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Book reviews & descriptions of:

Wayne Dyer - Manifest Your Destiny
Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing - Larry Dossey

Coming soon:

Reviews and descriptions of books by Catherine Ponder, Emmett Fox, Joseph Murphy, Sarah Ban Breathnach, Richard Bach, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Dan Millman, Byron Katie, Ernest Holmes, Sanaya Roman, Tom Carpenter, J.C. Knight, Thomas Sheperd, Stuart Wilde, Hans Bemmann, Alden Studebaker, Tolkien, and many others.

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Both Riches and Honor by Annie Rix Militz

Light Eternal by Lillian DeWaters

The Way Out by Joseph Benner

Wayne Dyer - Manifest Your Destiny

Manifest Your Destiny teaches the process of meditation as a way to streamline your thoughts, desires, goals, and, ultimately, your life. Through the art of meditation, and his own remarkable Nine Spiritual Principles of Manifesting, which are covered in-depth in this invaluable guide. Dyer illuminates the path to achieving our truest and greatest goals -- and experiencing all of life's wondrous rewards.

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Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing - Larry Dossey

Even though the verification of the miracle is the denial of it, I found the anecdotes in this book quite entertaining. (Margareth Lee)
Cue the theme song to the Twilight Zone: Research shows your plants won't grow as well when you're depressed as when you're happy. Praying for someone else will improve your own health, too. The growth of E. coli bacteria is inhibited when a group of people merely think about stopping the growth. And qi gong practitioners in San Francisco can kill cancer cells in other peoples' bodies--by willing the cells to die. These ideas surely sound ludicrous, but these and other similarly mindboggling studies have been commissioned and replicated by researchers at Harvard, Duke, McGill, and other esteemed universities.

Larry Dossey is known as the father of mind-body medicine and perhaps best known for his advocacy of the role of prayer in healing in 1995's bestselling Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine. He admits that working on such seemingly impossible projects a few years ago would have ruined a researcher's career with "ATF," or "the anti-tenure factor." But things are changing. He wrote Reinventing Medicine to present proof that "the mind can literally change the external world" and how this "nonlocal mind" will change health care in the future. His argument for the existence of this nonlocal mind is as convincing as it is eloquently conveyed. Doubters, he says, merely need to examine their own dreams for proof this is true. When was the last time you had a conversation or found yourself in a situation you dreamed about the night before? Studies from as early as the 1960s "strongly suggest that dreams are an avenue of nonlocal communication between separate, distant persons."

Dossey's support of the nonlocal mind is sure to draw pooh-poohs from cynics, including M.D.s, but, he warns, health-care workers are bound to experience this force firsthand: "Doctors can experience their patients' symptoms nonlocally, and this can be unpleasant." He cites the example of psychiatrist Mona Lisa Shulz, a medical intuitive, who "began to grow increasingly uncomfortable, feeling hot and flushed," while speaking over the phone with a feverish patient. Dossey says this telesomatic event, extreme empathy, or whatever you want to call it, is dangerous, but that "empathic balance" is something that will be taught in medical schools in the future to ensure accurate diagnoses of ill patients. Dossey was one of the first vanguards of mind-body medicine, which is basically accepted as fact today; he's again presenting the future of medicine, as otherworldly as it seems. --Erica Jorgensen

From Publishers Weekly
Always in the vanguard, physician Dossey (Prayer Is Good Medicine, etc.) makes a fascinating case for the next revolution in medicine beyond the current era of mind-body healing. Rather than signaling an entirely new direction, he defines a larger, more humane vision based on incorporating advances in integrative medicine. His brief, persuasive work is bound to attract attention from the general public and medical professionals alike, especially in light of his pioneering work on the connection... (read more at Amazon)

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Margareth Lee -
The Light in the Lord's Prayer

This book is now in print and can be ordered at, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and other reputable booksellers.
To read more, click here.

To order at your local bookseller you could use the ISBN: 978-1-4457-4685-2
A quick and easy way to get this book is to buy it now for $13,95 at, the publisher's website, and have it delivered. Purchase The Light in the Lord's Prayer with 15% off. Offer ends 8/15/2010.

