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Lillian DeWaters


Dedicated to Seeing Eyes and to Hearing Ears ….






















1        Reality Itself

The secret of reality is found when we turn from the superficial to Absolute, from the many to the One - from a finite to the Infinite.
If one affirms this or denies that, he S not free. He is not free if he applies the Truth to something which is not real. THE SELF IS FREE AS IT IS. When one perceives this momentous fact, and identifies himself as this Self, he is free.

For nearly a century it has been proclaimed: Change the mind! Change the thought! Change the belief! Alas, what has not been seen is that all such directions pertain to those who believe they have a mind of their own, separate from the Divine. Regardless how many changes are made in personal minds, thoughts and beliefs, not until one identifies himself as DIVINE MIND, will his need of healing and regeneration cease.

Identifying oneself as the Divine - letting go all other identification - spontaneously one comes into possession of Wholeness, Harmony and Blessedness which are REALITY ITSELF.
We are Reality -we are not ideas or expressions of It. The great mistake is to believe we can have knowledge of Truth without being Truth, and that we can be expressions of God, yet not be God. The fact is, whatever is included in the Infinite IS the Infinite.

Deliverance comes through SPIRITUAL REVELATION. It comes as though a door opened into another world where we know Spiritual things spiritually.
Here, in our Real Being, we are the Divine alone.

Attempting to apply Truth to discordant thoughts, things or conditions, by means of individual thinking, binds one to the belief of SEPARATENESS. Let him rise out of this belief first of all.
Instead of studying how to be healed, how to become wealthy and satisfied through means of achieving or overcoming, one 's supreme desire should be to accept Reality alone. In clear, correct teaching, Van Der Leeuw gives his view of Reality, and what is demanded of us, in his Conquest of Illusion as follows:

In our real Being, we are a Reality which has never begun and which will never end, a Reality which is unchanging. We should this very moment pierce through the veil of time and enter Eternity. The depth of the Eternal is in every instant of time, and we shall find it if we shall but abandon illusion and enter Reality. We need not wait for some glory to come, the glory is here now, if we will but realize it.

Here in the world of the Real, in a divine simplicity, we experience ourselves as that Eternity , in the light of which fears and hopes are superfluous. We are freed from the entanglements of illusion with its problems, and from our vain attempt to solve them. We no longer seek immortality. We are Eternal.

Divine Mind is independent of any personal mind, thought or belief. Inevitably, the fact must be faced. The Divine cannot be found by way of DEMONSTRATION. Perfect Divine Mind and imperfect finite mentality can never be unified or harmonized. All efforts in this direction are in vain.

In the Kingdom of God there is no room for a single finite mind; no place for one personal effort; or even the smallest human desire. What a pity that one would remain as outside the kingdom -rather than to remember the lesson of the prodigal son, to humble himself, and abandon the belief of separateness altogether.

The Truth says: "I thank Thee, O , Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast them revealed unto babes." (Luke 10:21)

Like the learned Nicodemus, the wise and prudent are always right in their own eyes, certain about the things of this world -familiar with the latest news of the day, keeping up with the times. But what a price to pay! Continually they think and live as separate beings, outside the Kingdom.

Babes, like “the wise virgins” (Matthew 25:2), are equipped with INNER ILLUMINATION, continually dwelling in Light of the Eternal -enjoying the Peace and Happiness none can take away, because they are REALITY ITSELF.

The Message of the Absolute cannot be put into a system of healing or re- generation. It prescribes no solution for working out problems in a separate, human existence. The Absolute takes us into the Real, where we experience living Reality.

Duality is not here -cause, effect, purpose, sin, sickness nor death. The Rhythm of Being is ours -we are It.

Many are not experiencing Life, radiant and perfect, because they are identifying themselves with a mind and thinking of their own ,-- not the Mind of God.

Demonstration has been a great boon, but we must not stop here. We are destined to rise above demonstration altogether, in order to experience Revelation – the prerequisite to REALITY ITSELF.

There is an unfailing way. The Heart - the medium of contact between ourselves and our Reality - is destined to know and comprehend spiritual things. The Divine Promise remains ever-operative: "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God."' (Matthew 5:8)


2        The Kingdom Of The Self

WHO but the ONE can know things as they are? Who but the ONE can be illumined? To be the One - the Real and the Eternal - is our only means of realizing Heaven.

The world one seeks is THE KINGDOM OF THE SELF. Only a personal thinker attempts to create his own heaven. His ways leave him where they find him - in a belief of human existence. Here, in this belief, the illusion of separateness and personal achievement begins and persists.

Entrance into Reality through progressive states of consciousness -which keep one in constant labor and strife - is unachievable and hopeless. Such practices keep one on the threshold where he can but touch the fringes of Eternity, but never find himself IN the Kingdom.
The metaphysical idea that one 's harmony depends upon his individual thinking may seem attractive and practical to those who would improve their human existence through higher states of consciousness. The vital question is: are we living in Real Existence now or are we living in a relative existence which we can alter by our thinking? What is the difference between Real Existence and relative existence?

When we recognize and accept Perfect Self and Being to be the only Self-hood there is -and identify ourselves as this Selfhood -we are living in Real Existence now. Our experience is spontaneous Consciousness. Thoughts of a human self and human existence do not come to us here.

When one does not accept Perfect Self and Being to be the only Selfhood there is -and does not identify himself as this Perfect Self, inclusive of Perfect Consciousness- apparently he lives in another state called human, finite or relative existence. Here, in the relative, both good and evil appear -light and wrong, life and death, personal will, personal mind and thinking.

No real war exists to correct human or material existence. Any self-created harmony in material experience is as unreal as relative experience itself.
One may be happy in a dream, yet the dream itself be naught. All systems and mental practices of healing deal with human or relative experience.

The Absolute deals with the Real, the True and the Eternal. The Absolute identifies us as Spirit, Life -the Self-existent and Self-complete. The Absolute identifies us as Light in which is no darkness at all; as Harmony in which is no discord; and as Life in which there is no death.

How can we escape the experience of sickness and death unless identified as That which cannot be sick or die? That which is Eternity Itself? To make such identification, we must of necessity confess Divine Consciousness, Divine Being and Divine Existence to be the ONE and the ALONE. This means that we must take leave altogether of the belief that there is something about ourselves which is personal, something which we must change, heal or purify.

The remedy which metaphysics prescribes is the silencing of human discord with Divine Harmony -though retaining the belief that one is now living as a human being in a human existence. The Absolute - identifying us as the Real, the Perfect and the Eternal now- spontaneously reveals our existence as in the Real world now.

Wholeness and Harmony - the Real and Everlasting -can never be demonstrated in a human existence.
Wholeness and Harmony are realities of the Spiritual Real World, belonging to us in Real, Spiritual existence only.

Identified as INDIVIDUAL CONSCIOUSNESS, one cannot see, hear or understand the language of Spirit -the Real, the True, the Absolute. Individual consciousness can never be raised to Divine Inspiration and Understanding, despite ambitious effort to the contrary.
From the standpoint of the relative view -which includes the belief that there are two states of existence, the Spiritual and a material -one considers consciousness and what it is conscious of. With mental treatment, he strives to bring the state of the Real into his human affairs -to synthesize the Spiritual and the material, the Perfect- Real and the imperfect- unreal.

Alas, many discover their most heroic attempts in this direction prove futile and end in failure. If only they would see that this is their SIGNAL to let go the belief that they can apply the Truth of the true World to the imperfections of another existence!

"The flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other." (Galatians 5:17)

"Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God." (Corinthians 15-50)

If only one would turn completely from the world of mind [flesh] - how soon he would hear the Voice of Spirit, and lts words of living Truth!

The instant one stops struggling with the ghost of separateness, and identifies himself as the Real alone, that instant LIGHT glows within his Heart -the Heart which has been the unknown to him, lo, these many years.

New Hope, new Faith, Love and Peace now steal over him like a soft, cool breeze after a scorching day. He does not need to know how he finds himself drinking of living water, even though until now he has been unaccustomed to it. It is natural.

Soon he is knowing Reality without thinking personally -a thing he never before believed possible. Instead of accepting a finite existence -which destines him to spend his days in overcoming, creating, destroying, becoming - he now aspires to realize more of Life in its Reality, more of the Self in lts Beauty -Love Purity.

I AM the Eternal Self, Absolute, Omnipotent - established from Eternity - Pure, Whole, Free. The Self is all there is of me - my Mind, World, Body, Existence. Perfect, Glorious Self-hood is my full and complete Reality, taking care of Its infinite Manifestation always. lts government is Everlasting, Secure, Perfect, Intransmutable. It is totality, the Forever One as All.

No linear measurement is Here, no spatial distance. The end is as the beginning; the farthest away as close as the nearest at hand. Every Identity, Creature and Thing is the Life and the Existence which is the One as a Whole.

The One Supreme Being is the Manifest, and the Manifest is the One Supreme Being. No differences are here, no separateness. The ONE is everyone and everything, and everything and everyone is the ONE, in ever-abiding Love, Rhythm, Glory.

Identified as this Consciousness, it is as though we had never imagined ourselves elsewhere, and had never attempted to impersonate another. Our Love, our Faith, and our Heart 's devotion do not deviate from this One as our very Self Itself.
Self-Illumination, such as this, is ours -not as though It were One, and we another -but by virtue of the fact that I AM this Consciousness, in Its entirety and fullness, here and now.

I AM all of Mary - I AM all of John.
There is no personal ego at all- no personal thinker, no personal thinking, no personal body or personal existence.

Perfect Consciousness - God - cannot be sick, ignorant, grieved, in danger or limitation. Confine yourself to Reality Itself. Instead of praying for or giving a treatment to a certain "Mary" or "John " accept no mind no being but God. You will then realize treatment to be superfluous.
You will lose every vestige of doubt and fear. You will BE the Self, seeing and knowing the Self.

