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Say Yes to the Light !

Margareth Lee


All books about abundance and prosperity claim that money doesn't make you happy. Admittedly, it is no guarantee for happiness. But lack definitely makes unhappy. Of course complete tribes lead a frugal existence, and it doesn't hamper their joy in life, but then this book is not written for them. It is written for those who live in the consciousness of lack or poverty, who feel that something is off in their lives. It is the soul indicating that you don't have that to which you're entitled.

This book contains a compilation of texts of writers, who describe the Truth about true prosperity from different perspectives. I also discuss the ideas of some writers, whose ideas proved to be working and acceptable. Certain current celebrities will not be found here, because they didn't contribute to the expansion of my consciousness. The book contains some chapters from the book 'The Way to the Kingdom' from an anonymous writer and from the book of Richard Lynch 'Know Thyself' (first published as 'Usable Truth'). The vision of Ralph Waldo Trine and Henry Thomas Hamblin on true prosperity is also included. Timeless truths with which the spiritual laws that govern the experience of success, prosperity and abundance are in agreement, are explained in these texts.

Nowadays it still turns out to be of the greatest importance to obtain knowledge with respect to the relationship between our self-image and the experiences we attract. The world we see is determined by that with which we identify. It also determines our goals in life. When we are willing to identify with our True Unlimited Self, we realize that our goals in life and not our so-called fate, determine where life's journey takes us.

We begin to wonder why we are here. The answer is simple. We are here to realize our total spiritual being. As Annie Rix Militz says in her book 'Both Riches and Honor': 'Jesus knew there was only one business here for everyone who had come to this earth, the business of our heavenly Father. We came here to testify of Truth, to demonstrate that we are immortal and divine and to make heaven on earth for our neighbor.'

Our purpose is to become aware of the laws of life and of the Divine Reality, that is the only real Reality. That is our true Self, that has infinite power. The power we normally use, is only a tiny fraction of that. Our purpose is to return to the full use of our mental powers and when that happens, this world will cease to exist. But until then, until we fully remember our true self, we are here, in this world and learn to make optimal use of the power available to us. We always use this power to manifest our world. Many use it to have experiences they claim they would like to eradicate from their world of experiences. However, they don't know how. Those who are ready to recognize this spiritual power, can learn to use it to experience fulfillment in any area they desire. We no longer have to use this creative ability to attract unwanted experiences to us.

The secret of lasting happiness is to see God in everything, also in ourselves. How does this spiritual power, which is also called the law of cause and effect, or the law of attraction? And how can we use it to experience fulfillment and absolute happiness?

We are completely responsible for our world. We experience everything we believe in, whether we recognize that or not.

As long as we believed we were a victim of powers outside of us, who governed our lives, that was also our experience. Added to that, we believed in two powers, a good one and an evil one. We said: 'I am sick, poor, unhappy, unloved, I suffer lack' and because of our belief in these impossible experiences these commands were executed and circumstances drawn to us that outpictured this. We're no pawns of powers outside of us. The so-called outside world is our own fantasy, filled with images we want to see.


Just like all Christians I knew that Jesus demonstrated abundance like no other ever did. He fed thousands with two loaves and five fishes. He knew lack was impossible. He has provided us with many guidelines on our supply, like 'to those who have, more will be given'.

For a long time this knowledge meant nothing to me. On my bookshelves some books about prosperity and abundance consciousness were gathering dust. Other things were more important and I thought I had more than enough reasons to be satisfied. I had enough to fill my needs, which I had adjusted to my income. I didn't realize the limitations I placed on myself. Which was fortunate, for during that time there was nothing I could have done about it. Thank God for my blissful ignorance! All my attention was focused on the transformation of my thinking, to expand my awareness in order to experience the divine. At the right moment I realized that expansion of consciousness also had to include expansion of my view of earthly abundance.

I was determined to let my life reflect my consciousness of all the good. How could I manifest divine abundance in my life? What did that really mean? I soon found out that there were various approaches and answers to these questions. Divine Spirit led me gently to the right answer. As usual I was allowed to explore and try out all alternatives and, until it was absolutely clear to me which led to success. In my search for Truth I opened a cesspit of insane beliefs in this area.

The most persistent was the belief in me that money would be 'the root of all evil'. Because of that I placed great value on a frugal life. Annie Rix Militz showed me how misguided that idea is. It is based on an incorrect interpretation of statements in the Bible. She explains in 'Both Riches and Honor' extensively the right interpretation and why we are entitled to abundance. She has convinced me that an ascetic life in poverty does not really belong in divine Reality. It goes completely against the Will of God. God is abundance and God wants us to live in divine abundance. It is not the Will of God that we suffer lack. It is a mistake to think that it is spiritual to suffer. Those who think that, don't understand God.

People on the spiritual path also often think we shouldn't desire anything. This ideal is also found in the great religions of the world. According to Buddhists desire leads to suffering. While it seems more plausible that not desire, but attachment is the source of our suffering. It is our desire to cling to that which we think makes us happy, that makes us suffer. Without attachment we are free to enjoy every experience and open to the divine infinity of experiences that God wants to reveal to us.

Many think they live in accordance with the Will of God when they try to suppress every desire they have. They think there is a divine plan in which one first has to suffer in order to be saved. Therefore many try to apply the Christian ideal of acquiescence in lack and imperfect circumstances in life.

In her book 'Lessons in Truth' H. Emilie Cady made plausible on the basis of the teaching of Jesus that this cannot be the Will of God. The hunger we feel is only the working of the Divine in us, longing with infinite desire to fulfill us.

Some passages are included here.

People have especially been led to seek Truth for the reward, 'for the very works' sake' (Jn. 14:11), during the last few years, since they have come to know that God is not only able, but willing, to deliver them from all the burdens of their everyday life. Everyone wants to be free, free, free as the birds of the air--free from sickness, free from poverty, free from all forms of evil; and he has a right to be; it is a God-given right.