The older version "Activating the Light in the Lord's Prayer" is also for sale there, not by me, but by a "pirate". There is no such creature in Gods Kingdom. God defends my "copyright", and the Holy Spirit uses everything for good. It's God's book, anyway. Who knows what it's good for?
In the new version I have added headlines that also refer to "A Course in Miracles" for a more pleasant reading experience.

You can also buy it as a downloadable ebook for $5,95 via Paypal

online spiritual ebooks for self help, 
prosperity, success & motivational ebooks,  to download immediately with transforming, 
completely new and different views on fulfillment, abundant living, love, prosperity, loss, sickness, pain, 
old age and death, to increase your success, wealth and wellbeing, and expand your 
consciousness. Light of the eternal by lillian dewaters, both riches and honor by annie rix militz,
the way out and the way beyond by joseph benner, the anonymous author of the impersonal life, 
transform and heal your belief system. The ebook the light in the lord's prayer, 
the infinite course, makes for a transformational and consciousness expanding reading 
experience that will change your beliefs about illness, dying, and life. It contains many prayers 
besides our father, and affirmations for weight loss, health, and transformation of other issues. Alex in Elfinland by Margareth Lee - $4
Whatever your age, this book presents spirituality in a way anyone can understand. Read the description of this adventure. Finally the Truth about the world and the ways of the Fae. An eye-opener! Children and grownups alike can find out more about the power of the mind. You have never read anything like this before!

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Annie Rix Militz - Both Riches and Honor

Annie Rix Militz teaches us to view prosperity in the right way, as the Presence of God. Therefore we should not reject or despise it, but see it as the legitimate expression of spiritual life.
However, to be truly prosperous, selfishness has to be overcome. Selfish people sometimes seem to attain prosperity, but the path of such prosperity is filled with decay and death. James Allen also writes poignantly about this.
She also describes the trap of riches. It is the belief that money causes happiness. We are entitled to abundance, but it becomes a stumbling block if we attach the wrong value to it.
Annie Rix Militz continues with the statement that many are satisfied with little while that is not necessary. It is caused by an incorrect interpretation of bible texts. Again the ego has distorted the facts as much as possible to keep us away from our divine heritage.
When we see God as the source of our prosperity and realize that our thoughts and our trust bring us prosperity and are not attached to the material, we are truly prosperous. Annie Rix Militz states that we must not believe that you can only become rich at the expense of others. Your eternal faith in yourself, in your neighbors and in your world lies in the realization of the truth of these two master thoughts:
First. Your richness is a blessing to all creation:
Second. It is the will of the true God that you be a great success on earth as well as 'm heaven.

True prosperity adds to the richness of the whole earth, it prospers others. My benefit is your benefit; your success is my success.
Those who are prosperous through knowledge of Truth, bring prosperity to the whole earth, they bring heaven on earth.

Annie Rix Militz gives various affirmations and exercises and the following advise: if manifesting seems to go slowly, do not acknowledge that, and also do not acknowledge failures. Your treasures in heaven have to take shape as treasures on earth. Be patient in faith.
The Christ consciousness, our recognition of our divinity, is our consciousness of prosperity. When we have this consciousness, everything we undertake is prosperous. In the first place we should always be about our Father's business.

For a limited time buyers will receive a free copy of the following ebooks:
By Joseph Benner, the anonymous author of "The Impersonal Life", the little book that Elvis Presley loved so much, the following ebooks which contain his views on prosperity :
- The Way Out - You can read the beginning of this ebook at the bottom of this page.
- The Way Beyond
You can receive them as PDF, zipped or MS Reader file, whichever you prefer.
They are part of his little book "The Way Out" which contains the following booklets:
  • The Way Out
  • The Way Beyond
  • Wealth
  • The Teacher

    To buy the Ebook "Both Riches and Honor" by Annie Rix Militz now for $8,00 click on the "Add to Cart" button

  • Lillian DeWaters - LIGHT OF THE ETERNAL

    Chapter 8 contains the essence of this book. Absorb the Truth as it emerged through Lillian Dewaters.

    8        The Radiant Perfect Self

    Accepting the RADIANT PERFECT Self to be the all and the whole of us, we have found the Real God - at hand.