When we sit in light, we are not in darkness. When we identify ourselves as the One-Being, we no longer think as a separate consciousness. We are Reality which is - GOD.


3        The One Alone

Those of us who dwell in Reality, know what Freedom is. We experience Peace and Glory, ineffable and indescribable.

Continually we find living fulfillment in the Promise of the Christ: "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." (Mark 11:24)
Freedom, Wholeness, Bliss, are ours in the Kingdom of the Real, as THE ONE ALONE. Take them where they ARE, and as the ONE who possesses them. Stop trying to procure them in some other world, by a mental practice of your own.

Fulfillment belongs to us in the Kingdom of THE ONE ALONE. Fulfillment of desire belongs to none in the belief of finite existence.
ONE Life, ONE Consciousness, ONE kingdom is all there is! We must believe, accept and receive It as our very own! In one way, how simple a thing to do; and in another, the most difficult of all, since it requires total surrender of personal ego.

To talk about the Spiritual, Real Self as perfect and complete, yet to identify oneself as an individual personality in a human existence - requiring regeneration continually - denotes misconception and double-mindedness.
It merits the rebuke of the Master:
"If thine eye [perception] be evil [dual], thy whole body [world] shall be full of darkness [ignorance]. If therefore the light [highest idea] that is in thee be darkness [ignorance], how great is that darkness!" (Matthew 6:23)

The one way to know Reality is to identify oneself as this Reality! Heaven -Reality -is not a perfect world somewhere, to be inhabited after death or in some future time. Heaven is now at hand, and within us.

Designating Heaven to be in some place, and in some time, other than the immediate Here and Now, deludes one into believing himself to be outside of it; where he must STRIVE, PRAY and THINK to make himself ready for it.

Heaven is all. It is in all time. It contains a place, and it belongs to everyone.

"Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world." (Matthew 25:34)
When does one expect to hear these precious words? He will hear this gracious invitation when he is prepared to receive and accept it. He will hear it when he is ready to be released from the belief that he is a personality outside the Kingdom or even on the threshold of it. He will hear it when he is willing to cease dependence upon personal thought and demonstration altogether, and listen to the Voice of God alone.

Many wonder why they cannot make their demonstration, reach their goal or find an end to the path of becoming. To reach the place where one actually lives, and to be the Being one really is, he must of necessity confess the weakness and insufficiency of himself as an individual consciousness.

As finite minds and beings, none can work up to PERFECTION. Bound in the belief of separateness, one shall be limited, imperfect and incomplete - continually demanding equalization of rights and abundance. Let him understand this: Power, Joy and Abundance belong to THE ONE ALONE. To have and experience them, we must of necessity be this identical One.

THE PERFECT SELF - which one seeks so hard to have - is really his very own. Identified as another, he cannot reach himself! Those who live as separate beings -outside of Heaven - reap as they sow. Living in delusion and darkness, they have sorrow and tribulation.

Those who refuse to identify themselves as THE ONE ALONE -preferring to identify themselves with a mind to be educated, thoughts to be purified and a body to be healed -shall automatically be denied the greatest possible joy - REVELATION - the one Way to Perfection, Blessedness and Peace.

"If we deny him [the Perfect Way], he also will deny us." (2 Timothy 2: 12)

How shall one experience Revelation - the Mighty, Sure Deliverer? Revelation is not THOUGHT - therefore THOUGHT must be laid aside. To many, this may seem an utter impossibility - enmeshed as they are in personal thinking -like spiders caught in a web.

Look away from mind and thinking.
Give up everything that has to do with personal edicts, ways and means. Give your allegiance to God -THE ONE MIND. A blessed peace will envelope you, as a cloak of Light. What you need to know will then be revealed.

Reach toward the PERFECT and the ETERNAL with a love and devotion that are sacred and real. Confess the ways of personal mind and thought to be imperfect and incomplete. Spontaneously, you will find yourself in the straight and narrow Way , experiencing the blessed Promise:

"Then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noon-day...And thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not." (10 Isaiah 58:10,11)

Ways of mental demonstration keep one on a treadmill, where he labors and struggles constantly - never experiencing LIGHT OF THE ETERNAL. Once his eyes open to see his Reality and Perfection to be established and unmovable - as his very Life, Itself - he discovers demonstration to be superfluous.

Sublime Faith and absolute acceptance of PERFECTION to be ours -in the here and now - take away the sense of separateness.

Vibrant, all-pure desire may be quite sufficient. One may be aware that it is done -caught up in a glory which is Real and Actual. In oneself alone is found the Secret of Reality.

Spirituality which is born of our experience in Reality convinces us that we are THE ONE ALONE.


4        The Great Achievement

Realization of Reality is an immanent act of the Self. Finding one-self as Reality is THE GREAT ACHIEVEMENT.

Those desiring to be aware of Reality should see It as lt is - I AM THAT I AM. This seeing must be the very act of him who in Spiritual Illumination is the Self ltself.

Only the Self ltself can have Spiritual Illumination. In our experiences in Reality - as this Self - we understand that we are not separate beings at all, and never have been. Life is Oneness and Allness, in a Rhythm and Glory beyond expression.

We must come face to face with our own Being through our own Illumination. Nothing short of this experience will convince one of the terrible misconception that he is an individual consciousness.

Personal ego is a ghost.

When one sees that God is his own Perfect Self -here and now -and is receptive to the Absolute Message, the one Mind will then be his only Mind - not by acquisition -but by virtue of the fact that there is no other.

To travel from oneself to God is not a long journey -no further than a ray of light must go to be in contact with the sun. Often one is not ready to find himself because he still depends upon a certain teacher, book or mass of accumulative learning. This must be left behind. What Peace and Rest are ours when we leave all to enter REALITY ITSELF! How we love our Being!

To know our Perfection as it is, and to live in this Spiritual awareness continually, we must LOVE our Perfect Self first, above all, with an all-consuming Spiritual love.

Only Love can act without taking thought. Only Love can comprehend the deep things of God. Only Love can live the Life of the Eternal.

Reality goes on by Itself! Reality is not the fruition of anyone 's thinking. Make no personal effort to do or to create anything. Personal mind and personal thinking cannot appear when we cease to be identified with them. No discordant condition can continue.

Intellect or mind is merely an instrument of a finite personality. The Illumined know it for what it is. Whence cometh the personal 'I' ? Seek it out and it cannot be found.

When one uses Truth as a mental practice -instead of experiencing Truth as a living Reality -he denies his own Selfhood.

The Way to eradicate personal thinking is to function as the Perfect "I". This "I" is spontaneously shining as Perfect Being -God -the All-Pure -the One.

"Have ye your heart yet hardened?" (Mark 8:17)
With Heart alone, we see God. AII other ways must be abandoned. This very thing makes THE ABSOLUTE so difficult for the multitudes to comprehend -they are strangers to their own Hearts. Intellect is ever with them; but when the word HEART or SOUL is mentioned, it is like the abstract or unknown.
No wonder Jesus had so little to say to the learned Nicodemus - the few dynamic words -"Ye must be born again!" (John 3:7) How authoritative and revolutionary! He meant: leave the way of mind - the finite - for the Way of the Heart - the Infinite; if it were not so, I would have told you.

Divine Mind does not need to be educated or spiritualized. Divine Body does not need to be healed. One 's only need is Spiritual Realization - Realization that God is his complete Being now.


"Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: and if Satan [mind] cast out Satan [thoughts of mind], he is divided against himself; how then shall his kingdom stand?
...He that is not with Me [the Real and the Divine] is against Me.” (Matthew 12:25,26,30)
"The earth [finite consciousness] shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it [finite consciousness] shall fall, and not rise again." (Isaiah 24:20)

These words have an especially deep meaning now. When one is willing to depart from the sense of otherness -to be the One Alone -then, on the instant, he is present with the Highest.
He has come direct from the Heart. He feels the Presence, hears the Voice or in some other Spiritual way learns the answers to his questions.

At last he understands that God 's demands are simple -but they are to be obeyed.

Perception lights the way, and awareness follows. Give up all quests. Find yourself to be God Alone.


5        The Price of Glory

Open your heart now to Light of the Eternal - instead of laboring to perfect an individual mentality, which finally must be consumed in the white heat of Spiritual Illumination.
The HEART has ever symbolized the Center of Being. Lao-tzu, a Chinese philosopher of great Light, aptly points to TRUE IDENTIFICATION in the following verse from The Book of Life:

There is no need to run outside
For better seeing,
Nor to peer from a window.
Rather abide
At the Center of your Being,
For the more you leave it, the less you learn.
Search the Heart and see
If he is wise who takes each turn:
The Way to do is to be.

Blessed are they who willingly and rejoicingly surrender scientific mental ways and search for God with their Hearts alone.
"And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me with all your Heart." (Jeremiah 29:13)

We can learn heavenly Realities and receive Divine Light either from THOSE who have received Knowledge through Divine Illumination or through Illumination direct- SELF-REVELATION.

Self-Revelation shall be present, and shall continue to be with us, when we accept It as our only Light and Way.
Suppose one wishes to be free from grief, just how shall he proceed? Let grief alone. Do nothing with it. Turn to God, the Self of you; the Mind and Existence of you; the Being in whom there is no grief. Let this Pure, Holy Self completely absorb your attention.

Grief will vanish -as certainly as there can be no darkness where light is.
Suppose the desire is to be set free from pain. Identify yourself as the Self which is Perfection now- the Self which is Wholeness and Harmony everlastingly- even as the sun is always the light of the whole world.

THE SELF IS OUR BODY. Steadfastly accepting this Perfect Self- in an all-absorbing love and devotion –there can be no feeling of pain or distress.
One is in that place where it is promised "Nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:19)

Questions regarding healing, demonstration, treatment, shall continue while separate individual thinking remains. Individual thinking shall continue -inclusive of the sense of discord, limitation and inharmony - until FALSE IDENTIFICATION is brought to an end. In no other way will God become a vital, vibrant Presence in our lives.

