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ENTRANCE TO THE DUTCH SITE where you find information in Dutch about the Trans4mator, A Course in Miracles, Dutch spiritual ebooks and quality material for children. There you also find a link to my appearance on Dutch Television, in the program "En Vandaag" (One Today) with the Trans4mator as a method to find happiness. I am so very grateful for the loving way in which the Trans4mator was filmed by this great team. Esther Eikelenboom and her camera team filmed me one day before broadcast. They really have an extraordinary work pace. The sublime result attests to their professionality and respect for the people they work with. I am very happy with these wonderful people on my path! It is obvious that they were led to me through the workings of the Trans4mator. For me that is one of the numerous ways in which the extraordinary effectiveness of this unique approach is proven. And the best is still to come!

TOEGANG TOT DE NEDERLANDSE SITE waar informatie te vinden is in het Nederlands over de Trans4mator voor meesterschap, succes, overvloed, spirituele ebooks en kwaliteitsmateriaal voor kinderen. Je vindt er ook een link naar mijn optreden op de televisie op woensdag 6 september bij "En Vandaag" met de Trans4mator als een methode om geluk te vinden.
Het heet "Cursus gelukkig worden". Je ziet ook een paar fragmenten van hoe ik de kruisloop doe, een heel bekende techniek uit de Energie Psychologie. Helaas laadt het nogal langzaam. Daarom kun je via mijn schrjiversnaam Largareth Lee video's van mij op Youtube bekijken met diverse energetische technieken.

Ik kan je niet zeggen hoe dankbaar ik ben voor de liefdevolle manier waarop de Trans4mator door deze geweldige ploeg is verfilmd. Esther Eikelenboom en haar camera-team hebben mij een dag voor de uitzending gefilmd. Ze hebben een bijzonder werktempo. Het sublieme resultaat getuigt van hun professionaliteit en respect voor de mensen met wie ze werken. Ik prijs me heel gelukkig met deze fantastische mensen op mijn pad! Het is duidelijk dat ze door de werking van de Trans4mator naar me toe zijn geleid. Dit had ik toch zelf nooit kunnen regelen? Ik had het niet eens kunnen bedenken. Voor mij is het n van de talloze bewijzen voor de effectiviteit van deze unieke methode. En het beste komt nog!

The Trans4mator – a very effective tool for transformation!
Self help through the Trans4mator,
based on a Course in Miracles and Energy Psychology:

For years now I have been teaching the principles of "A Course in Miracles" to people who are guided to me.
This is a very large book, in which I (my name is Margareth Liew-On, a Dutch psychologist and writer under the name Margareth Lee) began to read in 1994. It contains exercises for a year, one for every day. These exercises teach you who you really are and about the real world. You reclaim your power by surrendering. You no longer obey the insane commands of the ego, but begin to listen to the soft, still voice of the Divine Spirit in you.
I discovered that everyone who joined me for this course already was in touch with their inner guidance. That is what brought them to me. The course is one of the ways your inner guidance uses to make you conscious of the real world and your true being.

Before I describe the effect the Course has on your life, I would like to say something about God.
Just like many people in the Netherlands, I found it difficult to use the word God. Even though I vaguely believed in a higher power, I disliked Christianity before The Course in Miracles came into my life. Despite a high occurrence of this word in the book and even worse in my eyes at that time, the name of Jesus, I bought it, after a couple of encounters with it.

After some time of studying the Course, I realized who and what God really is, and I was very amused about my resistance. I had let myself be influenced by stupid, angry people who did not understand the word at all and used it wrongly, and by the ignorance of traditional religion, to bar from my life the most valuable thing there is! Therefore I would say to those people who dislike the word “God”: let no one take God from you. They don't know what they are talking about, but it is a word with powerful vibrations if rightly used.

What does the Course do?
When I began to apply the lessons miracles started to happen in my life and now I live in a completely different world than before. It is indescribable. Every attempt to describe it will be insufficient. For now let it suffice to say that all my relationships have become loving and wonderful. Not because the people in my life have changed (though undoubtedly they have), but because I have changed. I discovered I could not change the world, but I could let the cause of it be changed. And that cause is me!
Also I don't have to worry about anything. That doesn't mean that I don't, because I just can't stand this world. As I see it that is a prerequisite for salvation. Many people say to me "it's not that bad". Well, to me it is. I am the children who are being tortured and killed, I am the woman in Africa who I saw on tv, who was raped till her womb was hanging outside her body, I am the insane people who slaughter others, I am all those people who are so identified with their little self they don't realize their connection to All That Is.
So my meaningless thoughts show me a meaningless world and for a moment I am totally devastated by what I see. Of myself I can do nothing and I need help. Fortunately help is at hand. I only have to ask and it is given.