    Everyone and everything accepts the air and the sunlight in their infinite, indivisible form -available to all alike. THE RADIANT PERFECT SELF - likewise - belongs to everyone. Its infinitude and its completeness are ours, and we are It, in Wholeness, Perfection and everlasting Bliss- here and now.

    The One-Selfhood is INDIVISIBLE - thus it cannot be individualized. We are entitled to It as a whole, and in no other way. In It, there is no cause, effect, ignorant thought or impure thing. In It, there is no karma, error, or mortal mind.

    Our supreme desire should be to think as this Self, to see as this Self, express and BE this Self -and no other.
    Such desire comes from the Heart - full of fervor, ardor and delight.

    Delight in the Self! Rejoice in the Self! Magnify the Self!

    Any attainments made individualistically are like attainments made in dreams. When one wakens from sleep, can he find them? Liberation gained through personal, mental work is unreliable -the same as when one sleeps, regardless how successful he is at better dreaming, one dream is as useless as another.

    FALSE IDENTIFICATION is the one obstacle in one 's way to Perfection, Wholeness, Harmony. In Revelation alone -where we identify truly -we are THE RADIANT PERFECT SELF.
    False identification has been abandoned.

    It is not the body which proclaims itself the separate 'I'. Separateness and individualism appear because the identity does not identify himself as the Self - but as a man, idea, individual, manifestation. Sin, sickness and death appear until Absolute Identification is recognized and accepted.

    Cease the desperate longing to overcome something, to work out something, to rise above something or to be healed of something. Give up work, fight and warfare! In the place of your utter surrender, where you acknowledge defeat - be still. Lo! Light of Truth lifts you to heights unknown to you before.

    In one 's constant fight and struggle to save himself through mental treatment, he loses sight of an outstanding feature of the true teaching -precisely as follows:
    "He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." (Matthew 10:39)

    Only in losing his personal sense of Life can one find his true Life - Life as it REALLY is. Let yourself go - the self which is working and fighting.
    Why identify with it? It is the ghost which finally everyone must renounce, and cease to claim as himself.

    What tears are wasted upon illusion! What grief, depression and despair! Deliverance comes not while one is trying to master a belief, destroy a claim or conquer an illusion - but when he departs from such darkness. Confessing failure and futility - resting for a brief second, still and alone - of a sudden, the veil is rent from top to bottom.

    Light has illumined the darkness! No longer is he a defeated warrior or a cringing slave. Might, Majesty and Glory are now his, beyond words to tell.

    Like a mighty Amen, he hears the echoing, clarion words- "The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.".. ..." Be still, and know that I am God." Exodus 14:14) (psalms 46:10)

    He knows now who the Lord is. The Radiant Self is his full and complete Deliverance.

    If only one will turn from PERSONALITIES, SYSTEMS, METHODS, to face God alone, how quick his deliverance, and powerful- as though he had attained before he started, and had reached his journey 's end before it began.

    One of the sayings of the illumined Lao-Tzu (6th century B.C.) is strikingly apropos to SURRENDER and ATTAINMENT.
    His saying is as follows:

    Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which it is achieved. Success is the lurking place of failure; and who can tell when the turning point will come?
    He who acts, destroys; he who grasps, loses. Therefore the sage does not grasp, and so does not lose.
    Only he who does nothing for his life 's sake can truly be said to value his life.

    When disturbances arise, take refuge in your Eternal Being - THE RADIANT PERFECT SELF. Do not allow yourself to be weighted down by the burden of another. Behold the Self -instead of the personality -the Self "with face shining as the sun, and raiment white as the light, transfiguring the whole earth with living triumph." (Emma Curtis Hopkins)

    Absolute surrender and absolute attainment are one and identical- the identity functions as the SeIf -I AM THAT I AM.
    The world one sees about him is synonymous with his Vision and Realization of the Real and the Divine, and his ability to abide in the Self alone.
    Receive - take - abide in T h a t which is yours by grace - as Reality.
    Living in obedience to the Voice of the Heart, Illumination is natural.

