downloadable self-improvement 
motivational e-books and powerful spiritual books online to unleash your power for fulfillment & 
successful, prosperous living and prosperity thinking through meditation and visualization, 
with inspirational quotes, inspiring poems, & affirmations for a new age, to experience 
complete abundant success & financial freedom, higher self-esteem and confidence
For a powerful and inspiring reading experience:
Downloadable self-help and motivational books on development of confidence, prosperous thinking, law of attraction, attracting and manifesting money, meditation, mysticism, metaphysics, miracles, self-improvement, divine inspiration and guidance. These books contain inspirational prayers, success affirmations, powerful positive words of wisdom and inspiring quotes and healing thoughts.
Dutch also. (ook Nederlands)

A New Vision for Your Life!

lillian dewaters - light of the eternal downloadable self-help motivational 
e-books to unleash your power for complete fulfillment & living successful and prosperous and 
prosperity thinking through meditation and visualization, with inspirational quotes, mystical 
poems, & powerful affirmations to experience abundant success & financial freedom, higher 
self-esteem and confidence
download self help and motivational
 ebooks and children's books on line, filled with inspirational quotes, on meditation, prosperity, 
mysticism, metaphysics, inspiration, spirituality, miracles & prayers, the Lord's Prayer, & positive 
affirmations, abundance consciousness, harmonious thinking, & spiritual children stories, and 
fairy tales for kids of the new age, about cats and elfin, with downloadable catpictures & 
pictures of fairies & pixies, & printable coloring pages

A New Vision for Your Life!
You are creating all the time! Remember the Powerful & Effective Way to do it! Unleash your power for infinite abundance & prosperous thinking, harmonious relations, success, wellbeing, and self esteem based on your true self worth.
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great books for kids, fairy tales & coloring pages for 
children with pictures of fairies and cats
A page for kids with:
  • free children's stories
  • free fairytales
  • catpictures
  • coloring pictures
  • beautiful faery and pixie
    pictures in the books and
    lots of faery graphics
  • Find coloring pictures and fairy drawings, stories, fairytales and spiritual ebooks for children, that build self-confidence.
  • Read and listen to the secret of
    the Law of Attraction for kids. Harry Potter isn't the only magician, YOU are too. Margareth tells you about her Transformator system for kids.

    Here You and Your Children:
  • find a growing number of powerful spiritual & self help electronic books (ebooks) and stories of inspiration to unleash your power for fulfillment and success and prosperous thinking. These motivational books with inspirational quotes, inspiring poems, & affirmations for a new age, help you to experience healing, self esteem, complete prosperity, abundant success, & financial freedom and to achieve your life goals effortlessly.

    At you find
    inspiring thoughts on self improvement, development of prosperity thinking and knowledge of the law of abundance and universal laws.
    the guiding light of the Holy Spirit,
    the mysticism of jacob boehme,
    the transformational art and graphics of sulamith wulfing,
    meister eckhart's inspiring words,
    Joel Goldsmith's infinite way of prayer and wisdom.
    the powerful wisdom of Annie Rix Militz for successful living and harmonious relationships,
    the motivational inspiration of Iyanla Vanzant,
    unleash your power for financial and spiritual success with wallace wattles' powerful thinking,
    ralph waldo trine's confidence and success building positive affirmations and visualizations,
    the vision of mary baker eddy, masaharu taniguchi and margareth lee for success and fulfillment.

  • spiritual ebooks online

  • Here you can buy spiritual ebooks by Margareth Lee (Alex in Elfinland - The Light in the Lord's Prayer) and Joseph Benner (The Way Out & The Way Beyond).
  • Free downloadable spiritual self help 
Ebooks for meditation, visualization and freedom, to unleash your power for fulfillment and 
harmonious and successful living and prosperous consciousness. Motivational books online with 
powerful inspirational quotes, inspiring poems, & positive affirmations for a new age, to 
experience complete spiritual prosperity, abundant success & financial empowerment, 
self-improvement and healing, higher self esteem, & graphics & art, childrens stories with images 
of & fairy tales, on cats, with catpictures & on elfin, with pictures of faeries, and free printable 
coloring pages.
    free self help ebooks
    free downloadable books by James Allen, H. Emilie Cady, Mabel Collins, Margareth Lee, Peace Pilgrim, Wallace Wattles, Henry Thomas Hamblin, Emmet Fox, Florence Scovel Shinn, Napoleon Hill, Ralph Waldo Trine, and Kahlil Gibran, Lillian Dewaters, Annie Rix Militz, to increase success, wealth, wellbeing and freedom.