For instance, I was sitting in Amsterdam, when a girl walked past. I could see that she once must have been very beautiful. Now she was very thin, had needle marks all over her arms and legs, signs of skin diseases indicating aids, and I did not even know if she was alive or dead. Sometimes I cannot tell the difference. The picture was so disturbing, I immediately asked the Holy Spirit to let me see this with the eyes of the Christ. Then something wonderful happened: suddenly I saw a beautiful being of light. I had seen people in light before, but it was always white light. This time I saw all colors of the rainbow. It was spectacular.

The verification of the miracle is the denial of it. For that reason and more, I usually don't share the miracles I experience. The teaching is for those “who have ears to hear” as Jesus said. The pearls are for those who value them so much, they do not find the testimonials of others sufficient and make an effort to obtain them themselves.

The greatest miracle I would like to share here is my transformation. God has truly done a great work in me. I think that if God was able to change me and free me from my arrogance and fear, originated in pain, everyone will definitely be saved.

How I use A Course in Miracles in my practice

I met a lot of people who indicated that the Course in Miracles was not for them. They were afraid of the changes it brought about. I must admit it has completely transformed the lives of many people, myself included, but in my eyes that is a good thing. However, I can understand why it might not seem such a good idea when you are looking at it from the other side of the river.

They didn't want to hear what I had to say. They wanted to tell their stories and “unload”, not realizing that was just bringing them down again. When you think of something that upsets you, your physical energy is weakened and you feel that in the form of negative emotions. You then feel fear, anger or depression, shame or guilt. Usually people project the guilt and blame others for the guilt that is in their own system.

Most of them even tried to teach me their misguided belief systems, that I had long left behind me. It was funny to watch them insist on playing their role. I told them I knew their world and thoughts completely and I offered them a world and way of thinking they could not even imagine, but they would not hear of it.
Or they criticised my belief system, at least what they thought it was, in the meantime basking in the love energy I radiate. They were almost purring, but refused to let go of their old thinking and beliefs.

Well, I was thinking that did nobody any good. I began to do the Zen teaching (tell the plain truth) which most people find so scary. “Evil” wants you to fight it. It gets its power from your belief in it. That is why there is so much promotion for it. Light dispels darkness, it does not fight it. The Course teaches you to laugh about dualism and let go of every belief in it. So I laugh at all the shadows on my walls and tell them in no uncertain terms that they can stop identifying with the little self, because they are not that and stop playing their role. I know they are the Christ!

As soon as I noticed they did not approve, I would withdraw. Which was very difficult, because even the children in the neighbourhood cannot stay away from me. They ring on my bell and insist on singing songs for me. Humans seem to be concocting all sorts of silly reasons to be in my company.

Recently I realized that they are probably just representing my belief that the Course in Miracles is not for everyone in this timeframe.

In the meantime, I would like to tell you about this new tool for transformation I have discovered. For some years now I have been reading a lot of NLP and other techniques, but every time I discovered that the Course in Miracles had already provided me with far superior techniques for dealing with life's issues. Nothing compared. The Course is really not from this world. Still, in order to be of assistance to my associations who resisted the Course, I wanted to find a technique that was better suited for them. I discovered the Energy Psychology and began to use it. At first I resisted it, because the techniques seem to affirm the body. However, my inner guidance counteracted my arguments.
I argued that I did not want to do anything with the body. My inner guidance pointed out that I know that there is an energy system flowing through and around the body, since I feel it all the time and am able to notice changes in mine (as well as in others, if I want to). I don't want to use the body for unholy purposes, but I could find no fault with this one.

I learned to bring the problems to the Light. Because the Course says "do not make it real", I used to try to think and act as if the problems did not exist. However, the Course also urges you to take everything to the Light. I had been doing that under divine guidance, using methods that seemed to be geared towards my needs. And I was asked: “Now what do you think that means?” I then realized, of course, it is becoming aware of negative beliefs and giving them up for healing.
So I began to teach everyone how to do that. I have used different methods from Energy psychology to do that, and devised some techniques that I found more effective and that work really fast. I call this procedure the Trans4mator. And the people like me who apply it are also called Trans4mators.

