she immediately acted. That day, as the man came home from work, Wonder lay in waiting. As soon as she heard the key in the door she raced outside past him. Those people would never catch her, she thought. She ran very hard until she reached a forest. Spring had arrived in the meantime, so it was wonderful warm weather.

Wonder tried to apply the lessons she had learned. She now knew winter existed and realized she would need shelter before then. Therefore she asked God to help her find a home. A home where she would be well taken care of and free to come and go as she pleased. At first she wondered if she wasn't asking too much. Then she remembered that Marian once said, that everyone always asked far too little of God.
Wonder told God she would try real hard to give all the love she could to her new people and to all creatures who crossed her path. From then on she thanked God every time she thought of it, because she knew that a home would be found for her. After all, Marian had said God gave everything you asked for, if only you believed that you would receive it. And of course it should not be something that could harm other beings, for God could not give pain.
Because Wonder was convinced that God took care of her, she enjoyed her free life. God surely knew she loved freedom above all and had therefore arranged for her to run away from her former people. She enjoyed everything that made her life worth living.
In the park-forest every day children came to play, who gave her their sandwiches. Particularly one nice little girl always gave her the most delicious sandwiches and was very nice to Wonder. Unfortunately she did not know the name of the kitty. She called Wonder Kiddy and Wonder did not mind at all.

Although Wonder was not really hungry, she did not care much for her current diet. She preferred cat food. She did not know that Linda, the girl, had told her mother about the stray cat, that was so sweet and affectionate. At first her mother said: 'Oh well, cats can survive great in nature.' But when Linda told her that Wonder was very glad with the bread she gave her, the mother began to worry. She therefore gave Linda some cat food and now Wonder was really very happy. She had a human to cuddle with, good food and freedom. You could not wish for more. To her surprise she noticed that she could also understand Linda better and better. Linda did not understand her, but Wonder discovered she really loved all animals. Once a little mouse of the forest walked right in front of them and Linda quickly picked Wonder up and said: 'You would not want to hurt the little mouse, wouldn't you, Kiddy? Because mice are also really very sweet!'
Wonder was relieved she had found someone who did not want her to catch anything. She had befriended all the creatures in the forest, including the mice. They knew they had nothing to fear from her and that she was a nice playmate. She showed Linda too, who really liked watching her play with the mice.

Wonder and mice and poppies Wonder and mice - inspirational stories, free ebooks & fairy tales for children on cats, with cat photos & kitten 
pictures & on elfin, with pictures of faeries and coloring book pages, pictures of kittens,
kitten photos,dog cat pictures,kitten pics
One day Linda picked her up and took her home with her. After much persuading her mother had finally given her permission to take 'Kiddy' home. Wonder went with the flow. She thought: 'If I don't like it there, I will be able to run away. God takes care of me and after all I am no longer such an inexperienced kitten.' That was true, for in her short life she had already learned a great deal. She now knew exactly what she wanted. And she received that too. For Linda and her mother were very nice, peaceful people with whom she had a wonderful life. They had a cat flap in the door, so she could be outside as much as she liked and they fed her well.

Gradually Wonder noticed that she gained a lot of influence on the other cats in the neighbourhood. She now told all the cats she encountered, that they did not have to catch mice or anything else. That it was much more important to give the humans love and to be only yourself.
'Just let the humans catch their own mice from now on,' she said with a smile. All the cats burst out laughing, as they tried to picture humans hunting mice.
'You will definitely have a pleasant life if you constantly choose those things that make you really happy. Things which bring more love, peace and harmony into your life and that of everyone around you.'
Nowadays Wonder sometimes sat still for a long time, thinking about God and the wonderful things she had learned. Then during those periods of sitting in silence all kinds of strange things started to happen.
For instance she once noticed a rustling sound like wind in a tunnel and it was as if she was sucked in by an enormous vacuum-cleaner. She seemed to move incredibly fast. She ended up in a sea of lights. There an enchanting melody of the stream of life vibrated through her. A beautiful blue star filled her visual field. It gave her a sense of immeasurable peace and love.
At other times light seemed to emanate from her, clearer than sunlight, with the brilliant rays shining around her. The light was more radiant than a thousand suns. She felt her whole body pulsating with the light currents flowing from her and permeating everything.
And the dreams she had ... a cat had never entered such magnificent, wonderful worlds.