Hitherto we have turned our heart and efforts toward the external for fulfillment of our desires and for satisfaction, and we have been grievously disappointed. The hunger of everyone for satisfaction is only the cry of the homesick child for its Father-Mother God. It is only the Spirit's desire in us to come forth into our consciousness as more and more perfection, until we shall have become fully conscious of our oneness with All-perfection. Man never has been and never can be satisfied with anything less.

Asking springs from desire to possess some good. What is desire? Desire in the heart is always God tapping at the door of your consciousness with His infinite supply--a supply that is forever useless unless there be demand for it. 'Before they call, I will answer' (Is. 65:24). Before ever you are conscious of any lack, of any desire for more happiness, for fullness of joy, the great Father-Mother heart has desired them for you. It is He in you desiring them that you feel, and think it is only yourself (separate from Him) desiring them. With God the desire to give, and giving, are one and the same thing. Someone has said, 'Desire for anything is the thing itself in incipiency'; that is, the thing you desire is not only for you, but has already been started toward you out of the heart of God; and it is the first approach of the thing itself striking you that makes you desire it, or even think of it at all.

The only way God has of letting us know of His infinite supply and His desire to make it ours is for Him to push gently on the divine spark living within each one of us. He wants you to be a strong, self-efficient man or woman, to have more power and dominion over all before you; so He quietly and silently pushes a little more of Himself, His desire, into the center of your being. He enlarges, so to speak, your real self, and at once you become conscious of new desire to be bigger, grander, stronger. If He had not pushed at the center of your being first, you would never have thought of new desires, but would have remained perfectly content as you were.

You think that you want better health, more love, a brighter, more cheerful home all your very own; in short, you want less evil (or no evil) and more good in your life. This is only God pushing at the inner door of your being, as if He were saying: 'My child, let Me in; I want to give you all good, that you may be more comfortable and happy.

Cady also explains that God wants to give us much more than a better earthly existence. God wants to reveal Himself to us. Everyone who has enriched himself or herself materially has discovered that the material alone does not give fulfillment. We don't have to reject it, for we are here to experience it, but we can choose how we want to experience it and what we want to experience. Our spiritual needs, like the need to give and receive love, peace and safety also are very important.

One may so desire a partial revelation of God within himself, a revelation along one line--as, for instance, that of health--as to seek it with all his heart.

And if he has learned how to take the desired gift, by uncompromising affirmation that it is his already, he will get understanding, or realization, of God as his perfect health. So with any other desired gift of God. This is a step in the right direction. It is learning how to take God by faith for whatever one desires. But in the onward growth, the time will come to every man when he will hear the divine voice within him saying, 'Come up higher,' and he will pass beyond any merely selfish desires that are just for his own comfort's sake. He will desire good that he may have the more to give out, knowing that as good (God) flows through him to others it will make him every whole in every respect.

Our desires are God's desires, but in a limited degree. We soon throw aside our limitations, our circumscribed desires (as soon, at least, as we see that more of God means more of good and joy and happiness), and with all our hearts we cry out in the silent sitting: 'Fulfill Thy highest thought in me now'.

Many today are conscious that the inner hunger cannot be satisfied with worldly goods, and are with all earnestness seeking spiritual understanding, or consciousness, of an immanent God. They have been seeking long, with a great desire of unselfishness and a feeling that when they have truly found God they will begin to do for others.

Are we now supposed to go to a developing country and force our idea of prosperity on its inhabitants?

It cannot be the goal to project images of poverty, sickness and lack. On the contrary, it is necessary to let the images we have already made, be made whole.

For spiritual seekers of Truth giving and receiving form a sensitive topic. There are several theories about this.

All writers agree that giving is receiving. This is also taught by experience. But what is given and what is received?

I think that giving food, clothing and all material gifts are secondary. God Himself gives all these things abundantly to all who need them and ask for them in the right way. People are here to help each other, but we can only be helpful effectively when we ask our Source for help and let Him guide us. We have to feed the hungry with spiritual food first and clothe them in the sight of God, by seeing the Christ in them. We can save the whole world while we meditate in our own home. Then we also realize it is not better to give then to receive. Giving and receiving are two sides of a coin. Everything we give, we have given to ourselves. You don't have to sacrifice yourself for whatever reason. We are not meant to sacrifice ourselves. We are meant to be happy. That doesn't mean we should do nothing for others. When we allow Divine Spirit to guide us, we can discover that it makes us very happy to help others. Our main function however, is to let our thoughts be purified.

When you realize that God is present and that the power of God is available for you, you will fear no evil. By consciously realizing the presence of God, by knowing as certain that God is here and now as you know that you are alive, it can be verified in your experience. We cannot suffer lack, for all the good is present everywhere. By believing that you suffer lack, the little you have is taken away from you. All the good belongs to us, but we have to recognize that, or it is of no use to us. Every perceived lack is an attack on our reality.

Our real desire, our longing for God, our Reality, has already been fulfilled and we have to recognize that. Then we recognize God as the Source of true prosperity.

When we realize that we live in divine abundance, we begin to serve and to give of this abundance. We go from a mindset of getting to one of giving. Because of this changed attitude the flow of abundance begins. Still we have to be open to receive. One cannot drink from an empty fountain. Now we don't try to deprive our neighbor of anything, we know God is the giver and the gift.

It could not be the goal to keep these insights only for this individual expression of the divine, that calls itself Margareth Lee. Abundance is for everyone. Everyone who wants to unite with me in healing the thoughts about lack of the good in our lives, is welcome.

I have discovered that the psychological exercises don't work for me. The method of self-healing through energetic techniques greatly contributes to "deleting" negative convictions and "anchoring" positive ones. Energetic Techniques are based on the assumption that man is an energy-system in which certain pathways, called meridians, flow. Emotions and trauma's can cause blockades in this flow of energy. It is then "stuck", as it is called. In Acupuncture the aim is to dissolve these blockades with the help of needles. Emotional Freedom Techniques are a form of acupressure in which you rub and touch certain points on the body. In this way the energy-system is balanced. Dramatic results have been achieved with this form of therapy. Further on I will give some examples.

What helps me most to find and let all incorrect, destructive beliefs about prosperity be dissolved, is to recognize God not just as the source of my supply, but as my supply.