Most people I know cannot imagine what my life is like. I have met very few people who live this life of miracles and most of them live in the USA. That is why I argued that I did not need Energy psychology. My argument was laughed at. Well, the Holy Spirit has a kind of laughter, that makes you join in. I then realized that it did me no good to have divine love and inner peace, if I was not able to teach it to my associations, who are asking for healing, but are very afraid. Just as afraid as I was in the very beginning of my spiritual transformation.

It is quite a relief now that I have discovered the Trans4mator. I have found a way to help everyone heal by teaching them a transformation technique that is not so threatening, while it prepares them for higher learning and undoing.

The Trans4mator is not a method to battle pain, fear and stress thoughtlessly. Your negative emotions may be the only means left to let you know you are not on the right track.
It is also not used to suppress stress instead of leaving a stressful situation. Of course it has the effect of relieving stress, but you are lifted to a level where you no longer attract stressful situations.

I am convinced that most physical ailments are a way of letting you know you are not listening to your Soul.
Sometimes I get a painful feeling in my solar plexus when I am undertaking some useless journey. I then know I am disconnected in some way.
For instance I wanted to visit an institute on a Thursday morning. I got ready, but the more I thought of going, the more my belly ached in the region of my solar plexus. I then decided not to go. The next morning, however, I started out again, and again I felt this pain. This time, however, I thought, I'll go anyway, because I see no logical reason not to go. I said to myself - “I don't like to obey the voice of pain”. I felt very rebellious.
When I arrived at the institute, they were closed and had been so for a couple of days for reasons of their own.
Isn't it amazing?

I have found Energy psychology extremely useful. The Trans4mator is aimed to cure a negative self-image, the most devastating ailment of humanity. Thinking you are a human being is all the negative self-image there is. Energy Psychology is a collection of therapeutic tools and methods based on acupuncture, kinesiology and psychology.
Roger Callahan first developed a method called Thought Field Therapy (TFT), that proved to be very effective. Gary Craig, a student of his, designed EFT in the nineties in the USA. There are many other forms that I use in my practice, for instance Chi Qong.

The Trans4mator brings dramatic relief for emotional and some physical disturbances. When your energy is balanced it can flow freely. The Trans4mator addresses simultaneously your electro-magnetic energy system and emotional issues, thereby clearing both your mind and body and restoring emotional well-being, as many of us have already experienced. Up till now almost everyone I have treated using this method, was swiftly healed.

- A woman from Kurdistan in Irak, who did not even speak my language (Dutch) and who was severely depressed, complained of very grave sleep disorders, excruciating headaches, that no doctor seemed to be able to treat, and the translator told me no one had seen her smile for years now. She had literally been through hell, lost her husband in an attack by Irak, three of her six children had developed seizures that were diagnosed as epileptic fits, her eldest 19 year old son was using soft drugs and much more tragedy. When she left she had a glowing pink face and a smile, and has not had any headaches or sleeping problems since. I also treated her epilectic daughter, who made great progress. The mother had lived for 12 years in Holland and could not speak Dutch. However, in the year after the treatment she was able to learn the language and now we don't need a translator anymore. Even though I did not treat her for this, it is one of the subtle side effects of the Trans4mator. She was so grateful, she began telling everyone in her community about me and others came with their problems.

The family next door to her had a daughter who was 21 and had been missing for a year. They were Christians from Iran, and the girl was really exquisite. It appeared that she had ran away with a man and in the past year they had received two postcards from different cities. The police would not do anything, since the girl was an adult and apparently not in trouble. My inner guidance told me that the man had used improper influence and psychological tactics to seduce this girl, who had never even been on a date before she met this man.
I did the Trans4mator with the family, father, mother, and a daughter and I taught them how to change their beliefs about the missing daughter. I told them they had to use the technique to help them also change their mind about the man and let go of all their grievances. That took some doing! At first the father totally refused to welcome the man in his mind. Fortunately he was a Christian and when I spoke to him about Jesus' admonition to pray for our enemies, he agreed to give it a try.
Of course I was very careful and only asked for a solution that would benefit all involved.