  • Here you also find many links to thousands of free motivational and self help ebooks and classics.
    For instance links to Joseph Benner - The Impersonal Life - meditation and affirmations from your higher mind & Baird T. Spalding - Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, part 1-3 & many other free spiritual self-help and mystical ebooks

    The following formats are available:
    Html - Zip - Microsoft Reader file (.lit) - PDF (Adobe Acrobat) - epub

  • the_Trans4mator_tool_for_transformation Tools to transform your mind and eliminate self-sabotage:
    - The Transformator, based on a Course in Miracles, energy psychology and meridian therapy

  • reviews & descriptions of books by Wayne Dyer, Larry Dossey, Eckhart Tolle ...

  • The powerful vision of A Course in Miracles, the wisdom of the Life and Teaching of the Masters from the Far East and motivational and self help books from Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Henry Thomas Hamblin, Napoleon Hill, Sarah Ban Breathnach, Florence Scovel Shinn, Emmet Fox, Richard Bach and other authors.
    Inspiring song lyrics by Kirtana, Peter Makena, Barbra Streisand, Sophia, Twila Paris, & Carrie Norman.
    metaphysical poetry by Emerson, Blake, Wordsworth, Walt Whitman, James Allen, Edwin Markham, & Margareth Lee.
    Deutsche fur gratis Ebucher The German absolute1: Laden Sie freie I-bux auf

  • Spiritual Gardening and Japanese Zen gardens

  • Articles by Gary Sigler (also audio), Dr. Robert Muller, Masaharu Taniguchi, Joseph Murpy, Catherine Ponder, Lillian Dewaters, W. John Murray, Joel Goldsmith, Fanny B. James, Emmet Fox and Nick Arandes.

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    downloadable self-help motivational e-books and spiritual books online to unleash your power for fulfillment & harmonious, prosperous, successful living and prosperity thinking through visualization and meditation, with inspirational poems, inspiring quotes, & powerful affirmations for a new-age, to experience abundant success & complete financial freedom, higher self-esteem and confidence Free downloadable e-books: self-help e-books for self improvement containing words of wisdom
    Not every word in these books is suited for everyone.
    When reading we should ask for guidance to recognize truth and information that is beneficial to us.

    Freedom is already yours! You are creating all the time. Find out how to use the spiritual laws to attract to you what you really want. Let the guiding light of the Holy Spirit shine on your life and inspire your growth and prosperity.
    I believe you will find these books a great source of inspiration and joy to read.

    You can download the larger files also as self-extracting zipfiles for Windows. Those files have been made smaller ('zipped') by a program called pkzip. (If you want it, you can download it for free evaluation at: If you search the net, you can also find completely free programs like CAM UnZip.
    When you have downloaded a zipfile (filename.EXE), double-click in the right places, following the prompts.

    James Allen - As a Man Thinks
    read more .... or
    download "as a man thinketh" as zipfile or
    Open file and read or save to your computer

    James Allen - The Path of Prosperity (part I of 'From Poverty to Power') - contains profound mystical poems
    a guide to harmonious and prosperous thinking, abundant living and meditation read more .... or
    download as zipfile or
    Open file (file size 96,2 kb)

    James Allen - The Way of Peace (part II of 'From Poverty to Power') -
    read more .... or
    download as zipfile or
    Open file (file size 99.5 kb)
    This book also contains inspirational poetry. You can read these and some other poems here.

    Emily Cady -Lessons in Truth
    A very powerful author teaching confidence in God for a harmonious and positive life - the highest form of Self esteem. read more ....
    or open file and store on your computer
    (file size 216 kb) or download as zipfile
    or as PDF - file (Acrobat Reader 4 and higher) (605 kb): you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free at:

    Emily Cady -How I used Truth
    Open file (file size 199 kb) or download as zipfile

    Mabel Collins - Light on the Path
    spiritual guidelines for the mystical path
    download as zipfile or
    Open file (file size 89.4 kb)

    Listen to a wonderful reading of the review of the first 50 lessons of Jesus' Course in Miracles.

