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Once upon a time there lived a widow and her son, Jack. When her husband died, he left enough money and land to last her the rest of her life. The woman felt very lonely and she was very worried about their future. She didn't know anything about money and was afraid there would not be enough. She lived as frugal as possible and complained to everyone about the lack of money. People liked asking her how she was doing, because one could count on an illiad of grievances: “Things are worse,” she kept repeating. Jack wanted so much to help her and sometimes he was daydreaming about heaps of gold he would like to give her. He didn't realize that his mother was in fact asking for attention and that her worries were caused by self-doubt.

Life made sure his mother was proven right. We are always proven right, if we only say something long enough with much feeling. Because then we believe in it and we will experience what we believe. Her fear of poverty had turned into a belief, then into reality. Suddenly investments became wortless, the money disappeared into thin air. They had less and less money and finally she considered selling her last cow. She walked through their house, wringing her hands. “What are we to do?” she cried out, tears running down her cheeks. “Without the cow we don't have milk, but I've already sold all our land and now we have no grass for the cow. Oh Jack, we have to sell the cow. Take her to the market and make sure you get a good price.”

On his way to the market Jack met a strangely dressed man who spoke to him and said “Well, young man, where are you going with your cow?” “To the market,” Jack replied. The man hadn't asked, but Jack felt a need to tell him more. “My father is dead and now my mother has to sell everything. I wonder how we will manage after we have spent the money for the cow, ” he blurted out. The man nodded sympathetically and said: “I am Jesse. Those problems cannot make you feel good. ” Jack was grateful that he understood. “You are fortunate to have met me, ” Jesse said. “Because I can really help you and your mother. ”
“How?” Jack wanted to know. “Well, I have some magic beans here. I am willing to exchange them for your cow.”

Jack had never heard of magic beans and he had heard of thieves and swindlers. He gave a scornful laugh and said “Jesse, you must think I have lost my wits.”
“No, I don't, ” Jesse said. “I think you are one of the smartest people I have ever met. You have a special kind of cleverness. You feel inside what is right, don't you? And this actually feels very good to you. ”
Jack nodded thoughtfully. He hadn't felt this good in a long time. “Still I can't exchange my cow for beans,” he said. “It would make my mother very mad.” There was regret in his voice. Who knew what golden opportunity he let go. But his mother counted on the money. Suddenly Jack noticed that Jesse began to hover almost half a meter above the ground.
“Do you now belief that the beans are magic?” Jesse asked.
“I belief they are, but how can I convince my mother? She doesn't believe in magic.”
“That is not necessary, as long as you believe in it. They are your beans and they will work for you.”

Jack was overpowered by an urge inside of him. “Okay, you get our cow for the magic beans,” he said and offered Jesse the rein around the cows' neck. When his hand closed around the beans he immediately felt joy in his heart. He just knew he did the right thing, even though it seemed very foolish from the standpoint of rational thinking. He was absolutely sure that he could trust Jesse. Jesse then said to him: “They will try to convince you that magic doesn't exist, and that you shouldn't believe that these beans are magic. They are, but if you don't believe in them, they will not work for you. You have to believe before you can see! So don't let anything sway you.” Jack went home elated.

When he arrived home he told his mother he had met a sorcerer, who had given him magic beans in exchange for the cow.
“What? I am losing my mind! ” his mother cried.
She was very angry and tossed the beans out of the window. Then she send Jack to bed. Jack thought “tomorrow when it's light, I will collect the beans. My mother hasn't seen what I saw and felt what I felt. ” In his heart Jack felt that Jesse was a real sorcerer and that the beans were magic. Therefore he remained calm, no matter how his mother raged.

The next morning Jack saw that a giant beanstalk had grown where his mother had thrown the beans. Even though he was certain that the beans were something special, this surpassed his expectation. Jack climbed in it, he wanted to know what could be seen in the top.

He was very surprised to find a castle there. A dangerous looking giant lived here. Jack hid in a pot to find out what kind of a giant he was. He heard him talk to his wife about his magic chicken that laid golden eggs. The giant enjoyed the eggs for their beauty. Apparently gold was not valuable in his world. I would know what to do with those golden eggs, Jack thought.

He couldn't leave his hiding place until the giant had fallen asleep. He then grabbed the magic chicken, tucked her under his arm and ran out of the castle, as hard as he could.

Jack was very curious about the world the giant lived in and the next day he went back to the castle. He hid again in the pot. This time he heard the giant speak of his miracle harp. It fulfilled every desire. The giant wished for food, drinks and every now and then he wished for a beautiful household item for his wife.

When Jack heard this, he thought: “You ask so little. I would know what to do. I would ask for world peace, and prosperity for all and for everyone to be joyful and happy. I would cure all diseases and no one would grow old and die. And if there was the danger of too many people, I would simply ask that the earth become larger, large enough for all people. But I am certain the earth is large enough for everyone.”

After the giant had fallen asleep again, Jack grabbed the harp and ran back to the beanstalk. But this time the giant woke up. He chased Jack who quickly slid down the beanstalk.

When he arrived at his house, jack took an axe and cut down the beanstalk. The giant saw him doing this and rapidly climbed back up. Now the connection between their worlds had been severed.

In the new world Jack wished for himself, golden eggs were only for decoration and everyone who wanted them, could also have them. Because of the harp, all the souls who wanted to experience sickness, suffering, lack and poverty had to find a new place and together they created another planet. Jack and his mother and everyone else who remained on earth lived happily ever after - Jack made sure of that.

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