First of all -withdraw from appearances. Make no effort to heal, to overcome or to destroy them - or to silence discord. Effort of the personal self is blindness and bondage.

Turn Heart, Soul and Being to the acceptance of TRUTH ITSELF, in the Realm of the Real. Identify yourself now as the Real alone.

As an individual or an expression, none can know Freedom, Peace, Wholeness, Perfection. One thing alone is of value, one thing greater than to gain the whole world- entrance into Reality as the Self Itself.

Father, I thank Thee. I rejoice to see that the Infinite includes me -the Infinite is ALL of me -I AM THE INFINITE. This perception is not presumption -it is Meekness and Might. The personal has been swallowed up in the ONE. This is THE PRICE OF GLORY exacted of us all.

Open Heart and Soul now to Light of the Eternal. Cease all attempt to make a heaven of your own -nothing but failure and defeat await you.
"Take heed, brethren, lest there be in you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.” (Hebrews 3:12)
"Unto the pure all things are pure; but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; even their mind and conscience is defiled. They profess that they know God; but in their works they deny Him." (Titut 1.15,16)

In our experience in Divine Revelation, we lose consciousness of personal mind and body. We have Ecstacy and Bliss, Peace and Glory unknown and indescribable to those unattuned to It.
This Realization of the Real Self is spontaneous Freedom -possible now to all who pay THE PRICE OF GLORY.

Above and beyond the physical is the mental. Above and beyond the mental is the Divine and Spiritual. The Real Self remains forever undisturbed -changeless, eternal. Identify yourself now as the Real Self! Know thyself!

The Way is ONE. WE are the Way.
Set YOUR Heart upon Reality!

Until one ceases to identify himself as a PERSONAL CONSCIOUSNESS, he cannot arrive at ultimate things. To quote Conquest of Illusion.

“Intuition alone can serve as a way to knowledge, the intuition being the experience of Reality in our Being. It is only when we leave the trappings of the world of relativity behind us that we can enter the world of the Real and there experience Reality, which does not answer the wrong questions, but rather sweeps them aside, and gives us a realization of living Truth instead, in the light of which the very questions become absurd. Aspire to Reality which alone satisfies.”

Surrendering the ways of the material, and the ways of the mental, one comes naturally into the experience of the Real and Eternal. Be willing now to pay THE PRICE OF GLORY.


6        The Perfect Manifest

In the one Infinite Selfhood abide all Identities, Creatures and Things. We are in this Selfhood, and this Selfhood is in us, and we are this Selfhood.

We are face to face with the Real, the True and the Absolute, because in Reality we are the Real, the True and the Absolute. Upon entering Reality -as in Self-Revelation -we are THE PERFECT MANIFEST -none else.

Personal mind cannot experience or comprehend Reality to be That which is Self-contained and Self-revealing - it cannot see beyond itself. Could one see a country unless he were there to see it? Could he know the taste of sweetness unless he taste something that is sweet? In the same way, one can know Reality only as he accepts himself to BE Reality.

To let the God-Self be all of us, is the great Fulfillment. This is possible only as we renounce the belief that we are separate from the Self as another -an individual consciousness, a spiritual idea or reflection. Until then one does not know the Truth. Until then he does not comprehend the meaning of the words -THE PERFECT MANIFEST.

ABSOLUTE IDENTIFICATION is our fullness of Joy, our ever-present Understanding, Freedom and Glory, even our full salvation from darkness -from problems, and from death.

The Real can be known and experienced by the Real alone. To be the Real, and to experience It, it is imperative that we depart from the unreal and illusory -separate mind to be spiritualized, separate body to be healed, separate thoughts to be corrected.

The Real is ever free -there is naught beside it. The Real is Its own Fulfillment, Its own Realization. It depends upon nothing. It is Alone. It is ALL-IN-ALL.

To experience the Real, one must turn to It with all his Heart -loving and desiring It more than all else. It is said: "Unless we ask with our whole being, unless we can hardly eat or drink or sleep until we know, unless life is no longer worth living without the experience of the living Truth, we shall not gain it. We must desire Truth more than life itself if we are to be worthy of experiencing It."

Not by way of any healing or by acceptance of any person, church or book shall one come into the experience of THE PERFECT MANIFESTATION. Released from such ideas, rapturously we accept GOD to be our eternal Wholeness and Harmony now.

Any metaphysical idea to apply the Truth to thought or body shall now be relegated to the past. We know Reality by way of SELF-IDENTIFICATION - no other. We have never been separate human beings. Then to whom or to what could Truth be applied?

Constant effort to make a demonstration -as though it were the criterion of one 's Spiritual status - comes now to an end. It is supplanted by Self-Revelation, Self-Experience, Self-Light.

Willingness to be released from the bondage of treatment and demonstration, and joy of such deliverance, opens one 's consciousness to behold THE PERFECT MANIFEST, at hand. Perfect Being has been Perfect Manifestation always.

Lay aside all desire to improve the body or conditions. Seek Instruction of the Absolute. This alone satisfies. This alone is Reality. Chrystal Vision and Absolute Identification reveal Self-existent Being. THOUGHT can never attain to Spiritual Revelation. The prerequisite to entrance into the Real and the Absolute is through Heart and Soul alone, when bathed in love and devotion, Truth and Reality.

How can one actually know, and what is his criterion of certainty? The answer is simple: by his own experience in the Real. Experience in Reality is ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE -nothing else is.

Enjoying perfect Experience, we are Pure Consciousness. No personal sense can linger here. We are free -not liberation gained through demonstration -but liberation which is REAL EXISTENCE.

"No man cometh unto the Father, but by Me." (John 14:6) We enter into the perfect state identified as the Way, the Truth and the Life. Yielding completely to it, such experience is both restful and vivifying. Not a single system of religion contains the answers to the problems of life -for Life is not a problem to be solved intellectually or philosophically.
Life is REALITY -to be experienced spiritually.

Churches cannot take away our sense of personality and in exchange give us our perfect Self and Heaven. They would keep us in bondage to antiquated theories and practices.

Not perceiving spiritually that never is there aught beside the Perfect Manifest, those who have kept their Hearts in the background would apply the Perfect and Imperishable to non-existent, human, personality.

The Absolute Way does not associate Itself with "practical results" so hoped for in the usual metaphysical regime, or with "tangible benefits" so greatly desired. Constant need to make healings will cease only when mind itself is brought to an end by the awakening of him that sleeps.

The Absolute Way takes us completely out of the belief that we are human beings, living in a human existence -toiling night and day to attain.

The Absolute places us where we actually live, and as the One we really are.
A human state does not exist. There is no human state in God, the Infinite.

"I leave the world, and go to the Father" (John 16:28) -I depart from everything pertaining to a human mind, life, body and existence -to identify myself completely with the Imperishable, Immaculate, Real and Divine.

Dearly beloved, when will you accept the Way of Perfect, Spiritual Existence to be the only real existence there is? You do not need to wait for any certain time. Why not accept now?

Drink of Living Water, be baptized in Eternal Light – BE the SELF, THE PERFECT MANIFEST -the One who IS Self-Existent and Self-Complete.


7        Spontaneous Illumination

For everyone, there exists Soul-Illumination by which to see ultimate things -Spiritual Realities -as they are in Pure Consciousness.

The Real includes the Seeing Eye and Hearing Ear -"the Lord hath made even both of them." (Proverbs 20;12) Spiritual Illumination includes Spiritual sight and Spiritual hearing -permanent realities, everpresent.

Truth is Eternal. There is an Eternal Way of seeing and hearing It. It has been written truly: "That which we seek with passionate longing, here and there, upward and outward, we find at last within ourselves." At all times, we should live in rapt devotion to our All-Understanding and All Loving Being. The Self is Here and Now, and Alone.

When we draw from the depths of our pure, holy Being, we know LIVING REALITY to be about us everywhere - we do not see contrary to it.

SPONTANEOUS ILLUMINATION has no boundaries, no limits, no restrictions.
Coming swiftly, unexpectedly, it delivers immediate Knowing, immediate Exaltation, immediate Freedom.

SPONTANEOUS ILLUMINATION may come as soft, gentle knowing. Sometimes it is like a liquid poured over our head, falling all about us. Without thought or reason, we know. Regardless in what form it comes, Illumination always brings the sense of Infinite Knowing.

While reading some illumined Message, suddenly our eyes may strike a certain word, and this word will burst into being before us and lo, Spiritual ideas blaze forth in radiant beauty, wonder, light, like a sunrise. Such an experience is always grand and glorious. Nothing else is comparable to it.

Illumination is Infinite Sense seeing and knowing Reality as all there is - Perfect Mind, Perfect Body, Perfect World, Perfect Thing. Illumination comes to everyone fitted to receive it.

Give up the imperfect belief that one 's good comes by way of some mental treatment, mental achievement.
This is one of the first steps out of delusion into Reality. Self-Illumination reveals to us our ever-present good. Our search ends in our Self as the Real and the Eternal. In her Book of Poems called Miracle at Sea, Mildred Hayward beautifully writes as follows:

There is no need to strive for God
When stillness holds the secret of our search.
Lo here, lo there, we seek throughout the world
In mazes of uncertainties, while now
Within the quiet Center of our Heart
God waits in shining beauty our first flash
Of understanding, when the mortal beggar
Turns back to his Immortal Throne.

SPONTANEOUS ILLUMINATION reveals Eternal Revelation. Eternal Revelation is Wholeness. Eternal Revelation is Harmony -Rhythm Itself -in ever-abiding Perfection, Harmony and Glory.


8        The Radiant Perfect Self

Accepting the RADIANT PERFECT Self to be the all and the whole of us, we have found the Real God - at hand.

Everyone and everything accepts the air and the sunlight in their infinite, indivisible form -available to all alike. THE RADIANT PERFECT SELF - likewise - belongs to everyone. Its infinitude and its completeness are ours, and we are It, in Wholeness, Perfection and everlasting Bliss- here and now.

