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Some lines Bill Grimes Jr. wrote to me:

"Hi and welcome to my beautiful world of miracles, hope, and unconditional love. I speak of miracles because I am one. I was saved from death and destruction by the grace of Jesus Christ. Four years ago, I was a dead man, broken and suicidal. As I lay at the gates of hell suffering from chronic alcoholism and mental illness from 30 years of drinking, I prayed for death. I had managed to lose the respect of my four beautiful children, wreck two marriages, and endured the shame of going bankrupt twice. At my lowest point, hallucinating, sweating, shaking violently, in the throes of delirium tremens, I finally quit fighting. I simply gave up. I could fight no longer. I cried out to God, pleading for His help, and not really believing that He was real.


I remember well, the hell
Cold turkey, coming down
After 30 years of drinking poison
No peace could be found

Sweating, shaking violently
My body racked with pain
Hallucinations, darkness, depression
My soul was lost in the rain

As I pondered suicide
I hit my knees, a broken man
And cried: "My God, are you there"?
"Please help me if you can"

Then, as if in a dream
My Savior came to me
And said "My precious child"
"I am here to set you free"

"I have always been here with you"
"I never left your side"
"I sacrificed myself for you"
"I was crucified"

His loving hands then lifted me
He gave me strength
He gave me hope
He gave me life
He taught my eyes to see

Today I walk beside him
Obedient, humble, joyful, and in love
Not worthy, but very grateful
For this grace from God above

His gift is free
For you and me
He longs for us to call
He gives us love
He gives us peace
And salvation to us all

I am sober
I am saved
I praise His Holy name
My story is true
I am brand new
And you can have the same

All you have to do is ask Him……….

Bill Grimes Jr.
(c) 2005

My story is true. My words are real. I am a living, breathing miracle.
Today, I celebrate life and share this joy with you because I have been allowed to. Redeemed, sanctified, and saved by His Grace. I am a child of The King. I am not worthy of this precious gift He has given me, but eternally grateful. He offers His love and blessings to all.
Call to Him, invite Him into your heart, and believe. Simply BELIEVE. Christ will set you free."

Bill Grimes Jr.

Blessings to you and yours and thank you again for the opportunity to share my faith with others.



Gods loving hand
Healing gift
Supreme touch
Awesome current flows through pious children
Compassion charged volts
Cascade within human conduit
Altruistic vessels we become
Sharing His message of hope and salvation
Gently guiding lost sheep
To the benevolence of our Fathers embrace

© Bill Grimes Jr. 2005


Dwell not on misconception
Some mysteries shall remain forever abstruse
Beyond human comprehension
Focus your energy within
Truth is not illusive
A treasure born inside us
Arcane cosmic genius
Our fragile grasp adjacent
Precious aptitude
Designed to enlighten
Virtuous alms
Existing in harmony
Our fertile heart
His Holy seed

©Bill Grimes Jr. 2005


A vision
God's finest work
Slender, delicate, exotic flower
Fragrant, dripping nectar of breathtaking beauty
Inner light, radiant, shimmering, brilliant
Glowing from your golden soul
Enchanting eyes, intoxicating, warm
Time stands still in the vacuum of your seductive gaze
Dancing spirit, alive, exciting, infectious, heavenly
Love explodes from your magic smile, youthful, sincere
Silky touch, liquid embrace, sensitive, overwhelming
Alive with promise, hope, allure, dreams of grandeur
Humble, passionate, beautiful one
You move me

Bill Grimes Jr.
© 2005