Because I have experienced in many ways that human reality is not reality, I know that lack in the human world of experiences is a delusion. It is like a simulation. We use the power of God to experience things that are impossible.

Those who have experienced divine oneness, know that the world we see is an illusion. Only the experience of divine Reality can open our eyes.

Lilian DeWaters tells in her book 'Light of the Eternal' of an event during which she experienced Reality.

'It happened while driving in this city. I was about to descend a rather long and steep hill, when suddenly, and without warning, a tiny child emerged from the rear of a car, parked at the left curb. She came running directly toward my moving car. There was nothing I could do. Even then she was about to vanish directly in front of me. Relatively speaking, nothing could prevent a tragedy. At that precise instant, a new world opened to me, and I was part of it - I, my car and the child. Many things happened all at once. I cannot say which was first, I was immediately aware of so great a number. It was as if the world-clock just instantly stopped, its age-long journey to nowhere coming to a sudden and abrupt halt. A gate or curtain swung aside and I was admitted into another realm. Here things went on at the same instant, and in the same place. All personal sense of myself abruptly ended. Spontaneously, my Real Self took complete charge of everything. I was conscious that I was doing nothing personally, having no personal thought; yet I was keenly aware of everything taking place in and about me. With infinite skill, seeing all and knowing all, the Self was now in full command, doing everything. My arms and hands, taken over by this Presence, were at once filled with great new power. Dexterously, and with lightning speed, the wheels were swung first one way, then the other.

The car was in constant motion, and at what seemed to be the same rate of speed, yet I had no glimpse of the little tot out in front of me. When the wheels were straight again, lo, she emerged. Running to the sidewalk, she disappeared from view. It was then I distinctly felt the world-clock start up again - counting off its countless time as before. I was my former self again. Although I had been conscious of so much taking place, I seemed at the same place on the street as when I had first seen the child. Filled with uncontrollable wonder and joy, I stopped at the curb. People were standing still on both sides of the street. I knew they had been watching me.

Two men approached me, their shining faces filled with deep concern and emotion. Desperately they tried to tell what they had seen, but found they could explain nothing. No words of theirs could explain the inexplicable. They said that they had seen something which could not have taken place, nor could they fathom how the child had escaped both oncoming wheels. Such experiences prove that things are not what they seem. The world before us is not as it appears.... Finite sense sees a finite world.

A great and wonderful teacher, Joel Goldsmith, to me worded clearly what true prosperity is and the way to the experience of it. He made it clear for me that prosperity comes as a result of realizing the omnipresence of God. We do that by realizing the Kingdom of God is within us. You are always one with God and with the power of God. Human life is the outpicturing of the belief in separation from Divine Reality, from God, but we can never be separated from God. It is just a false belief. We can deprive ourselves of Gods presence, by turning our backs on It, but God never leaves us.

Some years of transformation and many spiritual experiences later I noticed that many people on the spiritual path struggled continually with lack. They lived in poverty or were afraid of it. Many struggled with disease and various forms of lack of health.

Of course everyone always has exactly what they are asking for. Only we usually are not aware how we ask for undesirable circumstances. We seem to be victims of a power outside of us. Even for those on the spiritual path it often seems as if a power is at work, that determines what is good for the raising of our consciousness. That is how it feels, for with our intellect we have no overview. However, if we keep trusting in the abundance and divine flow of money and material good in our lives, this cannot stay away. God does not judge. We are the ones who judge. Even our silly wishes are granted, would then God not fulfill our desires that He Himself has put in our hearts? We just receive what we ask for. We only ask for far too little.

It is clear that we can learn much from our attitude towards money. In a sense money has become a substitute for God to many. They expect it to bring them safety, happiness, comfort, status, power and various other gifts, that only God gives.

That is why I asked myself: What does it mean to me if I experience lack of money? And if I have money?

With the law of attraction in mind I decided that if I tune my thoughts to abundance, I also attract abundance. If I experience lack of money, apparently I have tuned my thoughts to lack. Therefore I only have to choose to experience abundance and to focus on that. I know I live in perfect divine abundance. God takes perfect care of me. God has given me everything and my consciousness of this brings everything in my experience.

It became clear to me that the way to God is through the confrontation with all our own delusions. First we become aware of them in some way or other. Usually because they are visible in our world, our loved ones and friends, our circumstances or our bodies. Every victory brings us one step closer to the essence of our being. It is a road with obstacles, but they are of a different kind then those a person with a normal human existence is faced with.

The greatest obstacle we are confronted with on this path is our egoism. The goal is to set the ego aside, so that the gentleness that is our true nature, can become visible. To be really prosperous, egoism has to be conquered.

Sometimes selfish people seem to prosper, but the path of such prosperity is filled with death and decay. James Allen has explained this extensively and comprehensible in his book 'From Poverty to Riches'. In 'The Science of being Rich' Wallace Wattles discusses the role of the industrial giants who are excessively rich in an original way. According to him, even if they were not aware of it, they have been working for the common good. They have made many of our wishes come true. I am also convinced that the billions they have collected have a divine destination.

The question that then rises and which has been asked in many ways is: How can the finite surrender to the Infinite? Of course the answer is that no one but me can let go of this finite, imperfect and impure self. Surrender must take place in me. I must accept the perfect, reject the impure in favor of the pure. I am the only one who can deny my so-called limited personality in favor of my perfect Self. All mystery-schools speak of a paradox. Your belief in the ego must be relinquished in favor of belief in something you know nothing about. Yet that happens when you are ready for it. Transformation is definitely accomplished by the grace of God. It is brought about inwardly, when your time has come. And that is when you have enough of pain and of the supposed pleasures of this world.

When the I has become conscious, I function as Divine Consciousness and there is no room for lack, sickness, pain, fear and sorrow. Every time these old reactions surface, there is the knowing in me that says: 'Choose again, you don't have to react anymore like an automaton. Consider what you want and attune your reactions to that. Do you want eternal peace, certainty, bliss, then accept the perfect and eternal Self in all.'