The One-Selfhood is INDIVISIBLE - thus it cannot be individualized. We are entitled to It as a whole, and in no other way. In It, there is no cause, effect, ignorant thought or impure thing. In It, there is no karma, error, or mortal mind.

Our supreme desire should be to think as this Self, to see as this Self, express and BE this Self -and no other.
Such desire comes from the Heart - full of fervor, ardor and delight.

Delight in the Self! Rejoice in the Self! Magnify the Self!

Any attainments made individualistically are like attainments made in dreams. When one wakens from sleep, can he find them? Liberation gained through personal, mental work is unreliable -the same as when one sleeps, regardless how successful he is at better dreaming, one dream is as useless as another.

FALSE IDENTIFICATION is the one obstacle in one 's way to Perfection, Wholeness, Harmony. In Revelation alone -where we identify truly -we are THE RADIANT PERFECT SELF.
False identification has been abandoned.

It is not the body which proclaims itself the separate 'I'. Separateness and individualism appear because the identity does not identify himself as the Self - but as a man, idea, individual, manifestation. Sin, sickness and death appear until Absolute Identification is recognized and accepted.

Cease the desperate longing to overcome something, to work out something, to rise above something or to be healed of something. Give up work, fight and warfare! In the place of your utter surrender, where you acknowledge defeat - be still. Lo! Light of Truth lifts you to heights unknown to you before.

In one 's constant fight and struggle to save himself through mental treatment, he loses sight of an outstanding feature of the true teaching -precisely as follows:
"He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." (Matthew 10:39)

Only in losing his personal sense of Life can one find his true Life - Life as it REALLY is. Let yourself go - the self which is working and fighting.
Why identify with it? It is the ghost which finally everyone must renounce, and cease to claim as himself.

What tears are wasted upon illusion! What grief, depression and despair! Deliverance comes not while one is trying to master a belief, destroy a claim or conquer an illusion - but when he departs from such darkness. Confessing failure and futility - resting for a brief second, still and alone - of a sudden, the veil is rent from top to bottom.

Light has illumined the darkness! No longer is he a defeated warrior or a cringing slave. Might, Majesty and Glory are now his, beyond words to tell.

Like a mighty Amen, he hears the echoing, clarion words- "The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.".. ..." Be still, and know that I am God." Exodus 14:14) (psalms 46:10)

He knows now who the Lord is. The Radiant Self is his full and complete Deliverance.

If only one will turn from PERSONALITIES, SYSTEMS, METHODS, to face God alone, how quick his deliverance, and powerful- as though he had attained before he started, and had reached his journey 's end before it began.

One of the sayings of the illumined Lao-Tzu (6th century B.C.) is strikingly apropos to SURRENDER and ATTAINMENT.
His saying is as follows:

Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which it is achieved. Success is the lurking place of failure; and who can tell when the turning point will come?
He who acts, destroys; he who grasps, loses. Therefore the sage does not grasp, and so does not lose.
Only he who does nothing for his life 's sake can truly be said to value his life.

When disturbances arise, take refuge in your Eternal Being - THE RADIANT PERFECT SELF. Do not allow yourself to be weighted down by the burden of another. Behold the Self -instead of the personality -the Self "with face shining as the sun, and raiment white as the light, transfiguring the whole earth with living triumph." (Emma Curtis Hopkins)

Absolute surrender and absolute attainment are one and identical- the identity functions as the SeIf -I AM THAT I AM.
The world one sees about him is synonymous with his Vision and Realization of the Real and the Divine, and his ability to abide in the Self alone.
Receive - take - abide in T h a t which is yours by grace - as Reality.
Living in obedience to the Voice of the Heart, Illumination is natural.

The Heart and the mind can never be unified. Identify yourself either with one or the other. With one -the egomind -one works to build himself a higher state of consciousness, to construct a better body and create a more harmonious human existence. With the Heart one loves the Real AS IT IS.

Light pervades his whole existence. He is conscious of no difference between himself and the Light. He walks in the Kingdom of the Self where Freedom, Love and Bliss for ever abide.

You - not someone or something outside of you or with you -you, your-self, are THE RADIANT PERFECT SELF.


9        The Son Of God.

What was the great and hidden mystery in the life and teaching of Jesus? What gave him almighty power, infallible light and triumphant success in every way and at all times? DIVINE REVELATION alone can furnish the answer.

Did Jesus ever say that his perfect knowing came from his personal thinking or from his application of Truth? Did he give any statements to be used for the purpose of making demonstrations or practicing Truth? Did he teach that we are thoughts of God, images, ideas, personal minds or individual consciousness? Did he declare that we are different from himself or we are to come into knowledge of the Truth in some other way ? The answers are the same-No. He did not.

Throughout the New Testament there are countless verses assuring us that THE SON OF GOD is our only Saviour, our only Deliverer from sin, suffering and death. Emphatically they declare that we have Life Everlasting only by knowing THE SON. Let us consider the following:

"And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life."

How definite and final, such statements. When their mystical meaning is revealed - through Divine Revelation- they will be found to contain an amazing and all-transcendent Light and Glory none can contradict.

In unequivocal terms, these statements declare our Eternal Life to be in the Son. Since the accepted idea of the Son as a man-saviour or as a mind-saviour has never brought full compensation to the world, then there remains a mystical understanding of far deeper significance to be realized Spiritually.
When we are able to translate the words, "this life is in His Son," into the language of the Absolute, then we know the secret of Jesus 'success, who he was, and who we are- and just how we are to follow him.

Of all the characters in the Bible, Jesus was the only one who identified himself as the FATHER! Said he: "If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and henceforth ye know Him, and have seen Him ...
He that hath seen me hath seen the Father." (John 14:7,9)
THE SON OF GOD identified himself truly, perfectly, spiritually - as the FATHER. Therefore -in the language of the Absolute -the Son signifies Self-Identification.

SELF-IDENTIFICATION is ABSOLUTE-Identification - the Self k n o w i n g Itself in everyone -"the Lamb of God, which .. taketh away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29)

The one and only way for us to know ourselves truly is through Self-Revelation, Self-Illumination, Self-Knowledge - SELF IDENTIFICATION - blotting out the dream of human existence, together with its content of sin, sickness and death.

"If the Son [Self Identification] therefore shall make you free [reveal the full Light of Being to you], ye shall be free indeed. ..."Whosoever denies the Son [refuses Absolute Identification], the same hath not the Father [is unillumined]: but he that acknowledges the Son [identifies himself as the Way Itself, as Jesus did] hath the Father also [has pierced the mystery of the Kingdom]." (John 8:36)

When - from Heart and Soul - we can say, "I and My Self are ONE; I AM the Perfect Self; I AM Pure Consciousness; I AM in the Kingdom; I AM the Infinite; I AM THAT I AM," then we have THE SON OF GOD, and Eternal Life.
One Way alone shall endure -the Way of the Word made flesh, the Way of the Son in the bosom of the Father, the Way of Father and Son the same One, the Way of taking our very Own AS our very Own. No other prayer can say: "I know that Thou hearest me always." (1 John 2:23)

Ways of the world shall be transcended, one Way alone shall remain -- the Way -I AM. This One-Way is our Life Itself -not life as an emanation, not life as an expression, not life as an image or a reflection -but Life as Life itself!

Self-Identification alone satisfies.
Self-Identification is the One-Self knowing Itself to be all Identities. When we see and accept our only Reality to be the Self Itself- even as rays of light are the sun itself -we identify ourselves truly, even as did Jesus, as the Son of God, the Self-revealing Light.

Self-Identification simultaneously cancels the sense of separateness and duality- the same as waking simultaneously brings an end to sleep and dream.
Self-Identification interprets the hidden mysteries -"things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world." (Matthew 13:35)
The Bible may be accepted literally, symbolically or metaphysically, but only when Self-Revelation envelopes us in Its Light, do we comprehend the real, vital meaning in the words -THE SON OF GOD.

10        The Infinite

Only that is infinite which is free from relation. To be infinite it must be pure. To be pure it must be alone. That which is pure -that which is alone -is INFINITE, and is one. He who is infinite is IMMUNE.

We are not related to the infinite, anymore than rays of light are related to the sun. A ray of light is sun as well as ray. An identity of the Infinite is the Infinite as well as an Identity.

Purity, Freedom, Completeness - these are the Self which is INFINITE.

In the Self -THE INFINITE -there is no judgment; no unbelief; no sin; no healing; no resurrection; no separateness; nothing to be cast out; no one to be saved; no finite being; no finite existence.

Awake to our Being as infinite, we experience freedom from illusion - freedom from finiteness, freedom from personal sense, freedom from physical existence.

The finite, "the personal, the physical, are nothing -like a dream or phantom. There is no finite, personal or physical existence. The only Existence there is -is the Spiritual and Real. The only Being there is -is the One-Infinite. This explains why the finite can never become the Infinite; the physical, the Spiritual; the personal, the I AM THAT I AM.

Creeping into view this very day is the Spiritual perception that we cannot live unto ourselves alone -that somehow we must be brought together as ONE -for only in ONENESS is there unity; only in UNITY is there infinity; only in INFINITY is there immunity. He who is infinite is IMMUNE.

Continuing to identify himself as a finite individual, in a finite existence, the best one can ever hope for is a palliative -whether it be by way of a drug for the body, a treatment for the mind or a prayer for the soul.

Separateness -finiteness -individualism -this is the basic delusion.
Until one sees this to be so, and accepts THE INFINITE to be All and Alone, he will continue to live outside the Kingdom --as another, not the One.

What can one do to free himself of the delusion of finite mind and body? Let them alone. Do not attempt to heal or change them. Abide in the Real and Absolute -the Perfect, the Infinite, the Complete, your Immaculate Self- the finished Kingdom.