A week later I received a call from them, saying the girl had called and was coming home. A month later I spoke with them all and they told me she was a completely different person than the girl who ran away. She had become quiet, considerate and not focused on her appearance as she had been in the past. It has now been over a year since she returned, and the only problem the parents have is that she refuses to even consider any suitable bachelor they want her to meet.

The girl told me later she had seen Jesus who told her to call home!

- A man who called me on the telephone saying he was desperate and afraid of what he might do, because he no longer saw a way out, was completely healed after we did the Trans4mator!

- I taught the Trans4mator to a friend of mine, who had breathing problems whenever she went for a job interview, and three days later she had an interview without any of her former ailments. She got the job!

- My first client was a fellow “Course in Miracles” student, a lady who has been mourning deeply for her husband who left her 8 years ago. She did one session of the Trans4mator and I could see an energy shift taking place. Her reaction also indicated a cognitive shift. I had been trying to explain to her for years that she should not get upset with him, he was just the way he was. Now she exclaimed: “John will be John!” and laughed!
I have not heard a word about the husband since then, and he had been present in every conversation for the past five years. A familiar phenomenon with the Trans4mator is that she did not even realize what had happened. Trainers refer to this as the Apex problem. She is the perfect example of the way the Trans4mator works. Your pain is undone and completely let go!
I tried to remind her of it and she said; “Well, I only do as you teach. I do not linger in the past!”

I taught the techniques to a man who came to see me about his fear of public speaking. After two sessions he told me he looked forward to giving lectures. In three monts he received a major promotion. I met him later and he told me that a colleague had asked him for a cigarette and though he used to smoke quite a lot, he suddenly found he had forgotten all about cigarettes. He had none on him and did not even remember when he quit! This is another example of the side effects of the Trans4mator.

I will not continue to sum up all the people I have helped with the Trans4mator. Personally it has also had many benefits for me. I would not teach something that I had not experienced first-hand. I find that it often has the same effect on me as in the former case. Fortunately I write down most exercises I do, so when I read them back, I am amazed at the shifts that have happened, even though I hardly noticed them taking place.

The thing I also like about the Trans4mator is that you don't have to believe in it for it to work. I was very sceptical about Energy psychology, and it still worked!
You don't have to believe in the theory, just like you don't have to know how an engine works to drive a car.
Some people are just happy to be free of their problem, and some like to know more about the theory.

Every website about Energy psychology has numerous accounts of people who first suffered from fear, phobias, depression, traumas, abuse, obsessions, anger, rage and other emotional pain, and were healed. People are coping better with stress in various situations, and relationships are completely transformed through the use of Energy psychology. Physical pain is often also healed or relieved by pressure or tapping, and there are many accounts of self help energy treatment for headaches, migraine, lower back pain, and other health problems.

What is the Trans4mator?
Everyone has a complex energy system that permeates our body. It is invisible, but many people are able to feel it, the way you feel that your arms are attached to your body, or that you breathe. The condition of this system has a powerful and direct impact on our well-being. When it is balanced, we are full of energy and feel great.
Our negative beliefs, manifesting as thoughts and feelings, cause disorders in our energy flow and weaken us. We are then emotionally and energetically stuck. Even if we suppress or ignore our feelings, they influence us. Because we then have a disruption in the body's energy system.
Through the methods of Energy Psychology, we can clear these disorders. There are very specific methods and exercises to handle all negative emotions and experience dramatic relief. You literally feel your pain fade away.
The Trans4mator can and has been used for a great variety of problems. It has been successfully used to treat anger and substance abuse, money issues, and to help children cope with fear and anxiety. Innumerable fears have dissolved with the Trans4mator, like fear of being alone, fear of death, fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of intimacy, fear of public and agoraphobia, fear of public speaking, fear of success (yes, that really exists!). The Trans4mator is also a remedy for acute and chronic lower back pain, facial pains, frozen shoulder, and constipation. Even where the Trans4mator is not a cure for physical ailments, it alleviates unnecessary pain and discomfort. It raises mental health awareness and it works better for me than most relaxation techniques I 've applied in the past.
The way you feel becomes completely different when your energy can flow free again. You are able to go forward with your life and you don't even feel the need to look back. This causes a phenomenon that trainers sometimes encounter which I described before as the Apex problem. People forget they even had the problem in the first place.