She remembered how disappointed she had been when she had to leave Marian, but now she understood that that had been in her own best interest. There was so much she had had to learn. She was still learning. She recognized she had a task, that she could not have fulfilled if she had remained there. Now she could remember Marian with gratitude. She was very glad that she had crossed her path. Because of her she had learned a completely different way of looking at things.
She became aware that she continually received new insights, just by thinking about things. 'I have an inner teacher,' she realized. She decided to ask him why God did not terminate evil. She then sat very quietly and emptied her mind completely, so God could speak to her. And suddenly she knew. God could not terminate something that did not exist. God had created everything perfect and without faults. For if God would make something with faults, He could not be faultless Himself and therefore not divine. In fact it would be amazing if God even knew anything about evil. A God who knew of evil had to be evil. Because God is everything. Therefore all the evil that seemed to exist, had to be an illusion and the whole world filled with evil could not be real.
Now she understood much better what Marian had meant; all unpleasantness would disappear by itself if everyone would think like God. They only had to let love, peace and joy remain in their mind.

Wonder felt so utterly happy all the time, that it sometimes was almost unbearable. Pure joy caused her sometimes to cut such weird capers, which were not in agreement with her dignity as cat-saviour.
She would like very much to share this feeling with everyone. She realized the best way she could share her gifts was by telling about it.
She expanded the things she had learned with new inspirations. For instance she explained to the cats in her neighbourhood that there is another world, in which you can remain without having to go anywhere.
'You are surely talking about another life after death,' another said mockingly. 'No, I am not,' Wonder said. 'You don't have to die at all to experience this life. Not death is your ticket to heaven, but the change of your mind. You only have to start to think differently.'
She also explained to them that you attract everything you focus your attention on. Everything comes to you that you love and also everything you are afraid of, as long as you believe it can happen to you. In the beginning her words met with great resistance.

Lilith was a Siamese cat with long fur of about eight months, which also is very young for a cat. She related that a new kitten, Mao, had been added to their household. 'That horrible kitten came at me, screaming 'mom, mom'. Apparently I look like his mother. I immediately gave it to him good to let him know I am not his mother. Nor do I intend to take on that role. However, he does not want to listen. He drives me completely mad,' she said. 'He pursues me all the time and then his whining ... Get over it, I told him. You will never see your mother again. How do I get rid of that nuisance?'

inspirational stories, free ebooks & fairy tales for children on cats, with cat photos & kitten 
pictures & on elfin, with pictures of faeries and coloring book pages, pictures of kittens,
kitten photos,dog cat pictures,kitten pics little Mao - inspirational stories, free ebooks & fairy tales for children on cats, with cat photos & kitten 
pictures & on elfin, with pictures of faeries and coloring book pages, pictures of kittens,
kitten photos,dog cat pictures,kitten pics

'As long as you see him as a nuisance, he will behave that way,' Wonder told her. 'He just wants what all creatures want. Love! Can you not try to tolerate him?'
'Absolutely not. I just don't want to live under one roof with the little pain in the neck. He even tried to drink milk from me. My people take his side continually. They don't see his mischief, just that I beat him up,' Lilith replied. 'Couldn't I just ask God for a new home and get rid of the problems this way?'
'Oh well, of course you can,' Wonder said. 'However, if you do not want to try to look at him differently you will spend the rest of your life with him or others who evoke the same feelings in you. That irritation is in you and will remain with you, whichever way that is aroused. Because what you resist persists. You keep attracting it in your life.'
Lilith thought Wonder was just woolly and left saying: 'I am far too sensible for this.' Later on Wonder heard Lilith had indeed found a new home. However, after a few years a new home was sought for Mao, because his people were getting divorced. And what happened? He went to live with Lilith. He was now a huge tomcat, who no longer let her beat him up.

Big Mao - inspirational stories, free ebooks & fairy tales for children on cats, with cat photos & kitten 
pictures & on elfin, with pictures of faeries and coloring book pages, pictures of kittens,
kitten photos,dog cat pictures,kitten pics
The people loved him; his way of purring was almost hypnotizing and they had never seen such an affectionate cat. Lilith, who had always been rather aloof, had to watch powerless how he charmed her people. However, it could not be helped.
When Wonder heard about this, she hoped Lilith would someday recognize that she was just given an opportunity to give love, in place of hate. What you give, you always receive in turn. That is why it is important to fill your world with that which you want to receive yourself. You can be certain then that you will receive that too.