    The Heart and the mind can never be unified. Identify yourself either with one or the other. With one -the egomind -one works to build himself a higher state of consciousness, to construct a better body and create a more harmonious human existence. With the Heart one loves the Real AS IT IS.

    Light pervades his whole existence. He is conscious of no difference between himself and the Light. He walks in the Kingdom of the Self where Freedom, Love and Bliss for ever abide.

    You - not someone or something outside of you or with you -you, your-self, are THE RADIANT PERFECT SELF.




    3    THE ONE ALONE






    9    THE SON OF GOD

    10    THE INFINITE

    11    THE ABSOLUTE






    17    THE ALL AS UNITY


    19     GREAT BLISS

    For a limited time buyers will receive a free copy of the following ebooks:
    By Joseph Benner, the anonymous author of "The Impersonal Life", the little book that Elvis Presley loved so much, the following ebooks which contain his views on prosperity :
    - The Way Out - You can read the beginning of this ebook at the bottom of this page.
    - The Way Beyond
    You can receive them as PDF, zipped or MS Reader file, whichever you prefer.
    They are part one and two of his little book "The Way Out", which contains the following booklets:

  • The Way Out
  • The Way Beyond
  • Wealth
  • The Teacher

    light of the eternal by lillian dewaters
    To buy the Ebook now for $5,97 click on the "Add to Cart" button

  • The Infinite Way - Joel S. Goldsmith

    Synopsis: This is the text for the Infinite Way movement that developed around the healing and teaching of Joel Goldsmith. It is a statement of radical reliance on Truth, with chapters on immortality, the soul, meditation, metaphysical healing, supply, and prayer.

    Joseph Benner (Anonymous) - The Way Out
    Read here the beginning of "THE WAY OUT" by Joseph Benner.

    We know that with many finances are often a problem. All followers of Jesus Christ should learn the law which if obeyed will enable them to rise out of all conditions of lack, limitation, inharmony, disease and unhappiness that may manifest. You ask if this is really possible, and if there is a law which if obeyed will enable us to accomplish all that.
    We say emphatically, there is such a law, and that you can be free from the fear and dominance of money, that you can have an abundance of all good things, that you can be well and happy, and can bring about an adjustment into perfect harmony to all departments of your life if you want these things enough to train yourself to obey this law. You say that you would do anything to obtain such wonderful blessings, if it is humanly possible.
    It is not only possible, but everyone who is filled with such a desire can do it. For know a great truth, that you are permitted to be in such unhappy conditions by your Higher Self solely in order that you may seek and gain the knowledge, the power and the ability to control them, in order to free yourself forever from them and to assume your true place in life, and therein receive the heritage of good that is here for you, whenever you become wise and strong enough to claim it and use it for the good of others and not for selfish ends.
    First know that it is all a matter of consciousness, and that you, yourself alone, are to blame for these conditions: for you alone created them and are firmly holding them in your consciousness or they would not be so plainly manifesting. All this we are taught in those great words, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he".
    We know that you have heard this stated perhaps many times before, and so often that it may have become an old story. Some of you have tried to prove it and to rid your consciousness of all your negative thoughts; but because it took determined and persistent effort you soon grew tired, on account of the strong opposition met with, and you then dropped back into the current of the old conditions and if anything became more helpless than you were before.
    Others may have heard of the saying, but it did not impress them; for they could not accept the assertion that any of the inharmonies in their lives are the result of their own beliefs, or of their past thinking crystallized into beliefs. They preferred to blame it all on someone else, and even God came in for a share of the blame.
    The main trouble with almost everyone is that they do not realize how many negative and destructive beliefs they are carrying around with them in the subconscious realms of mind and which creep through into the conscious mind whenever it is free from interest in other things.
    Until you can begin to study your mind and watch for and note these negative beliefs when they come and you will find that they are actually beliefs and refuse them further support, there is not much hope for you.
    In fact it is the first thing you must learn to do. Those who are too mentally lazy to do such watching and controlling of their thoughts, are usually the ones who will not accept that their own thinking and beliefs create for them all of the conditions now manifesting in their lives.
    But it makes no difference whether you accept it as being true or not; it is the law.

    You can also read a chapter from The Way Beyond by Joseph Benner here.

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