The procedures and exercises of the Trans4mator lift all blocks in the energy system. The result is that you not only feel better, but you can also think clearer, see new possibilities and create a better life for yourself. My experience is that there is a shift in consciousness that makes people more open for Divine Truth. Energy Psychology is a great way to awaken the healer within you!

Now there is a new website dedicated to the Trans4mator, . There you can subscribe to the Trans4mator newsletter and find out more about it.

While we are working on translating the Transformator Course from Dutch to English, I would like to refer all the people who have asked me for help to Anisa Aven, who s a great life coach, with real practical advice for the use of the law of attraction and other spiritual laws in your life and business. Go to her website and receive lots of wonderful free audio's and a free course. Her newsletter is also great and inspires me every time.

email if you have any questions or remarks. Thank You!

To order "A Course in Miracles" at Amazon or look at related materials, go to this page.

To order "The Lord's Prayer"
at your local bookseller you could use the ISBN: 978-1-4457-4685-2
A quick and easy way to get this book is to buy it now at, the publisher's website,
and have it delivered. The older version "Activating the Light in the Lord's Prayer" is also
for sale there, not by me, but by a "pirate". There is no such creature in Gods Kingdom.
God defends my copyright, and the Holy Spirit uses everything for good. It's God's book,
anyway. Who knows what it's good for?
In the new version I have added headlines that also refer to "A Course in Miracles"
for a more pleasant reading experience.
You can also buy it as a downloadable ebook for $5,95 via Paypal.

By doing the lessons of "A Course in Miracles" I began to experience that everything we experience, EVERYTHING, is a result of how we perceive and filter it in our mind. I was willing to let my thinking be transformed completely and that resulted in the writing of this book. If just like me, you are ready to undergo a "life make-over", this is the book for you. Accept that we choose our reality, our thoughts and our feelings. When you are experiencing emotional conflict, you regress to a state in which you feel you no longer have a choice about how you think or feel. Awaken your inner genius to find and release these emotional blocks, allowing you to have the freedom to think and feel the way you want to think and feel. It is easier than you think!
You can read a book description here.

This book makes for an amazing transformational reading experience. Completely new and different views on love, healing of loss, sickness, old age and death. You're in for a transforming, consciousness expanding reading experience, that will challlenge your beliefs about illness, dying, and life. It contains many prayers besides Our Father, and affirmations for abundant living, fulfillment, weight loss, health, healing of relationships and transformation of other issues that hinder your complete fulfillment and abundant living.
Ego tries in vain to oppose the awakening that is going on. It relies on things outside of itself, like medicines, not on God, and doesn't walk its talk. It writes books with quotes from the Course in Miracles, that lend them credibility, and gives silly rules and exercises to keep you in bondage. This will not work. Not for long, anyway! When you read "The Light in the Lord's Prayer" you will know the difference.

What Readers say:

One reader wrote:

Though It's not possible to read and experience it in one go, however since I read this book, my life changed dramatically. My relationships improved, my financial situation changed completely and best of all, I am experiencing true peace for the first time in my life.

Matthieu Schriek from Tilburg told me he could not read the book at night, because it energized him. In his own words: "When I read this amazing book, I feel ecstatic. I cannot contain myself, I want to jump and shout for joy.

A Dutch lady called me to tell me:
It is as if I am addicted to this book, I carry it everywhere with me. I don't read anything else anymore. It is a feast of recognition, yet I also find priceless new information. I am a student of "A Course in Miracles" and this book has given me much more insight in the Course. It really works!

Another reader:
You are such an inspired awakened mind. This book contains pure Truth. Because of it I now understand the principles that Jesus taught and speaks of in His Course. It has changed the way I see things and I understand the Course much better now. I can truly say it has helped me to let go of my conditioning. For me that is an ongoing proces. Reading it made me conscious of the presence of the Christ in me and the love and light that is all around me.

And another wonderful lady from Hawaii wrote to me:
I feel moved to write you, just to tell you how grateful I am for your wonderful website. I came across it recently, can't recall exactly how, but immediately bookmarked it. The more time I spend reading on it, the more it feels like I am surrounded by love. Thank you! I couldn't control the tears today as I read from your book. I'm glad I was alone. (But not really,eh?).

For a powerful and inspiring reading experience:

A New Vision for Your Life!
You are creating all the time! Remember the Powerful & Effective Way to do it! Unleash your power for fulfillment, harmonious and prosperous thinking and successful living, wellbeing, and self-esteem based on your true self worth.

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