God is none other than your Self - the Self which is Purity, Freedom, Bliss; the Self which is Infinite Mind and Body -one and identical.

The pristine nature of the Self is spontaneous Illumination -Revelation -Light. The Self reveals Itself to Itself -eternal Self-Revelation. He who identifies himself AS THIS SELF, realizes this Self. He who identifies himself as THIS SELF, experiences this Self. The Self is the World. The Self is Existence.
The Self is Pure Consciousness.

How can an identity be ignorant of the Self and still be the Self? The sense of ignorance lasts while he identifies himself as another -the same as when one "goes to sleep," he has not left himself. He has but turned from himself.

Infinite, Almighty Self! Infinite, Perfect Self!

Vision of the mind is not vision of Heart. Intellect or egomind talks about the Perfect and the Divine, but functions as the imperfect and finite. Heart or Soul lives AS the Divine, and experiences Reality Itself. The Heart can be transparent - to see Reality as it is.

Moments spent in Light and Illumination cancel mind and thinking. The East teaches that to destroy the ego is the supreme method of attainment; but Christ proclaimed: "I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill." (Matthew 5:17)
Why attempt to destroy anything unreal? The Way lies in SELF-IDENTIFICATION. This Way transcends thinking, and so transcends delusion and duality.

To the unillumined, the "I" is the self limited to personal mind and body.
To the Illumined, the "I" is the Self Infinite. The "I' does not pertain to anything personal, anything separate, anything finite. The "I" pertains to THE INFINITE - Infinite Being, Infinite Life, Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Manifestation.

Our acceptance of Perfect and Infinite Being to be our only true state of existence blots out personal sense, and gives us realization in Reality Itself.

To realize the Real, the Infinite - and here abide -is true attainment.
THE INFINITE is free from illusion.
THE INFINITE is immune.

Centuries pass, but never can Freedom, Peace and Harmony be realized in their fullness and completeness, except through the Son -Absolute Identification -I AM THAT I AM.

Since the generally accepted belief that we are separate human beings, living in a human existence, is not the Truth about us, then nothing short of our knowledge of the Truth shall set us free. The key to our liberation is to be found in ourselves alone.

Our Real Self -the Self we really are -is everpresent. In this Self is vested our full deliverance. Fully identified as this Self -THE INFINITE -- we shall lose the delusion of separate human existence, and shall be carried away, as it were, into Heaven.

Until full Identification takes place, we shall experience progressive Self- Revelation.


11        The Absolute

To those of finite mental viewpoint, the absolute is considered abstract, since it does not teach how to heal mind, thought, body, condition, thing. The reason should be plain.
The Absolute is the Absolute. It is the Perfect, it is the Changeless, it is the One -the Alone.

What could the Absolute heal? Who could it instruct? The Absolute considers the World and every Identity to be the All-inclusive One.

Pure Consciousness is the Self of everyone. As this Consciousness, we do not deal with healing; we do not give advice relative to the "handling" of any false belief; we do not direct how to "apply" the Truth to unreality. We do not try to "work out problems."

Fixed in the Awareness and Realization of the impossibility of sin, sickness or imperfection to be in an Identity of Infinite Perfect Consciousness -which is the only Universe there is -we are released from personal sense. We are the finite self no longer.

It is impossible for sin to cause sickness, for fear to cause it or false belief.
Sickness cannot be caused. Nothing can create imperfection. There is no human existence. He who speaks as the true Self in the Kingdom can make such astounding assertion, and know it to be the fact.

This Light comes through Revelation alone -and comes to those ready to receive It.

There is no such thing as sin, suffering or imperfection in all the Kingdom of God. Since God is All- and fills all space -there cannot be more than God, the Perfect AlL.

"For God made not death; neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the living.
For he created all things that they might have their being; and the generations of the world were healthful; and there is no poison of destruction in them, nor the kingdom of death upon the earth." (Solomon 1:13,14 (Apocrypha))

To those living outside the Kingdom of Divine Consciousness -thinking as with a mind of their own -the statement that there is no such thing as suffering, sin or imperfection, is a preposterous falsehood. They can furnish plenty of proof to the contrary. He who is seeing and thinking as Divine Consciousness knows whereof he speaks. His understanding cannot be moved. He comprehends the challenging words of the All-Victorious One: "Which of you convinceth me of sin?"(John 8:46)

Truth cannot be taught. It can be told. Truth cannot be made. It can be perceived. Truth cannot be earned, won or demonstrated. It can be perceived and experienced.

There is no way to Truth but to BE Truth; no way to have but to TAKE; no way to understand Reality but to BE Divine Consciousness.

Identifying oneself as a mind other than Divine Consciousness, a self other than I AM, and an existence which is not the Eternal and Perfect, is an attempt to be a personal God unto oneself. Accepting the ONE-GOD to be all of us, we are divinely entitled to all that God is - even as rays of light do not give forth light of single rays, but light of the whole sun. The One-Infinite-God is the Self of all identities. All identities are the One-Infinite-God.

Who is to believe our report? Who is to experience sublime Reality -THE UNCONDITIONED ABSOLUTE? You and I -when through the Heart we identify ourselves truly. And if we do not make such true Identification? Then necessarily we shall see as another, think as another, experience as another. Not actually, of course; but it will seem real enough to us if we voluntarily remain apart from the One we really are, even as our dreams seem real and certain to us while we sleep.

If one has turned from God, his perfect Self -to form a kind of his own - it should be self-evident that he cannot make his return through this same self-created mind and thinking. He must come through the Heart- the Heart alone is the point of contact between oneself as another and oneself as God.

Self-Revelation -by way of the Heart -can bring forth immediate Knowledge, without taking thought; immediate Freedom, without effort.
Night and day, we are suffused with Light and Blessedness.

The one who sees himself as another -not the One -asks for proof through demonstration. He who lays down the false belief of himself to identify himself as the One Alone, “hath the witness in himself" (John 5:10) -experiences Identification and Wholeness to be simultaneous and identical.


12        Unconditional Surrender

In the language of the ABSOLUTE -Christ is one 's own Self- one 's own Revelation -Christ is not another.
All are alike entitled to Revelation! When one looks away from himself to another guide or revelator, he is in ignorance and darkness. If what he receives from another is the Truth, then in order for it to become his own, he must have this Revelation verified in himself. The longer he looks to another as greater than himself, the farther he turns from his own Self and his own Reality.

One should not speak of Christ- Truth as something other than his own Being. What is Christ - Truth but Self-illumination -the Light of one 's own Self? Seek out those who accept this ultimate -those who know by way of their own experience in the Light. This Way is the real Way for all who will accept It. It is the true God, and eternal Life. Finally, everyone must make UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of all other teachings.

When Jesus said, "Follow me," what did he mean? To what "me" did he refer? Did he mean this "me" to be a person, a church or a creed? Did he mean this "me" to be Christ as another? The only "me" is one 's real Self and Being.
Everyone has this "Me" or "I" with him always. I - am with you always ... I -will never leave you nor forsake you.

It is easy to comprehend the infinitesimal to be in the Infinite, but how many are seeing the Infinite to be in the infinitesimal? ..Atomic action should not be interpreted as of the earth, earthy. "Newness of Life" is the infinite appearing of something new out of Life Itself. The Atomic Age is pretentious. The Infinite is to be known in the small and in the great alike.

Duality, separateness, is of naught! There is no separateness in God, the Infinite. This Reality is to be apprehended and experienced now. In the One as a whole, nothing is conditioned -the great and the small are alike of importance. It is in the belief of separateness that war, sickness and death appear.

The Atomic Age brings a larger vision of realities supernal -Peace, independent of personality, place or thing, independent of strife, labor , struggle. The Atomic Age introduces the government of the world as a whole -as That which is all in Unity.

Finally all needs shall be satisfied in one Way alone -through surrender of personality, and the acceptance of the world to be ONE, in its perpetual Harmony, Rhythm and Beauty. We are destined to know Reality and Truth by being It. Those who are already enjoying the glory of SURRENDER, know that we are the very Reality which in the personal state we talked about and attempted to practice.

To talk about Reality and to experience It is as different as night and day.

Do not try to work up to or from Perfect Consciousness. No way is close enough but I AM Perfect Consciousness.
I AM Divine Mind, I AM Everlasting Life, I AM Reality Itself, I AM Perfect Manifestation Itself, right now.

Since only the Divine can realize the Divine, there must be absolute surrender of everything that has to do with spiritualizing or evangelizing a mind or mentality of one 's own. We must see the Perfect by the Perfect, and be the Real as the Real.

Here, as Perfect Consciousness, we see no human existence, nothing finite or structural -nothing external to us.
We know for a certainty that Lao-Tzu was right when he said: "He who is infinite is immune." Our world is our Consciousness; we are complete; we are immune. We live in our Consciousness.
Our Consciousness is our Body, our very existence itself -our world of happiness, wealth, security, peace and blessedness. All this glory is ours when we make unconditional surrender to it.

Newness of Life is not a result of Consciousness -it is neither cause nor effect of Consciousness. Consciousness forms everything out of Itself, whether as thought or thing. The thing revealed is never other than Itself.

We know but one sun, yet many rays. All rays are the sun, and every ray gives forth the light of the one sun. Likewise, there are many identities of the one Life-Mind-Being. The many are the One -the One is the many. In the Real world, there are no mortals; there is no humankind.
To those whose eyes are opened to the Oneness and Allness of the Real, the Atomic Age will be apprehended and received as an astonishing newness of Light, Power and Glory.

When an identity surrenders his sense of personality to accept himself to be Life, Truth and Reality, as a whole, he has returned to the "Father" -the one Pure Consciousness of everyone.
Ultimately, for us all, there must come the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of the self to the Self! But how? How shall the finite surrender to the Infinite? The imperfect and impure to the Perfect and Pure? In one sense -the personal -it is incongruous, and it is impossible; in another sense -the Spiritual- it is simple and possible.