'It's easy for you to speak like this,' said a cat, who lived with very unpleasant people. He often did not get fed and sometimes they hurt him. They also hurt each other regularly. 'All I want is peace. But how could I bring peace into their lives?' And he related all he had to endure from his people. He was especially angry with the man, whose name was Peter. He ended with: 'I have a miserable life, and I would be responsible for that myself? Thank you!'
Wonder listened to him calmly and said: 'You can keep on feeling like a victim and continue to suffer, if you prefer to be right. Because everyone is always right. However, if you are willing to change, I advise you to try not to be angry with them anymore. They probably live constantly in fear, just like all the people who believe in the lie of evil. You cannot change others, however. You can only change yourself. The whole world changes with you if you change your mind. Some day all creatures will become aware, all in their own pace.'
She then taught him the prayer of forgiveness and told him to pray as often as possible.
When the cat knew the prayer well, he also asked: 'Why do I have to say at the end “so it is”?'
Wonder answered: 'To let yourself know that that which you have now said, has already been done. For if you ask God for something, it is immediately done. Maybe you don't see it immediately, but that is only because your old thoughts keep lingering in your thought world for a while.'
Wonder continued her explanation: 'If you forgive, you in fact give love. If there is love in you, you naturally attract love. For like attracts like. That is called the law of attraction. Therefore pray continuously for others. Be also grateful for the love and the blessings that are there in your life.'
A few weeks later the cat returned to tell that his people had moved and had given him to the new occupant of the house. She had come to look at the house and immediately adored him. The cat now had a wonderful peaceful life and was very happy.

Some cats still thought that all these new ideas were too far fetched. The first time this was said to her, Wonder repeated what she had heard Marian say in a similar situation. In 1899 Charles Duell, commissioner of the US Office of Patents, where all inventions are registered, said: 'Everything that can be invented, already has been invented.' Most great inventions yet had to be done then! Cat flaps or delicious cat food did not even exist.
Wonder's words also turned out to have a healing influence on many cats who had physical problems. Wonder became aware of this when she was one day sent for by a cat, who said she felt very miserable after eating poisoned fish. However, Wonder said: 'The fish was harmless. You poisoned the fish. What is the matter with you?'
'Oh well, I have problems with at least five persons and a lot of cats,' was the reply. Because of all the arguments and her irritation the cat had completely lost her balance. In this way she had attracted the wrong fish. Now she started to pray the prayer of forgiveness, every time she had an unpleasant thought, that made her feel bad. She could completely concentrate on praying, for she did not want anything, neither food nor play. Therefore she was healed in a short time.
Of course there were cats who thought that Wonder could heal them. They wanted her to touch them. Wonder made it very clear to them that they themselves were the source of their healing. She said: 'If you can heal yourself, you never have to become sick again. Every sickness is caused by your wrong thinking. If you believe that another heals you, that will happen. However, you have then handed your power to the other.'
She explained that true healing can only take place in the mind. 'It is your thinking which is diseased, not your body,' she repeatedly told the cats who complained of sickness.

Cats kept asking the same question. If evil is not real, why do I experience such unpleasant things? How can you say evil does not exist, I see it everywhere around me.
Wonder made clear that evil is not real because it is temporary. It needs your faith to manifest. The Good is always there, whether you believe in it or not. It cannot be extinguished. When you really begin to believe in the Allgood, God, there is no return. It is permanent and eternal.
You become addicted to the manifestation of good in your life. You become addicted to Divine Love, peace and joy and bliss.
Once one of Wonder's students remarked, that it seemed more like everyone was addicted to evil, suffering, anger and pain. So many refused to believe they were no victims. They wanted to be right at all cost.
'Still there is a limit to what one can tolerate,' Wonder said. 'For everyone there comes a time when they have had enough.'

From far and away cats came to hear Wonder speak. She began every gathering with the words:
'I am a miracle, but so are you. Every creature is a miracle. Even if it does not see it that way. For what God creates is always perfect and full of love. No one can change it.'
The lives of all cats changed merely by listening to her. The reason was that they did not only apply the things they had learned in their own lives, but also began to pass them on to each other. Because you learn what you teach. That is how Wonder became a teacher of teachers.

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