    You can simultaneously read these lessons or download them
    as a html file
    as a pdf (Adobe) file
    as an RTF (Word) file

    Listen to inspiring music composed by Yvonne Liew-On at The Power of Decision is wonderful! We have the power to decide to let God decide ...

    Our download page for "The Practice of Reality" by Lillian De Waters. A marvellous ebook about the Christ-consciousness.

    Lillian DeWaters on wealth, abundance and riches and your true relationship with God. Two chapters from THE ONE.

    Margareth Lee
    Say Yes to the Light - first chapter
    download as zipfile or
    Open file (file size 64.1 kb)

    Wallace Wattles - The Science of Getting Rich
    free self-help, motivational ebook for prosperous thinking, successful living and self improvement read more ....
    Open file (file size 125 kb)
    You can listen to an audiobook of "The Science of Getting Rich on Youtub
    Read an article by Tony Mase about Wattles' success writings with links to long lost books by Wallace Wattles.

    Peace Pilgrim - Steps toward Peace
    read more .... or
    Download (a file size of 1.30 MB)
    (also available in Spanish, Portugese, German, French, Russian and Norwegian at the Homepage of Peace Pilgim - also as a pdf and a Palm OS ebook)
    (these electronic books are also available in Dutch)

  • Gary Sigler's Ministry with his delightful writings and numerous audio's of his inspiring sermons. God is literally Birthing a New Creation Son throughout the Earth Today. Not out of the Old Adamic Nature but out of the Christ Nature which is Gods Original Expression. We are literally Being Birthed out of the Earth and into the Eternal Kingdoms as we Speak. ... TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION.
    Gary Sigler on the fear of deception among Christians There is also an audiofile of this talk. You can download it in two formats: for real player or in MP3 format.

    You can also download the text as Word (RTF) file here.
    Read the transcript of Gary's revolutionary vision on the Secret movie here and listen to part I (1 hr 06 min.).

    On his site you can listen to the sequel (part 2 and 3). I also highly recommend his talks on "God's eternal purpose". Listen to the voice of Love and Truth.
    Gary teaches true Christianity as Jesus intended it. The world needs to hear this message. At his website you can also listen to other lectures and read his books and the wonderful teachings of Des Walter, the Skinners and Preston Eby, Paul Schell, Mary Lou, and many other truly great Christian teachers of Truth who can be heard today. These are truly amazing times! I must be waking up, how else could I experience a world like this ...

  • Ego and the so-called dangers of the Secret by Margareth Lee

  • an article about "Your ideal partner" by Margareth Lee

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    Please report any link errors.Thank You!
  • Reviews of E-books by Margareth Lee, and Joseph Benner, that you can buy here.

    Margareth Lee -
    The Light in the Lord's Prayer

    I am happy and excited to announce that this book is now in print and you can buy it at, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and other reputable booksellers.
    Read more about this book

    To order at your local bookseller you can use the ISBN: 978-1-4457-4685-2

    A quick and easy way to get this book is to buy it now for $13,95 at and have it delivered. Purchase The Light in the Lord's Prayer with 15% off. Offer ends 8/15/2010.

    The older version "Activating the Light in the Lord's Prayer" is also for sale there, not by me, but by a "pirate". There is no such creature in Gods Kingdom. God defends my copyright, and the Holy Spirit uses everything for good. It's God's book, anyway. Who knows what it's good for?
    In the new version I have added headlines that also refer to "A Course in Miracles" for a more pleasant reading experience.

    You can also buy it as a downloadable ebook for $5,95.

    downloadable self-help motivational 
e-books to unleash your power for complete fulfillment & living successful and prosperous and 
prosperity thinking through meditation and visualization, with inspirational quotes, mystical 
poems, & powerful affirmations to experience abundant success & financial freedom, higher 
self-esteem and confidence

    The little book to increase your success, wealth and wellbeing.

    motivational self-improvement 
books online and spiritual ebooks to unleash your power for fulfillment & 
successful, prosperous living and powerful prosperity thinking through meditation and 
visualization, with inspirational quotes, inspiring poems, & affirmations for a new age, to 
experience abundant success & financial freedom, higher self-esteem and complete confidence Read more...