Everyone comes to the moment of total surrender, in which he no longer tolerates delay to experience Reality. Then suddenly they are free. They are awake. Then they see there is nothing to heal, nothing to improve. They are one with the Absolute and see everything as themselves. Everyone is pure Consciousness. That experience is the first price of life. None of the human problems have a cause. They are all unreal. We can look at them, we can even experience them through the power of our mind, but nothing can make them real.

To the ego that is a ridiculous statement. It can give you extensive evidence to the contrary. It could even lie down dead at your feet to prove to you that death exists. When you are awake, you will not try to fight like Don Quichotte, fighting shadows. The ego is nothing, it is a delusion. It is useless to fight it. We only give it power then. Jesus says: Which one of you convinces me of sin? (Jn.8:46)

We cannot become perfect. We have to be already, or we could never become it. If we still have to become something, that cannot be something that is permanent and imperishable. We know that we as divine centers of consciousness are eternal and immortal. As long as we identify with a separated I we are limited and imperfect. Power and abundance only belong to the One, Absolute Consciousness. To have this and to experience this, we must be this One. We are the Absolute Perfect Self. But only when we admit that and are willing to relinquish our limited concepts and thoughts, we can reach our Self. Till then we live in darkness and madness, in a dream of retribution and separation, outside of heaven. Fulfillment of our desires is impossible then.

We are not a personality, but individual divine consciousness, just as the rays of the sun are individual and yet one with their Source. We have to see with the single eye, with the vision of our True Self. Jesus said:

'If thine eye (perception) be evil (dual), thy whole body (world) shall be full of darkness (ignorance). If therefore the light (divine wisdom, knowledge) that is in thee be darkness (ignorance), how great is that darkness!' (Matt.6:23)

When we see ourselves as an expression of divine consciousness, we know that we are perfectly prosperous.

Our material situation reflects our consciousness. We have attracted every experience ourselves. We write the script of our lives. We can have everything, be everything, know everything and do whatever we want. Only our own thoughts and convictions can limit us. There is more then enough of everything and we can live in complete abundance. To overcome the limits in our thinking, we an make the abundance in our lives manifest by affirming, visualizing and meditating and in this way change our beliefs. This vision is attributed to New Age circles, but the teaching of Jesus also contains it. Asceticism and frugalness as imposed limitations and ideals are the product of ego beliefs about detachment. One who experiences the divine Truth and Infinity, has little need for the mirrors and beads of this world. A lot of the needs that have been put into our heads, fall away. But that does not happen by rejecting them. You just find other things more valuable and more important. That does not mean that money isn't welcome. It is often pointed out that nuns would be living in poverty. They make a vow of poverty, but as Stuart Wilde says about sister Theresa in his book 'The art of money is having some', they live in abundance. They enjoy lifelong care and certainty. They don't really live in material poverty.

We must accept our desires and not repress them. We must learn to ask ourselves what that for which we long, is for. Then we can really choose, instead of being the soulless slave of our conditioning and our emotions. If we have the urgent need to dress our children according to the rules of fashion, we can wonder what we are teaching them and belief ourselves about their value. What self-image do they get in that way? If we feel the need to wear clothes of certain brands, what do we want that for?

I saw a writer on Oprah's talkshow, who had discovered that most people who feel prosperous, prefer to dress comfortable and don't care what others think about the way they look.

Our self-image is very important. By seeing yourself as small, weak, powerless and suffering lack, you live in circumstances that reflect those beliefs. This does not only pertain to what you have, but also to what you are. For it is also necessary to expand our skills and abilities in the material world. We have to learn to take care of our bodies. Our self-image is partly determined by that. When you identify with your true Self it becomes very easy to do this.

Seeing ourselves as God sees us and at the same time really recognizing that God is in everything, dramatically improves our self-worth. And this is reflected in our circumstances.

In his book 'I Am Number One' Herbert Beierle tells us how we can obtain a positive self-image. We do that by beginning to think new thoughts about ourselves and others. They must be repeated a lot and become engraved, for our old 'tapes' continue. The new ideas about ourselves include: 'I am always happy, joyous, safe, harmonious'. While we do that, we encounter situations that indicate that that is not true, but we continue with our affirmations.

You have to love yourself enough to be only that self and no other. If you see yourself as poor, suffering lack, troubled, you don't identify with the Perfect Self you really are. You then place a wall between yourself and the divine. God cannot suffer lack and therefore neither can His children.

Herbert Beierle says that when we create a new self-image the old one can surface a while, but eventually that no longer happens. For it has taken us years to feed our thinking with the old thoughts. For a while we still react in the old way, but gradually the new information gains a foothold and only the new image is manifested. This is the beginning of success in every area of our lives and our affairs and it is the necessary foundation of what we want in our world, ourselves!

All great teachers on my path have repeated over and over that the world is a mirror that shows me what I believe about myself and about others.

Herbert Beierle is no exception. 'The world is truly a mirror. It reflects what we believe about ourselves. If we therefore change our beliefs about ourselves, the world, while reflecting this new conviction to us, will reveal what we have set in motion: happiness, joy, peace, love, health, abundance, the right action, success – but most of all unconditional love for oneself and everything.'

Some writers also state that the conflicts in the external world reflect our own inner conflicts. Then they go on and claim that we are vulnerable or have some other human trait. We are not vulnerable at all. It only seems to be the case, because we believe that. Nothing in the world can hurt us, unless we attract that experience. Therefore only our thoughts can hurt us. Even then it is only a passing experience without any lasting influence. Even the so-called death experience is passing, we just go on. We really have nothing to fear.

For many writers money represents energy. It is used as a means of exchange for our creative energy and work-time. But even though it represents life energy as means of exchange of parts of our lives, that we spend working or for our ideas, all money that does or does not circulate in our lives, is attracted or repelled by our thoughts about it.

It is often said that we must be doing something wrong if we have no money. Some then speak of 'blocked energy'.

This line of reasoning completely misses the mark. It all sounds very lofty, but I think our circumstances merely reflect our convictions.

Artists are continually creating, but the best are often destitute. I think that in most cases the cause is their belief that real art doesn't bring in money! The cause must be found in the thinking, not in the flowing of some kind of energy. We can only dissolve blockades in our energy-flow if we change our convictions at the same time. Talking about energy is talking about symptoms and avoids to deal with the real cause.

