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The Secret of the Law of Attraction for children

A series of talks and articles on the law of attraction to empower kids.

Hello, my name is Margareth Lee.
In this series of talks and articles for kids I explain how you can have a wonderful and happy life. Most kids are not taught how to handle problems in their lives. They watch their parents and other grownups to find out what to do with the challenges on their path.

But the grownup reactions are usually very inadequate. For instance: I know a boy who was bullied once by a boy who was smaller than him. The little boy beat him and took his lunch money. He told his mother about it, but added that the little boy had two older brothers who were equally agressive. The mother told me she was very embarassed that her son was beaten and robbed by a smaller boy. She called him a whimp! She did not appreciate how mature his judgment had been in a tough situation. He chose one of lesser evils. If it was up to his mother he would have taken on the little boy and end up being beaten up by his brothers. Or maybe he would have won the fights and he would become involved in endless fighting. Now she made him feel very bad about himself, instead of admiring the way he handled the situation.

Of course there are better ways of handling such a situation. But the boy did the best he could. He didn't see any other choices.

Haven't you noticed how the children who get into fights always get into more fights? That is because of the law of attraction. The child who fights or bullies, attracts more fighting and bullying into his life. Fighting is a tool to achieve something. For instance to feel important. Or to vent anger about other things in your life. Or to handle fears inside.

Why would a child want to feel important? If he already does, he wouldn't have to fight, would he? He would not feel insecure and powerless.

He would feel and act secure and confident and be kind to others. Fighting would not be his style at all. Look at the battlefield: kings and generals do not fight, they give the orders.

Sometimes there are many things going on in a childs life that frustrate him very much. Difficult situations at home, for instance abuse or divorce. When he begins to fight with other children he feels some sort of relief. He does not feel so powerless any more.

Both the bully and the bullied child are insecure. To break free from this situation you can learn techniques that make you strong and confident.

That is what I am going to give to you in this series. We are going to talk about how important it is to feel good, self-confidence, well-being, achieving anything you want to, attracting great stuff and wonderful relationships, and most of all about the power of your mind. And with the easy energetic techniques you learn, you have a tool for the rest of your life to handle all negative emotions and challenges on your path. This method I developed is called the Transformator, because it transforms your life.

They didn't tell you about it in the Secret. All the great manifesting minds have used it. It is really a master tool. With this breakthrough insight you can live a happy, more meaningful life.

Maybe you find some words in these articles difficult. The ideas certainly are very unfamiliar. Just notice how you feel when you listen to me and/or read the text. I am not only speaking to your mind, I am also speaking to the deeper part of you. And that part reacts with feelings. The Transformator is for you only if it makes you feel good. You learn to listen to your heart to find your life purpose and always know the best course of action in any given moment.

I have taught these techniques to many children here in the Netherlands and they have unbelievable lives. They learn and apply the Transformator techniques in such a short time. It took me years to learn this and it is wonderful to see how easy it is for them. I hope you will let me know how it affects you.

Part 1: Gethin Jones - the ugly duckling became a swan.

Part 2: The example of Paul.

Part 3: What makes Gethin Jones so attractive? Is it just his looks or is there more to it?

Part 4: Vibes, feelings, and the Tarzan-tap.

Trans4mator website with information for parents.

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Karen Curry has a very important mission.
She says:
Imagine living in a world where every child knows her intrinsic Divine value and knows exactly how to create everything she wants in her life.
That world is the world I want to live in.
And the world I want my own children to live in.
How about you?

To accomplish this she has developed a Family Training and Family Coach Certification Training. Sign up to be trained as a Family Coach here.
Karen's Empowered Family Training a new parenting program

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