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Alex in Elfinland - Margareth Lee

'Everybody is a sorcerer. Everyone is always working magic. Alex
discovered that, when he visited Elfin land. He also learned how to work
the kind of magic that attracted things he liked. Instead of all the unpleasant
things so many people conjure up in their lives.'

This is how the story of Alex, who is taken to Elfinland by the elfin, begins.
He makes new friends there and has a wonderful time. There he also
hears the truth about the world of humans for the first time.
He gains astonishing amd thought provoking new insights.
Read more about this in the first two chapters that can be read on-line.

When Alex is back in the human world he begins to teach others the Truth.
His mother, Angela, is the first to whom he explains the Truth he has learned,
little by little.

'One day they were watching a tv program together, showing children who
had to fight in a war. Many of them were killed. Angela asked him: 'How
can I say of something that is so terrible, that it is not real? For those
children it is horrible!'
Alex answered: 'There are no children to begin with. That too is something
we believe in and then experience. Spirit is not born and cannot grow old
and die. Spirit is just eternal. You don't have to have an opinion about it, it
isn't good or bad, it just isn't real.'
'But it seems very real to those children,' Angela remarked.
'How do you know?' Alex asked. 'Has a war not only begun when you start
to believe in it? Our minds are joined. We are connected in the miracle of
existence. When enough people pass the thought on, that all this is not
real, such images will disappear.'
'Yes, but wouldn't it be better to help those children?'
Alex pondered a while. The words he spoke, were a surprise to him too.
'As long as there have been humans, there has been conflict and murder.
There have always been people who fought injustice. Did it ever really improve anything?
It is no use to fight the effects. It is better to deal with the cause of conflict.
The thinking of humans has to change. That can only begin with you.
That is not a plea not to help others.
However, true help includes much more then people now think.'

Everyone is always creating, even if you don't know how. Through this book
you may discover how to apply the spiritual laws effectively, in order to
attract delightful experiences in you life and learn the truth about yourself
and your world.


Chapter 1   Alex arrives in Elfin land
Chapter 2   The song-festival, where Alex makes new friends
Chapter 3   Meeting Yvonne in the Mansion in the Clouds
Chapter 4   Touring through Elfin land
Chapter 5   The Elfin -school
Chapter 6   The plan for salvation
Chapter 7   An outing in the human world
Chapter 8   The task assigned to Alex
Chapter 9   Saying goodbye to the Elfin
Chapter 10   Alex is back home


Alex in Elfinland by Margareth Lee - $4

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