The question is not how much money we have, but how we experience our circumstances. One is satisfied with a little house, for another a mansion is not grand enough. The experience of lack is subjective. The ego always chooses lack in some area of life. Everyone who recognizes the Truth about themselves, transcends every limitation and every ego-program. Our soul never chooses lack, it is the ego which chooses that. Lack can only be the result of a wrong attitude in life. Lack is an experience, that begins by not realizing who you are and that you always have everything already.

When you experience lack in any area of your life, the remedy is to become aware of the things you believe about yourself, and subsequently begin to think new thoughts about yourself. You cannot derive lasting security or confidence or freedom or power or recognition or happiness or prosperity from money. Nor can money make you greedy or bad. Your worth is not determined by what you have, but by your thoughts.

The following two articles are from 'The Way to the Kingdom'. The writer (Joseph Benner) wished to remain anonymous when he published this. They are about the secret of acquiring success and prosperity. Here and there some inconsistencies have been corrected. For instance the writer spoke of the higher, true self. However, man has only one Self. The so-called lower self mere is formed out of a collection of conditioned reactions and therefore cannot be viewed as a real self, but rather as a wrong identification.

The writer describes the law of Creation. This says that what we think and the things we hold uppermost in our consciousness and that we believe are so, will manifest outside of us. And that means of course that everything we are now experiencing in our lives is the result of our belief and our convictions. Our consciousness it the creative center of our being. We decide what we want to experience. Through our belief in limitations and in a imperfect self, we experience those. When we really begin to realize what our true Self is and think in agreement with this, our lives are completely changed. We then experience fulfillment and our life becomes grand and magnificent.

From 'THE WAY TO THE KINGDOM' by Anonymus


In the preceding chapter we promised to make clear the practical use of the Law of Service, showing how in it is hidden the secret of attaining success, prosperity, health, happiness and oneness with the Father. In it we indicated, but not in these actual words, that our present financial condition is the result of our thinking and holding uppermost in our consciousness the things we believe are so. At this time we wish to state that all things now manifesting in our lives--in our bodies and our circumstances-are the result of our believing and thus holding in consciousness the ideas that gave them birth. Meditate earnestly on these words and try to get their deep significance, for in them lies the secret of all success in any line of endeavor. First we will state the Law: "All manifest things are the result of thinking and holding in consciousness what we believe is so."

Then we wish that you were able to see in the inner realm of consciousness and could note how every thought is outpictured there, and that according to the clearness and vividness of picturization in the mind of its creator and the life or feeling put into the thought, does it become concrete and maintain and attach itself to the one who gives it birth. If you could so see, you would be very, very careful what you think or say, and especially of what you hold in mind and feed with more life by your fears, worries, doubts or concerns about it, every time it claims your attention. However in lieu of such seeing, which may come later, we hope that what we have shown will make you just as careful, and will thus enable you to come more quickly into your heritage of true seeing and knowing.

There are many, even students of the higher life, who do not yet accept or admit this fully, because they are not willing to acknowledge that all of the present inharmonies in their lives are a direct result of their own beliefs - or of their past thinking crystallized into beliefs, these beliefs having thus become a part of their subconsciousness or of their soul consciousness. Note the last,--if a part of their soul consciousness it means that on the soul planes they actually exist and manifest there. And everything established there in consciousness--for all planes are states of consciousness--tends sooner or later to outmanifest itself on the physical plane, in their creator's body and affairs. It must do that for it is the Law of Creation.

Now we know that every aspirant is desirous of eliminating from his subconsciousness or soul every belief or concept that is responsible for any inharmonious conditions now manifesting, and which, whether he knows it or not, is the direct cause of every fear, anxiety, or worry that steals into his consciousness to influence him.

And we know that his primary interest is how to do this; for he more or less clearly perceives that not until he has accomplished it can he bring his mind to that state where he can begin to build into his life the conditions he wants to manifest there.

We are now going to point out to you the one and only way this can be accomplished. And it is so simple that anyone can see how true it is. Then all that remains is for you to do it. Is it not so? And you can do it, if you will - if you want it badly enough.

Listen! We will repeat it again,--it is all contained in these few words: "Whatever we think and hold in consciousness as being so will outmanifest itself." Then is it not so that all that is needed is to stand guard at the door of our minds, and to let in no thoughts or feelings that we do not want to manifest in our bodies or circumstances?

This means that we must scrutinize carefully every thought or feeling that approaches, and if any are negative in any way--criticisive, condemnatory, doubting, worrying, hateful, jealous, angry, self-pitying, unhappy, sick, painful, or untrue in any sense to the ideal state we wish to manifest - refuse them admittance and shut the door in their faces.

And it should not be necessary to state that voicing such thoughts definitely and speedily outmanifests them; for the spoken word is far more potent than the thought and makes it live once sent forth on the breath. Then remember that by preventing such thoughts entering the mind there will be no impulse to voice them.

And here also it may be well to state that if any such thoughts come begging for admittance - the fearful, doubting, worrying, unhappy, self-pitying, hateful, jealous ones - it is only limited self crying out, thinking of itself first, not concerned about others. Think on this. For remember you are a Son of God to whom none of these negative and imperfect things can apply - and they are only creations of your human mind that thinks itself different from you - are but lies born of selfishness. Then turn your mind's attention to what you really are, and think of and picture in your mind your real qualities, knowing that you are a creation and image of God, your Father. This would be having in you "the same mind that was in Christ Jesus."

A good thing at such times is to sit back coolly, as it were, and study your mind, and watch all the thoughts that come claiming your attention, and learn to discriminate between them, to know their source, whether they are your own creations or some one's else; and particularly to note how many of the negative ones are your own, and how they keep coming back to you to be fed by more of the feelings which gave them birth and have kept them alive since. This will prove a very illuminating and helpful exercise. Then when you have demonstrated to your satisfaction that you are learning to control your mind and can keep out not only your mental abortions but all tramp thoughts that used to come in at will, you can begin to build in the new conditions that you wish to have manifest permanently in your body and affairs. This will entail calling to your assistance the Loving One within - if you have not called on Him before. For now you want to begin thinking only His thoughts, and to let His Love motivate and vitalize every one of them, so that they may be worthy and acceptable in the Father's sight. Here the real joy of your efforts will begin to be felt, for the Master will give definite evidence of His co-operation by inspiring you with thoughts and ideas that you will know are from Him, and you will happily follow the suggestions they contain.