    "Alex in Elfinland" by Margareth Lee.
    An apparently magical story. However, it's more like The Secret for children. Whatever your age, this book presents spirituality in a way anyone can understand. Read the description of this adventure. Finally the Truth about the world and the ways of the Fae. An eye-opener! Children and grownups alike can find out more about the power of the mind. You have never read anything like this before!

    To order safely through PayPal for $4.00
    click on the button with the text "Add to Cart"

    RTF (Word) ZIP HTML PDF MS Reader
  • *Henry Thomas Hamblin - Divine Adjustment;

  • YES
  • *Henry Thomas Hamblin - My Search for Truth part I

  • YES
    ___ YES
  • *Henry Thomas Hamblin - My Search for Truth part 2

  • YES
    ___ YES
  • *Napoleon Hill - Think and Grow Rich

  • YES
  • *Mabel Collins - A Cry from Afar

  • ___ __
    ___ ___
  • Kahlil Gibran - The Prophet

  • ___ YES
    file without pictures
    ___ ___
  • Kahlil Gibran - Sand and Foam

  • ___ YES
    file without pictures
    ___ ___
    Emmet Fox: The Lord's Prayer (from "Sermon on the Mount") ___ ___ YES
    ----- -----
    RTF (Word) ZIP HTML PDF MS Reader
    Florence Shinn - Excerpt from:
    *Your Word Is Your Wand
    ___ YES
    Florence Shinn - Excerpt from:
    *The Game of Life and How to Play It
    ___ YES
    Florence Shinn - Excerpt from:
    *The Door to Success
    ___ YES
    (these books are also available in Dutch)

    The kidspage has the following FREE stories:

  • The Happy Prince - Oscar Wilde
  • a powerful story of love and compassion, with many beautiful pictures
  • Wonder, the Cat Who Wouldn't Catch Mice -Margareth Lee
    A story about cats with catpictures, about self confidence and self esteem
  • The Real Princess (adapted by Margareth Lee)
  • A fairy tale of gratitude and inner peace.
  • Margareth Lee's version of 'Three Wishes', a story about the power of words.

    The following self help e-books contain successful stories, inspirational words and thoughts on meditation, spiritual development of prosperity and abundance consciousness and prosperous thinking, powerful positive affirmations for success, confidence, self improvement, wellbeing and wealth, motivational inspiration, prayers, mysticism, and freedom.

    Links to free metaphysical, spiritual and classic eBooks; many of the books that are translated into Dutch were downloaded at these addresses. Please support their work any way you can.

  • Jesus' Course in Miracles
    Read the original text here:
  • ACIM original edition
    For all the Course student who found the first chapters rambling, the original version of A Course in Miracles, unedited by the ego-mind. If you really want to raise your vibration and live a life of miracles and holy inspiration, this is for you. Ever since I studied the Course I see parts of Truth everywhere. For the complete Truth this is my manual. If I would have to decide what to take with me to a deserted island, this would be it.
  • The Infinite Way
  • Read a wonderful account of Joel Goldsmith's life by Lorraine Sinkler!

  • Unity School of Christianity
  • New Thought Online Books great site with many free metaphysical books. Most of them are on the law of attraction and other spiritual laws and how to live the life of your dreams.

  • Work by Neville Goddard, Ernest Holmes, Henry Hamblin, James Allen, Joseph Murphy and other New Thought teachers.
  • lectures and audio by Neville Goddard A wonderful and inspiring teacher of metaphysics and LOA (law of attraction) Audio's & dvd's for sale, and lots of free pdf's. LI> Biography of Neville Goddard
  • with free ebooks by Lanyon. and Spanish.
  • University of Healing from Dr. Herbert Beierle An inspirational and free approach of the life divine.