Surrender must take place in us - the giving up of the imperfect to accept the Perfect; the renunciation of the impure to accept the Pure; the abolishment of personality to BE the One.

Sickness, pain, fear, grief -these just cannot remain when one functions as Divine Consciousness. He is awake, he is aware.
We may have the feeling of walking on air, of resting in the everlasting Arms or an exhilaration which is beyond description. Everything seems different- happy, joyous, free. How we love Real Being with increasing, fervent love! Whatever the need may be, Light of the Eternal is right here -one 's Blessed Saviour and Deliverer, his Precious All-in-All.
Wholeness is ours, Peace, Security, Bliss, when we are willing to accept the Perfect and Everlasting to be all of us.
Love ME above all others and all else. Find Rest and Peace in ME - your precious, holy Self, your pure, perfect Being, yourself as Reality -awake, aware, alive for ever more.
Everyone must come to that place where he cannot wait another instant to see his world and everyone and everything in it to be Reality Itself -so willing is he to surrender every vestige of mental, human ways. Then of a sudden, he is awakened. He is free. At last he understands -and loves -the deep and mystical meaning in these words: Blessed are the eyes that see what you see! For I tell you many prophets and kings have desired to see what you see, but they have not seen it: And to hear what you hear , but they have not heard it.(Luke 10:23,24)


13        "Look From Where Thou Art"

" LIFT UP NOW THINE EYES, and look from the place where thou art." (Genesis 13:14)
What one sees usually depends upon where he is located. Standing in the Kingdom, and looking from the plane of Divine Consciousness, can you see any who is sick, sinful, grieved? who is without Wholeness, Harmony, Peace?

Look from the place where thou art! Can sin or sinner be seen in Reality? Age or death? Grief, separation, suffering? What seest thou?

It is quite generally accepted that the phenomenal world or external material appearance is nothing but thought. Whose thought? Where is one looking, and with whom is he identifying, that he should see something to be done, something to be changed in himself or in another? The Scriptural text should be remembered: "Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity." (Habakkuk 1:13)

In illumination, one sees as God.
Uninspired and unillumined, one sees as man. Someone of the East (Rumi) has written: "The Self which shines as the sun within the Heart is Real and All-pervading. On diving deep upon the quest 'Who am I and from whence?' thought disappears, and consciousness of Self flashes forth as I Am within the Heart.
This is Heaven, the abode of Bliss.
What is the use of knowing anything except the Self? What else is there for anyone to know, when the Self Itself is known? Having realized the Self, nothing remains to be known. It is the All."

God is the Self of us all. Self, Divine Mind, God, Reality, Pure Consciousness and the Absolute denote the same One. Mind, personality, mentality, finite sense, ego, man and intellect denote the same thing. Realization of Truth is impossible to mind or intellect.

Identified as the one Selfhood, we know we have ever been This -none else. Awake to the illumined Self, we are awake to the Real world, and being awake to the Real world, we are awake to Realization and Revelation as our only True Existence. That alone is True and Real which exists of Itself -Self- contained and Self-revealing, the Eternal and Unchanging.

I am the Truth, you are the Truth; I am the One, you are the One; I am in the Kingdom, you are in the Kingdom: but not as a personal ego, not as an individual mind or body. What we see, and what we believe, depends upon that with which we are identifying ourselves. When one sleeps and dreams, he identifies himself as another, not the one he is when awake; he sees other things and other conditions, not those surrounding him where he is.

The first or slightest urge of the Heart toward Spiritual Reality constitutes the beginning of one 's awakening.
As he hears the Voice of the One calling to him -Come unto me as unto your Self, be Me, and none other -it is as though in his sleep he hears the calling aloud of his own name, and opening his vision to his true Identity, the dream-ego or sleeper is found to no one - nothing at all.

While the fact is -and remains - that in Reality one is ever perfect in Mind, Being and Form, ever birthless, deathless, free -this fact is not remembered while he identifies himself as a separate being, aiming to achieve his Perfect state through efforts of his own.

We cannot rid ourselves of personal sense, personal mind and thinking, by trying to get rid of them. No attempt to conquer or overthrow them will ever free one from the feeling that he has a mind and a body of his own, separate from the One. Life is not a system.
How then could any system of thought interpret or explain it?

The belief in a personal mind, thought and body are the consequences one encounters if he does not identify himself as the indivisible Whole. Identified as Reality -which is Life as a whole -the belief in otherness no longer remains. It has been absorbed in Absolute Identification.

What is responsible for personal, finite sense? To the extent that we identify ourselves as Truth, Life and Being Itself- and no other -finite sense will cease, and personal problems vanish. We shall be aware of the Real alone.

Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art!


14        Forgiveness

ANNIHILATION of the egotistical sense is Freedom. In one way alone can this take place -by our own experience in the Light as Light Itself.
Solar light can abolish darkness anywhere, and Light of the Self puts an end to fear, sorrow and tribulation.

Aspire to crystal Illumination! Consent no longer to associate yourself with mental practice, mental healing, mental deliverance. Never will this save you from yourself. Though you practice the ways of the mental for a lifetime, finally you will die as all of the rest who have practiced it.

People today are being quickened within themselves; and this quickening is the SPIRIT. They are ready for Light which is nearer to them than teachers, closer than books and churches -Light which is their very own. This Light will completely satisfy.

He whose quest for Truth ends in a book, a leader, minister, church or creed, never tastes of Reality Itself.
Once let him taste of Reality Itself, and he has found "a well of water springing up into everlasting life." To him, Light, Knowledge, Peace and Joy are now his own, without end. He is quickened by the Spirit.

With this quickening comes FORGIVENESS. He who forgives can have continual Light. Forgiveness does not mean the destruction or abolition of something real or actual. Forgiveness means the blotting out of a thing as though it were nothing.

Moses prayed for forgiveness, so did David and the Prophets. Christ taught the common prayer: "forgive us our debts [sins] as we forgive our debtors [those who sin against us]." Who forgives and Who is to be forgiven? As personal beings, none can forgive - none can be forgiven.

Regardless how hard one tries or how earnestly he desires and prays - he cannot of himself forgive sin. Even the Scribes knew this when they exclaimed to the Master – 'Who can forgive sins, but God alone?' (Luke 5:21)
But they did not know the God of Jesus, and thus did not comprehend how Jesus had power to forgive the palsied man, and to heal him.

Said the Christ: "Have faith in God ... If ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in Heaven forgive your trespasses." (Mark 11.22,26)
Have faith in the Real and Pure state of Being. This alone can blot out sins as so many shadows. Of this Self- Father -it is written:

"Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with loving kindness and tender mercies; who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle 's."

The "Father" is our own Pure Self-hood -the Being we are when illumined. Confess your sins to your Self! Wait no longer upon prayers or treatments to take away sickness, grief and despair. Cease to identify yourself with that of you which thinks false thoughts and does foolish things. Be identified as the Self, strong and mighty, the Self who is our Lord, our power and Glory -everlasting and eternal.

Forgive your sins today -and simultaneously blot out fear, darkness and despair. I am Reality -pronounces the Self throughout Eternity.

Choose this day if you wish to remain as a separate life, mind and being, continually practicing a method to heal or to overcome something -or can you bring yourself low enough to confess your sins? Dearly beloved, turn to your Spotless Self- accept It to be the Real of you, now and for ever.

Anyone can erase the foolish imaginations of his dreams by waking out of sleep. Waking, he finds them gone - they cannot exist in his waking state.
By the same token, anyone can forgive the sins of his relative state by identifying as the Perfect One. Identified, he finds them gone -they cannot exist in his Perfect state.

When we function as Pure Consciousness, illusion cannot remain. We are in the finished Kingdom.

Neither can exist without the other.
Love the Self above all, else you cannot truly forgive. Abidance in the ever-Existent, ever-Perfect state of Being, blots out transgressions, regardless how terrible the appearance.

"I, even I, am He that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins." (Isaiah 43:25)

Jesus declared his yoke to be an easy one. To quote another of Mildred Hayward 's Poems:

He said, 'An easy yoke, and light my burden.' He had not made himself an earthly yoke
Of nothing mounted on the rim of nothing,
Of wasted moments earning Caesar 's pay.
His yoke was fashioned of the Spirit 's light, Transparent as the rose of early day.
His burden was made easy as spring grass Holding aloft the first fresh morning dew.

Why is FORGIVENESS of supreme importance to us? The Answer is: through forgiveness, one can rise to comprehend spiritual realities. Why spend hours, months, years, in petitioning some other Being to forgive you? Why delay another instant to forgive yourself?

The sacred books all lay stress upon FORGIVENESS -the surrender of the self to the Self, the forgiveness of the self by the Self. Over and over again, they instruct that if we hold to a creed, we have no God; that until we realize God for ourselves, we have not found God. They reiterate religion to be in us, and ourselves to be the Light which illumines.

Hearts need to be mellowed and softened -probably through suffering and despair -else how can one comprehend the language of the Most High? Lift eyes from personalities, books, creeds, and learning long enough to fasten them upon LIGHT OF THE ETERNAL.

Laying down personal will, personal thoughts and efforts -to identify as the One alone -admits one into Celestial Harmony.

Bow down to nothing. Progress through progressive thought is continuous bondage. Mentality, personality and a separate self are illusion! This illusion is to be consumed in the white Light of Self-Illumination.

Stop watching what you think.
Identify yourself as the Divine Alone! I -draw the curtain, and let you walk in My world of Truth and Reality.

"Though your sins be as scarlet" - in your personal state- "they shall be as white as snow" (Isaiah 1:18) when you forgive.
FORGIVENESS blots out sin and blots out its consequences. The Message of those who have forgiven is the same one: In Illumination there is no sense of sin.
Bliss is Natural, Celestial, Sublime.


15        Forgiving Others

Who has forgiven another and not felt the softness of the Eternal steal over him like the breath of Heaven, bringing him Peace, Light and Joy , ineffable and exultant.