After considerable experience in such following, and perhaps with many failures, due to your unwittingly permitting other thoughts than His to get in - some doubts or fears or anxieties, the old bugaboos of former days, you will have trained your mind to trust Him, to make that trust the doorkeeper, so that no other thoughts or feelings can get in, and you will gladly give your whole mind over to Him to use.

From then on it makes no difference what you do, so long as it is what He wills you to do, and you do that gladly; for He every day now proves that He knows best, that He can enable you to do all things, and can supply all things necessary.

Now let us get down to basic facts, and remind you again of what the human mind needs to be told without ceasing, until it finally accepts and knows.

Who are you? You are a soul, a center of the Father's Consciousness that now knows its oneness with His Consciousness. And you are now teaching your human mind that it is a center of your consciousness and one with you, who are one with the Father's Consciousness.

Being thus a center of His Consciousness, which always thinks and knows only beauty, goodness and perfection, the way to let His beauty, goodness and perfection outmanifest is to yield your consciousness over wholly to Him, so that no thoughts ever enter your mind that are not all beautiful, all good and all perfect. Then there will naturally be nothing to hinder your seeing with His eyes--being in His Consciousness--and knowing with His understanding what He has had in store for you from the beginning. That is, there is nothing whatever then to prevent your own good from coming through speedily into manifestation. Hence there can be no greater success in life than such letting go of all your own personal ideas and opinions and abiding in your Father's Consciousness, so that your highest good, which He has planned for all of His children who are able to give up limited self and the lie of separation, can come forth and be in the outer even as it already is in the Kingdom. And that good naturally includes real prosperity, the most perfect health, and the purest happiness. Can you not see that this must be so-when your mind becomes a center in which nothing out of harmony with Divine Mind can enter? Then such a mind is a center into which must pour continuously the rich, healthy, loving consciousness of God Himself. Likewise you can then see how, when such consciousness enters, Love and its law of service automatically rule, and how success and happiness must naturally follow; for harmony then outmanifests, and that means harmony in every department of life. And then you will think no more about getting, but only how you may give to make someone happy. And you will be no longer concerned about prosperity, health, or happiness for self, for you know that as you give yourself -your mind and heart-fully to the Father for His use, He will provide everything necessary to enable you to do the Work He gives you to do.

Tithing it will be no more - for you gladly give all to Him, all that you have, all that you are, and all that you hope to be. Think this all over carefully, a sentence at a time, until you get fixed in your consciousness the wonderful truths here shown. It is all definitely confirmed in these words, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Also in these: "If ye abide in Me (in His Consciousness), and let My Words abide in you (think only His thoughts and hold them unwaveringly in consciousness---that is, believe them), ye shall ask what ye will and it will be done unto you" (you need not even ask - they will automatically outmanifest for you whenever there is a need).

Therefore, dear ones, watch carefully your thinking, especially the thoughts that you carry around in your heart about those closest to you, about your business, your job, your health, or any condition in which you find yourself. These thoughts should be always and only positive, optimistic, self-confident, happy, kindly, fearless, seeing only the good in everything, and absolutely trusting in your Father to bring to you your highest good. For such are His thoughts for you and what He purposes for you, and anything less in quality or quantitiy you may know are of limited self, are separative, and have no part in His Consciousness.


We have been receiving so many letters reciting conditions of real hardship, both of a financial and a mental nature, that we yearn to have everyone who needs find and use the always waiting help that is available to every soul willing to do his or her best to earn it. In this article we intend to show clearly how all such may find that help and how they may apply it to their individual problems no matter what their nature. In the article entitled "The Great Secret" in Chapter 13, we pointed the way to free yourself from all lack, limitation, disharmony, disease and trouble of every kind. Some have learned the Secret, have put it to practice, and consequently have found a peace and a happiness that is beyond human telling. For now they know with a sureness that nothing can alter that all that the Father hath is theirs. Others, the great majority, and always those who need it the most, have never really tried to apply the Secret, chiefly because their minds are so filled with fears, anxieties and worries that hope or faith to back their efforts can not get in and stay long enough to inspire them seriously to try.

All such worriers, as well as the many others who are seeking the way out of their various troubles, we now with deepest earnestness entreat to read carefully what follows, and to strive with the utmost power of their souls to prove its truth.

Dear friends, if we should offer you wealth, health, happiness, and you knew you could have all of these for a stated price, would you not, if you had the price, give all that was asked and more to gain these priceless blessings? Can anyone doubt, that you would?

Well we are doing that very thing, we are offering you all three of these blessings, and you have the price asked, and can pay it - if you will. But you must pay it by doing something no one else can do but you - something requiring the intelligent and persistent use of your mind and your will. It simply means that you must begin to prove the truths of "The Great Secret," must henceforth let come into your minds no thoughts or feelings that you do not want to outmanifest in your body and affairs.

We recommend that you go back to "The Great Secret" and study it carefully until you get all of its intended meaning, or you will not be able to grasp the full import of what follows. All who persist in doing this, and who will not be satisfied until their true Self has shown them all of the marvelous truth that awaits them in what follows, will know that they have gained something that is worth more to them than anything else in the world. Read again these words and try to realize that they are meant for you, that what they say is exactly true, and that it is all possible for you.

Therefore that this we offer you is the biggest thing that could come into your life, and that it is yours for the doing of what is suggested. And there is not one who reads who cannot do it - if he will, and wants it badly enough.

We are trying to rouse you, dear friend, to make you see that you can have all of these things; we are trying to inspire in you the determination that you will have them, that you will do all that we suggest - if we convince you that by doing it you can have these blessings. If we have quickened in you such a determination then you are ready for what follows.