  • an insightful explanation of the Law of Attraction (loa) by Steve Pavlina.
  • The On-Line Books Page
  • Swedenborg writings: HEAVENLY SECRETS contained in the Holy Scriptures or word of God unfolded
    Beginning with the Book of Genesis together with Wonderful Things Seen in the World of Spirits and in the Heaven of Angels very successful in surviving the ages!
  • Theosophical University Press Online Here you find the work of Blavatsky and more books by Mabel Collins.
  • The Forgotten Books of Eden and other ancient books at
  • Northwoods Divine Science: Writings of W.John Murray and Joseph Murphy and others. Also Spanish writings.
  • Peace Pilgrim Home Page

  • all about Henry Thomas Hamblin at
  • If it's not free it has to be great to be added to this page: the valuable books and audiobooks by Arnold Patent qualify. To apply the law of attraction effectively you have to raise your vibrational level. Arnold's solution to raising your vibration is very innovative and is used worldwide by groups and individuals. Here is truly straight and inspiring talk about the facts of this illusion we call life! It's ending in light and laughter.
  • I love audio talks and interviews and I want to share some of my favorite resources with you.

    Added Octobre 2008: On Michelle Blood's website I found ringtones by a wonderful teacher, who really uplifts and inspires me and gives me great joy. Here is a link to the website of reverend Ike with a generous free course and many wonderful audio's. In the seventies this teacher became immensely popular and thus visible. This immediately alerted ego to the effect he had on the consciousness of millions of the ego's slaves. Ego wants the poor to remain in poverty and limitation. So the teachers who teach those who are already well off and didn't have much impact, are left alone, but the one unique teacher who really wants to redeem the poor, is attacked immensely. Don't let any of the slander about this enlightened soul hold you back. Since Jesus no teacher has been attacked more viciously. However, he has lifted the consciousness of millions. There is talk that his teaching had never advanced anyone. Mark Victor Hansen, the co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" testifies differently. Hundreds of millions of copies were sold of his books and he is one of the few current teachers who openly attributes his success to reverend Ike.

    Reverend Ike's explanation of the Bible is so lofty and so simple at the same time, anyone can understand it. He transitioned on July 28 in 2009. His body translated into a higher vibration and ascended into light, but the work of this great metaphysical teacher for our transformation will continue to uplift, inspire and enlighten all who come in contact with it.
    You can listen here to his lecture on the Real Man (59 min15).

    Michele Blood has created MusiVation which is powerful affirmations set to pop music. This way the powerful new thoughts enters into the treasury of your subconscious mind and bring about immediate change to your amazing mind.

    Simply listen to each daily song and watch your life dramatically improve. On her site you also find an audio ebook by Wallace Wattles, "The Science of Being Great". Listen to a free chapter.

    If you search Youtube, you can find several videos with Esther Hicks. She gives a good and detailed explanation of the Law of Attraction.

    For those visitors who don't know the work of Esther Hicks, who channels Abraham, you can listen at her website to many talks and explanations of the law of attraction (LOA). There is also a lot of video material from her workshops on Youtube.

    Video at Youtube with luminary Michael Beckwith The PP Prayer

    Bridging Heaven and Earth Show, an interview with the remarkable Rev. Michael Beckwith.

    There is a new movie directed by Drew Herriot, the director of "The Secret". Read more

    Earl Purdy, a "Course in Miracles" teacher shows us how to forgive yourself and appreciate yourself, as you are and where you are. On Youtube you find lots more inspiring videos by him or on his website In the next clip you can see him in action.

    These web site links are listed as a convenience to our visitors. If you use these links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites.

    I use the proceeds of this web site to ad more ebooks and to translate more recent books in Dutch and place them on the site. There are many very profound books in English, that do not offer enough commercial possibilities for Dutch publishers. The Dutch-speaking region is small and an even smaller number of people buy these books. Therefore I am very happy with your financial support. Thank You!

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    I have also made a special page here to thank those wonderful people. If you donate and do not wish to appear on this list, please mention this specifically.
    Most of the work I do on the website is very uplifting, but sometimes I have to correct errors or do something I find difficult. Every time I feel dispirited or burdened with too much work I take a look in my treasure chest. I read some of the emails and think with gratitude and joy about the buyers of the ebooks, hoping they enjoy the books as much as I have when I corrected the scanned file and read them, or when I wrote them. Then I feel encouraged to go on with my work.

    Thank you for your support and your wonderful reactions!

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