He who forgives is of pure vision.
He lives happily and in freedom. The question is: WHOM shall we forgive?
And the Answer: Forgive them that lack Vision -them that lack Illumination and Understanding of Spiritual things.

Forgive them by seeing and thinking of them as they are in their Real state, the state of Purity and Light.
Forgive their sleep and dream, because of its unreality and nothingness. Our Self, can forgive us. Our Self can forgive THEM.

If we do anything ourselves, which later we know to have been wrong or to have been unworthy of us, and which now seems to be causing us sorrow or suffering, how quick we are to want forgiveness of our Self- instant and in full. We do not care to submit to any further chastening.

We should have this exact, same feeling for others. We should want to forgive them with the same speed that we desire forgiveness for ourselves.

In our dreams, has any wrong doing a different value than another? Are the dreams of one person of different significance than those of another? We know the answer. All that is true is Truth; all that is nothing is nothing.

From the state of pure VISION and pure LOVE, we can forgive anyone, and everyone. Unhappy memories will not linger with us. When the unfortunate incident or situation has been blotted out of memory -as though it had never been -we know the meaning of FORGIVING OTHERS.

Some people find it hard to forgive.
This is only because they do not know the Way of forgiveness, and are trying of their personal selves to attain to it.
Of course, it is impossible. They may pray long and earnestly to be able to forgive, they may be sincere and honest, but in their hearts they know that such forgiveness has not come, and they remain ignorant of the Way it is to be accomplished.

The reason one finds himself unable to forgive another -despite his true desire to do so -is that he is seeing the OTHER as a human being who has wronged him, and HIMSELF as the one who has been wronged.

From the state of separateness, never can one see truly how to forgive. First, let him see spiritually. Identifying both himself and the other as Identities of the Perfect Self -which is the infinite I AM -he will be stirred from within to know he must not harbor such darkness any longer. His whole desire will be to see as the Infinite only.
Nothing will remain to be forgiven.

When we cross out personal sense entirely -by abandonment of it -we shall see no sickness or sin to be healed.

The Perfect Way is come upon the earth, shining forth everywhere - Knowledge that THE INFINITE is all, filling all space -Infinite Freedom, Infinite Peace, Infinite Bliss. The Perfect Way ushers in a New Heaven and a New Earth - "Behold, I make all things new." (Revelation 21:5)

Those of us who know by way of crystal Illumination, see the imperishable World of Beauty, Peace and Love.

With the crossing out of all sense of the personal, there shall come from us the momentous words- "Forgive them." We shall know Love and Forgiveness to be ONE.


16        Mystical Experiences

Is the world we see before us insubstantial- illusion -or not? The answer is: It depends upon the one who is looking at it.

The truth about ourselves and the truth about the world is never known except through our actual experience in Reality Itself. In Illumination alone can we learn what we are, and what the world is.

It is said that the world and our experience are within us. Actually, the world is not within us; nor outside of us. To That which is One-All, One-Whole, there is no within; there is no without.

In moments when we experience ourselves as we ARE, and the world as it IS, we know no difference between ourselves and our world. They are not two - one within the other. Self and world are one. We know everything in its beauty, form and color. Bucke 's book -Cosmic Consciousness - gives the striking experience of "C.M.C." as follows:

One day, for a moment, my eyes were opened. It was in the morning, in the early summer of 1894.I went out in happy, tranquil mood to look at the flowers, putting my face down into the sweet peas, enjoying their fragrance, observing how vivid and distinct were their form and color.
The pleasure I felt deepened into rapture; I was thrilled through and through, and was just beginning to wonder at it, when deep within me a veil or curtain suddenly parted, and I became aware that the flowers were alive and conscious. They were in commotion! What a revelation it was! The feeling that came to me with the vision is indescribable --I turned and went into the house, filled with unspeakable awe.

To those unacquainted with the Infinite -infamiliar and intimate fashion -such things are incomprehensible. To those who have themselves experienced Reality, such things are simple indeed -natural and understandable.

An occasion is recalled when the author would doubtless have been involved in a tragic situation had not the Supernal opened a way of escape, allowing something altogether different and transcendent to take place.

It happened while driving in this city.
I was about to descend a rather long and steep hill, when suddenly, and without warning, a tiny child emerged from the rear of a car, parked at the left curb.
She came running directly toward my moving car.

There was nothing I could do. Even then she was about to vanish directly in front of me. Relatively speaking, nothing could prevent a tragedy. At that precise instant, a new world opened to me, and I was part of it - I, my car and the child. Many things happened all at once. I cannot say which was first - I was immediately aware of so great a number.

It was as if the world-clock just instantly stopped -its age-long journey to nowhere coming to a sudden and abrupt halt. A gate or curtain swung aside -I was admitted into another realm. Here things went on at the same instant, and in the same place.

All personal sense of myself abruptly ended. Spontaneously, my Real Self took complete charge of everything. I was conscious that I was doing nothing personally, having no personal thought; yet I was keenly aware of everything taking place in and about me. With infinite skill -seeing all and knowing all - the Self was now in full command, doing everything. My arms and hands, taken over by this Presence, were at once filled with great new power.
Dexterously, and with lightning speed, the wheels were swung first one way, then the other.

The car was in constant motion, and at what seemed to be the same rate of speed, yet I had no glimpse of the little tot out in front of me. When the wheels were straight again, she emerged.
Running to the sidewalk, she disappeared from view.

It was then I distinctly felt the world-clock start up again- counting off its countless time as before. I was my former self again. Although I had been conscious of so much taking place, I seemed at the same place on the street as when I had just seen the child.
Filled with uncontrollable wonder and joy, I stopped at the curb. People were standing still on both sides of the street.
I knew they had been watching.
Two men approached me, their shining faces filled with deep concern and emotion. Desperately they tried to tell what they had seen, but found they could explain nothing. No words of theirs could explain the inexplicable.
They said that they had seen something which could not have taken place - nor could they fathom how the child had escaped both oncoming wheels.

Such experiences prove that things are not what they seem -the world before us is not as it appears. The Super world is not another world -but is the world of Pure Consciousness.

With finite view, we see everyone , and everything acting as many separate entities, each apart from the other.
Finite sense sees a finite world. How could it be otherwise? Seeing in and as pure Consciousness, there is nothing structural or material- there is nothing external to us. Time, place and thing are our own Consciousness.

Ouspensky, in his illuminating book -Tertium Organum -declares MYSTICAL EXPERIENCES to be super-logical, that is, to transcend the ordinary, logical point of view. He writes: "Mystical states give knowledge -WHICH NOTHING ELSE CAN GIVE. Mystical states give knowledge of the real world with all its signs and characteristics."

In Consciousness, things are neither small or great, they are not outside, within or separate from us. Ourselves and our world are one -in inseparable Harmony, Beauty, Love and Light.


17        The All As Unity

Everyone has his being in the All as Unity. Alas, who shall reach this Unity while he rules himself and his world as an individual thinker! To such thinkers, there must come a new orientation of themselves altogether. They must move into that Unity where they can see God, themselves, and the All to be ONE.
One is out of unison when he thinks in terms of self-correction, self-discipline, self-control, leadership, master-mind and master-metaphysician. To speak in such fashion betrays ignorance of the All which is Unity; and of the fact that when we identify ourselves with the world of the Real we no longer persist as independent thinkers at all. If only one would see this -instead of ignoring That upon which his very existence depends!

The Self does not act as a master.
Nothing is subject to It. Demonstration through individualization of infinite Power may seem to be advanced metaphysics to some -but it holds no solution whatever to the problem of human existence in which sickness and discords are inherent.

The only salvation for the individual thinker, in his state of human existence, is the reorientation of himself.
Surrendering individualism for THE ALL AS UNITY, he is Infinite Power, Completeness, Perfection, without the need of anything.

Intrigued by such alluring terms as self-control, self-achievement, self-discipline -one has no reason for rejoicing whatever. Only when he has turned to the One -God -and has been filled with the One, is he in possession of boundless Radiance and Perfection -which is THE ALL AS UNITY.

Absorbed in "demonstration," through the individual possession of Omnipotence and Authority, one has solved nothing. He has entered more deeply into sleep -and turned farther away from the One-All.

The Way is to turn back to the One Alone -the One which is ALL IN UNITY. Do not accept for another moment the belief that one must perfect his thoughts and emotions in order to have conscious knowledge of power and Might. Not so at all!
The dream self is neither to be purified or to be evangelized. It is to come to an end.

Functioning as the All-pure, the only Real of oneself from Eternity, one is immediately released from the unreal. The Heart 's deep love and pure devotion for the Real Alone brings spontaneous humility and meekness, effacing -without struggle or effort - any unhappy or inharmonious state of body or mind.

In infinite Life, there is no such thing as CO-EXISTENCE any where.
Everything that is, is the One Itself - since there is nothing outside of It. In our moments of Illumination, we know ourselves to be That which is ONE - and That which is ALL -unchanging Unity. Here we experience things as they are.

Realizing Reality through Spiritual Illumination, we do not leave one world for another- although it seems so.

Actually, there is but one world -the Real and the Eternal. Here all things exist in their radiant perfect Being - yet only in Spiritual Consciousness do we see them as they are. W e are free in That alone.

Unity is not only where all are in the One, but where all ARE the One.
How can one hope to experience the Real unless -first of all -he accepts himself to be the Real? Realization is not of the dream self, but of the One awake. This Realization alone is Peace and Freedom -Freedom from separateness, freedom from delusion, freedom from problem and desire.

Abandon altogether the belief of duality and otherness. Identify yourself as Life, Truth, and Being, as did the Master. Enter into Life as Life Itself, and into the One as the One Alone.

Stepping into the Rhythm of the All - ceasing all effort to destroy, to conquer or to create of ourselves -spontaneously we have by being, we know, we feel and experience by being only.