The first thing then must be for you from this time on carefully to watch and study your thinking and feelings and to let into your mind nothing whatsoever of a negative nature, and which you know has no part in your God-Self.

All such thoughts and feelings come from without from other minds. Of course in your subconsciousness there are qualities that attract them, or they would not come. But you need not let them in to feed those negative and selfish qualities. If such are not fed they soon will die of inanimation, for they have life only as long as you give it to them by recognition; and when you no longer admit the thoughts and ideas they attract they will be supplanted by the opposite qualities that your new thinking will create.

When by persistent effort you have acquired the habit of shutting out all negative thoughts and feelings, you will more and more become conscious of inspiration from a high source making you aware of definite guidance and instruction. In other words, your mind now being cleansed of selfish and untrue thoughts which have no part in your real nature, your higher mind will begin to pour in the consciousness of your Divine Self.

Such watching and studying of your mind and its thought processes is one of the most important practices in which you can engage, for you soon will begin to realize your power to control and direct your thinking, and that thereby you are learning to be master of your fate. With this realization will come a new consciousness in which you will gradually be able to abide and from which you will more and more think, speak and work.

How will that consciousness begin to manifest itself? By what some call "hunches." You will have leadings, strong urges from within, that will claim your attention and which if heeded will always bring satisfying and happy results, but which if unheeded will end in sorry mistakes and often trouble. Everyone receives such hunches. In other words everyone has guidance, but very few heed and profit by it. There is not one who reads these words that cannot recall many instances of definite leadings which brought real inward satisfaction because of obeying what he was impelled to do. And many have noted that they receive guidance even in little things, in matters seemingly unimportant at the time but which nevertheless serve to impress the mind with the fact that Something Within knows what is best, aye, sees ahead and knows the good which awaits and is eager to lead them to that good.

For instance, how many of you have been strongly desirous of seeing a friend for some particular purpose, but at the time you were unable to go to him or her or reach them by phone, when that friend suddenly either called you by phone, or came to see you; or something may have directed you to the window and looking out you saw the friend coming up the street or taking a car to his home; or in other words some definite answer came to your silent call which set your mind at rest? Many are the instances of hunches obeyed which have saved lives, prevented accidents, brought friends together, won desired ends, proving that some benevolent force was working to bring these about. Now by such hunches or leadings we intend to prove to you that every human soul always has present within itself that which will unerringly guide it in every detail of its life towards its greatest good.

Let us reason together. You will remember in the 15th chapter how it was shown that your true Self is a Son of God who has brought your soul to its present state of unfoldment through many lives in many bodies, such as the one you now possess; but that the Real You chooses the time and the conditions into which again to incarnate to bring about a further development of the soul and to perfect an instrument in which you can do the work you planned to do of living your Divine Life here on earth in a human personality the same as you are now living it in Heaven. (Read again carefully the first article in the 15th chapter.)

It was also shown how you in your true Self thus knew the end before the beginning, for all events in your life were planned and arranged by you toward that end. And we made it plain that the only wise thing for the human mind and personality to do is to accept this great truth and henceforth to seek to co-operate with you, to listen to and heed every leading which you give and which you are always giving it from within, as it has learned by the frequent hunches received when it learned to listen.

Then what is the answer? First, to keep your mind clean of all untrue and negative thoughts. And secondly, to require it to listen to the Voice that comes from within. For just as surely as you prevent untrue and negative thoughts - those that the Real you does not want there - entering your mind, just as surely will your true Self put into your mind the true and positive thoughts that will attract to you the good which is waiting to deliver itself to you.

But this good cannot come to you until you want it more than anything else in life, which means when you are eager to do everything necessary to let it come - and will keep your mind clean and free of all thoughts that are not God's intended thoughts for you; for your True Self is God in you and He can work and express Himself only through a mind channel made clean and perfect for His use.

This of course means all thoughts of a negative nature about being poor, or sick, or weak, or discouraged, or lacking in anything; for such are untrue of God and likewise of a Son of God, who knows that all that the Father has is His. We know how appearances hinder and flaunt themselves before you, making it so hard for you to believe or do what we have stated. But obstacles are given you to overcome, in order to enable you to develop and use your Spiritual power.

You must always remember that Spirit alone Is and that you and all things exist only in Spirit - that is, in the One Consciousness, nowhere else. Also that what you think and believe, and thus hold in consciousness, exists to you, and such always outmanifests in your life and affairs. Therefore you must see and believe only the true and eternal things - the things of the Kingdom, which your True Self is waiting to shower upon you, when you are ready to accept them.

By thus seeing and knowing, and holding only to the Truth, the Truth will surely make you free. Also by abiding in the consciousness of your Real Self, the God-You, and letting His Words only abide in and rule you, you need ask for nothing, for then all good things will pour in freely upon you.

A mind that refuses to be misled by appearances and persistently holds in consciousness only the good, the true, the beautiful and perfect things that exist in the Kingdom, will as surely as tomorrow comes see these things outmanifest in its owner's life. Do you want them to manifest in your life? Of course you do. Can you do the simple things required of you to attain them? Of course you can.

For your True Self is a Son of God, has all power, and is yearning to help you to attain them. For then He will have in you a perfect instrument through which He can do that for which He has long been preparing you. You can see how this applies definitely and perfectly to the financial problem. If as a Son of God all that the Father has is yours, then you must abide in that knowing and let no appearances of whatsoever kind affect that knowing. Conditions of lack are permitted principally to bring you to that knowing; for not until you learn to know and to hold to the truth of the rich abundance of all things that are yours as a Son of God, will you ever be free from the consciousness of lack.

Likewise is sickness permitted, in order to bring you to the knowing that a Son of God, an Immortal Soul, dweller in many bodies, is a Spiritual Being, whose life and intelligence rules the flesh and knows not disharmony and disease. When you truly realize that and think and hold in consciousness only the thoughts of eternal being, perfect health becomes your natural and permanent expression.

