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REVIEW OF The Way Out by Joseph Benner

(Anonymous author of “The Impersonal Life” the little book that Elvis Presley loved)

The little book "THE WAY OUT" (approx.4x5,5 inches) contains 4 booklets:
The Way Out (part one)
The Way Beyond (part two)
The Teacher
The first two parts are separately available as ebooks at
We know that with many finances are often a problem. All followers of Jesus Christ should learn the law which if obeyed will enable them to rise out of all conditions of lack, limitation, inharmony, disease and unhappiness that may manifest. You ask if this is really possible, and if there is a law which if obeyed will enable us to accomplish that.

We say emphatically, there is such a law, and that you can be free from the fear and dominance of money, that you can have an abundance of all good things, that you can be well and happy, and can bring about an adjustment into perfect harmony to all departments of your life if you want these things enough to train yourself to obey this law. You say that you would do anything to obtain such wonderful blessings, if it is humanly possible.

It is not only possible, but everyone who is filled with such a desire can do it. For know a great truth, that you are permitted to be in such unhappy conditions by your Higher Self solely in order that you may seek and gain the knowledge, the power and the ability to control them, in order to free yourself forever from them and to assume your true place in life, and therein receive the heritage of good that is here for you, whenever you become wise and strong enough to claim it and use it for the good of others and not for selfish ends.

First know that it is all a matter of consciousness, and that you, yourself alone, are to blame for these conditions: for you alone created them and are firmly holding them in your consciousness or they would not be so plainly manifesting. All this we are taught in those great words, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he".

We know that you have heard this stated perhaps many times before, and so often that it may have become an old story. Some of you have tried to prove it and to rid your consciousness of all your negative thoughts; but because it took determined and persistent effort you soon grew tired, on account of the strong opposition met with, and you then dropped back into the current of the old conditions and if anything became more helpless than you were before.

Others may have heard of the saying, but it did not impress them; for they could not accept the assertion that any of the inharmonies in their lives are the result of their own beliefs, or of their past thinking crystallized into beliefs. They preferred to blame it all on someone else, and even God came in for a share of the blame.

The main trouble with almost everyone is that they do not realize how many negative and destructive beliefs they are carrying around with them in the subconscious realms of mind and which creep through into the conscious mind whenever it is free from interest in other things.

Until you can begin to study your mind and watch for and note these negative beliefs when they come and you will find that they are actually beliefs and refuse them further support, there is not much hope for you.

In fact it is the first thing you must learn to do. Those who are too mentally lazy to do such watching and controlling of their thoughts, are usually the ones who win not accept that their own thinking and beliefs create for them all of the conditions now manifesting in their lives.

But it makes no difference whether you accept it as being true or not; it is the law.


If the Message, THE WAY OUT, strongly impressed you and especially if it was the means of freeing you from desperate conditions from which there seemed no way out, we earnestly urge that you do all you can to get it in the hands of those of your friends who need its saving help.

The book contains the following booklets:
  • The Way Out - available at
  • The Way Beyond - available at
  • Wealth
  • The Teacher

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