The Essence of Plotinus [a Greek philosopher, born in Egypt 204 A.D.] contains clear, pertinent essentials for real Understanding and Knowledge of THE ALL AS UNITY, as follows:

"The All-Transcendent wholly and truly One. All life belongs to It, life brilliant and perfect. ..We may know we have had the vision when the soul has suddenly taken light. This light is from the Supreme and is the Supreme. ..This is the true end before the Soul - to take that Light; to see the Supreme by the Supreme -and not by any other light by which it sees; for that by which the Illumination comes is That which is to be seen, just as we do not see the sun by light other than its own.

"But how is it to be accomplished? Let all else go! One wishing to contemplate what transcends the intellectual, attains by putting away all that is of the intellect. ..We must fit ourselves for the vision and then wait tranquilly for it, as the eye waits on the rising of the sun, which in its own time appears above the horizon and gives itself to our sight.

"God is present through all -not something of God here and something else there, nor all of God gathered at some one spot; there is an instantaneous presence everywhere, nothing containing, nothing left void, everything fully held by Him ...It does not change and will not fail, and in It all that is unfailing finds duration.

"when we look outside of That on which we depend, we ignore our Unity ...When we find no stop at which to declare a limit to our being, we cease to rule ourselves out from the total of Reality; we reach to the All as a unity - abiding There where the All has its Being.

"Unity remains then, within Itself ...It is entire for all and It can be the Good to all. Similarly, wisdom is entire to all; it is one thing- not distributed parcelwise, not fixed to place. So of the One, we shall not take sections, nor you some separate entire, and I another.

"How is this Power present in the universe? As a One Life ...It is omnipresent, not subject to quantity, but such that though you divide it mentally forever you still have the same power, infinite to the core ...How do you experience it? In that you have entered into the All, no longer content with the part, you cease to think of yourself as under limit; you become the All ...By the lessening of the alien in you, you increase. Cast it aside, and there is the All within you; engaged in the alien, you will not find the All. Not that it has to come to be present with you, it is you that have turned from It. And turn though you may, you have not severed yourself; It is not far off; still there before It, you have faced to its contrary.

"In That which is wholly what It is – self-existent Reality, without distinction between the total thing and its essence -Being is a unit. ..Even self-mastery is absent here, not that anything else is master over It, but where we speak of self-mastery there is a certain duality.

"The Supreme is everywhere and yet nowhere; He is, at once, that everywhere and everywise; He is not in the everywhere but IS the everywhere.

"Seeking Him, seek nothing of Him outside.

"We are in search of Unit ... From many, we must become one ...It must be our care to bring over nothing whatever from sense; with Mind pure, we are to see the All-Pure.

"The mind takes account of things; thus plunging into multiplicity it departs from Unity ...To those desiring to see, we point the path; the seeing must be the very act of him who has made his choice ...The supreme -as containing no otherness -is ever present with us, and we with It, when we put otherness away.

"There is in existence an idea which a man should always call to mind when too much subjected by the illusions of the unreal visible world, in which everything has a beginning and an end.
It is the idea of infinity, the fact of infinity ...It is the only reality, and at the same time it is the abyss, the bottomless pit into which the mind falls, after having risen to heights to which it is not native.

"All things there are diaphanous; and nothing is dark and resisting, but everything is apparent to everyone internally and throughout. For light everywhere meets with light; since everything contains all things in itself and again sees all things in another. So that all things are everywhere, and all is all. Each thing likewise is everything. And the splendor there is infinite. For everything there is great, since even that which is small is great.

"Motion, likewise, there is pure; for the motion is not confounded by a mover different from it. Permanency also suffers no change of its nature, because it is not mingled with the unstable.
And the beautiful there is beautiful, because it does not subsist in beauty as in a subject. Each thing, too, is there established, not as in a foreign land, but the seat of each thing is that which each thing is.

"The knowledge which is possible there is insatiable ...The life there is Wisdom; a wisdom not obtained by a reasoning process is the first wisdom, and is not derived from another.
There, each part always proceeds from the whole, and is at the same time each part and the whole. For it appears indeed as a part; but by him whose sight is acute, it will be seen as a whole.

"He who has seen knows what I say -that the soul takes on another life as it approaches God; thus restored, it feels that the Dispenser of true Life is There, and that we must put aside all else and rest in This alone ...Thus we have all the vision that may be of Him and of ourselves; but it is of a self wrought to splendor, become that very light, pure, buoyant, unburdened, raised to Godhood, rather identical with God, all aflame then -but flickering out if it should take up again the discarded burden."


18        Our Beloved Self

PERFEGTION can be found in and by the Heart of anyone who is ready to look for, and identify himself with it.

Seeing Reality by Reality, Purity by Purity, we know our CONSCIOUSNESS to be our only world. It is here we live, move and have our Being. Our Consciousness is our King and our Kingdom. As King, we are to rule out every imagination that exalteth itself against the love we have for God -OUR BELOVED SELF.

If only the Truth will make us free -then only the Truth must we see and be. This seeing requires full surrender of wrong vision and feeling, whether toward ourselves or others. This will be easy to do if we LOVE the Perfect, and Its Way of Self-Perfection, above and beyond all else -and if our Heart leaps to obey OUR BELOVED SELF.

Seeing the Perfect by the Perfect, fulfills the Eternal promise -the pure in Heart shall see Reality. How can we be pure in Heart unless we are Pure Consciousness? Perfection is spontaneous when we have identified ourselves as this Consciousness -and have no other gods before Me, after Me or beside Me.

This explains the statement that Heaven is within us. Our entire universe of Reality -and everyone and everything in it -is not external to us as it seems, but is Consciousness alone. Therefore, make no attempt to change person, thing or condition - know yourself -remain true to the Perfect and Real, seeing nothing contrary anywhere.

When we live in our Consciousness as our only world of Reality, we live in Perfection, we are inspired, we are free.
To us, it is no longer a matter of changing others -even to see their Perfection -we revert back to ourselves.
We ask: What am I seeking? What am I feeling and believing ? If we discover that we are not conscious of the Real and the Perfect alone, then we must become conscious of the Real and the Perfect then and there.

It may be helpful to ask oneself: "Do I love MY BELOVED SELF sufficiently to be this Self, and no other?" If we feel grieved about ourselves or another, troubled or worried, then we are not identifying ourselves completely as the Perfect Self -so as to see only the Perfect in our world. When we are worried or troubled, there is a shadow between ourselves as separate beings and ourselves as God. To remove the shadow, there must be one Consciousness only - God -OUR BELOVED SELF.

Our concern should never be about another, but only that we see no evil in our world - no iniquity. Then the shadow vanishes. Our Peace passeth understanding, our Heart and Mind are at rest. When we hear again of the other - it is "good tidings."

"Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity” (Habakkuk 1:13) In the past, we may have thought of God as in Heaven, as something called Divine Mind outside of us, or some Being other than our Own.
Now, in this Age and Day, we know God to be OUR BELOVED SELF, our Perfect Life, Mind, Being -our Pure Consciousness. We know now that we ourselves are the one who must be of purer eyes than to behold evil. To the extent that we are able to do this, we live in Heaven, our world is one of Peace, Happiness and Blessedness.

Those who think it to be too difficult a thing to do -to behold no evil -are thinking with a mind of their own. Human reasoning is the beggar 's rags. The Heart can see that this is possible -it is the Way.
Where is the God of the Old Testament, and where is the God of the New? Where is Moses ? Where is Jesus, and where is Christ? What is God now and today? By this time you should be able to answer these questions for yourself.
Who is 'the "I" that "will make darkness light" and "crooked things straight"? You and I are the "I." What is nearer than our breathing, closer than our hands and feet? Our Consciousness - OUR BELOVED SELF - is nearer than our breath and our hands and feet.

Our Consciousness we have with us always. It is we who separate ourselves from It. Our Pure Consciousness is the God who "shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away ... These words are true and faithful." (Revelation 21:4,5)

Our Pure Consciousness is our King and our Kingdom, in Its Supremacy, Love and Might. Our Pure Consciousness is our Reality, our Lord and our God, our Jesus and our Christ today.
Our Pure Consciousness is our Way, our Door, our Life -our world without end- OUR BELOVED SELF.


19        The Great Bliss

Entrance into REALITY through Divine Illumination is the Totality of Truth -the Great Bliss.

While reading and imbibing words of Reality and Truth, one may have Illumination then and there -for words of Truth have Light and ARE Light Itself. Words of Truth are Radiant, Vibrant, Irresistible.

Sickness, pain, fear, grief, fall into the bottomless pit when one is aflame with Divine Light, ever brightening and vivifying.

Entering the Perfect as the Perfect, everything about one now becomes alive and inspiriting. He prospers in every way - naturally and spontaneously- because he is Freedom Itself.

The Illumined have ever stated: THOU ART THYSELF TRE OBJECT OF THY SEARCH. Attuned to the Absolute, one moves in another realm altogether from that of individual consciousness and its content of individual thinking. He is free of both mental treatment and mental demonstration.

To live constantly in Illumined Understanding, we are required to leave entirely the old way of striving to attain. Alas, here is where many pause - considering. It is said that as we rise joyously, rapturously, then what has seemed to hold us - falls into the bottomless pit.

Sometimes, even greater than our personal needs, are those situations which concern our loved ones or close friends. The Way of The Self takes care of these situations also. Our Inspirational Light is Omnipotent in all ways. It shows us just what to do, how to think -how to act and live. No other way can give us flawless Freedom and all-victorious Peace.

The Perfect Way gives us "Beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness that [we] might be called Trees of righteousness, The Planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified." (Isaiah 61:3)

Longing of the heart can be satisfied only in LIGHT OF THE ETERNAL.
The Perfect Way is the Eternal Way - High Redeemer - bringing all who are willing into the Glory and Power, the Might and Majesty of Celestial Being -where we for ever abide in LIGHT OF THE ETERNAL.


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