Likewise with such realization true happiness floods your consciousness, for then you will gladly let the life and intelligence of your Real Self rule, and will try no more to do or be anything yourself; for why try to do or be what a Son of God always will do perfectly and always is in all the glory of His Divine Perfection. Can you not now see what this means for you, and that it only awaits your acceptance of this great truth - of your letting go, yielding yourself wholly to Him, keeping your mind and heart clean of all things unworthy of Him, so that He will have them always ready for His use? Oh, dear friend, if we can only impress the great significance of all this upon you - so that you will determine with all the might of your soul henceforth to permit no thought or feeling in your mind that is not all good and which you do not want to outmanifest, then these words are not written in vain. If you would really do this, and it is the only way to financial, physical and spiritual freedom, then when any untrue or negative thought approaches, say: "Be gone! You have no part in me. I am Spirit. I harbor only the good and perfect thoughts of my Father in Heaven." And with a prayer to your loving Father that His vision and strength aid you, begin this moment to make your mind a pure and holy habitation for His thoughts only, and your heart an abode which He can fill with His love and through which love He can inspire and direct every activity of your life.

Exercises and affirmations

In the preceding text it was pointed out that we should beware of allowing negative thoughts in that do not belong in us. Especially not to voice them, for the spoken word quickly manifests the undesirable. All untrue and selfish thoughts should be refused admittance to our minds, if we don't want them to become manifest in our bodies and circumstances.

However, you cannot stop negative thoughts. Control over your thoughts comes only after continual practice and meditation. We also have know for a long time now that the old method of repression has the opposite effect. You can ask the Holy Spirit for help. He shines the light of Divine Truth on such thoughts and lets them dissolve into the nothing from where they came. Give all your painful thoughts to the Divine Spirit. And later also the thoughts that do not appear to hurt so much. Look at their results, at what they bring, if you want to know if they are painful. It is like the peeling of an onion. Every time you take a layer of, a new layer appears, that is every time thinner. This is how beliefs and thoughts that are more and more subtle, become visible. We have to learn to distinguish between that which will and that which won't bring us happiness. In the human thinking that distinction is not present. Humans don't know the difference between pain and joy. Only our inner guidance can help us. That is why we ask the Divine Spirit to show us the Truth.

In the beginning it can be hard to listen to the soft voice in us. Usually it is completely opposite to our so-called 'sane mind'. For instance once I was on my way to the trainstation to go to an important meeting, when I encountered an acquaintance I had not seen for years. He greeted me enthousiastically and I remained with him, though I had thought of walking on quickly. But against all reason, I listened to the inner voice. Some time later I was very happy that I had done that, for I had given him my address and phonenumber and he then introduced me to someone who played an important role in my life afterwards.

As we learn to follow the gentle urging of our inner guide, we discover that He really has a complete overview. My ideas about time have completely changed because of this. It has opened me to another way of experiencing time, that constantly causes miracles to happen in my life. Now I am always in the right place at the right time. The stuff our so-called objective reality is made of, is very flexible. When one no longer clings to the old ideas about the material reality, Reality begins to reveal itself. That is really miraculous and magnificent. Everything else pales in comparison.

My inner guide has also led me to use Emotional Freedom Techniques as a method to replace negative convictions by positive ones in a relaxed way. There are many therapeutic approaches based on Meridian-therapy. I use it because of my extraordinary experiences with the dramatic results it has and the fact that everyone can apply it themselves. The physical energetic technique is explained in another chapter.

We begin with evaluating our emotional state concerning the issue we want to tap for. We rate the intensity of the emotion accompagnying our reaction on a 1-10 scale. In the beginning, while we rub the right spots, we make a short statement, like "Even though I do not feel safe, I love myself and I accept myself completely". We then continue stating spiritual reasons why we would be safe, for instance "I am divinely led and guided. I am always safe and cared for in God. God is in everything I see and God is never a threat. I forgive myself for thinking I was not safe." I do this exercise with similar statements every time something comes up for purification.

My experiences have taught me that we truly experience what we believe. If we believe that we are poor, or lack anything, that will be our experience. However, God wants us to be happy and to live in abundance. Therefore the divine universe is safe and abundant. And even our distorted version of that cannot hide the divine abundance. As others have pointed out before me, the mere number of stars indicate the magnitude of creation.

To experience true prosperity first we need inner peace. Then outer success will follow. To attain inner peace we do exercises to feel happiness and we visualize and affirm the good in our lives, in our brothers, peace on earth, joy all around us. We no longer listen to the voice of fear, but to the Voice for God, that speaks of love and peace and joy. When we realize that God looks after us and that we safely rest in the arms of our Creator, we can hold all our fears lovingly up to the Light of divine Truth, where they dissolve. We only expect the good to happen and so only that happens. If an apparent problem comes up, we recognize that it is a challenge, a chance for us to expand our awareness, to grow. As soon as troubled thoughts arise in us, we immediately think: 'I have nothing to fear. There is no good and evil, there is only God. And God is always with me. I am directed and sustained by God. It is my function to be happy.'

When being peaceful has become a habit, our thinking is no longer split and full of fear and doubt. We then realize that we are living in an abundant universe and that we have much more than we could ever use. Lack is impossible. There is only wholeness and total abundance. There is no limit to what we can experience. We have hit the jackpot of life!

Thank You God, that I have everything. Everything is mine, for I am just like God. I am His heir, the child of the ruler of all universes. I live in ecstasy and gratefulness, for I understand my divine possibilities more and more. I experience more and more that I am everything for everything is an image in my mind. I am one with everything. I enliven everything, for my attention brings everything to life. And I also experience more and more that I have everything. Logically, everything is in me. I love my continual desire for more, for in this way I experience more and more of the divine infinity and abundance. I have the riches of all universes at my disposal and God helps me to experience that. Everything I focus my attention on becomes greater in my experience. Therefore I focus my attention on the divine reality of eternal love, divine knowledge, unlimited freedom, peace, abundance, joy and bliss. You cannot really know what you want until you are peaceful. Everything you want, you want for the feeling it gives. When you want to see wealth, you have to experience it inwardly first.

Now I enjoy all the good in my life, it is divine.


  • I only love the good, the true, the beautiful and perfect in my consciousness. My consciousness is the kingdom of God.

  • My true Self is divine. It has all power and desires intensely to help me to receive all good.

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